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Found 17 results

  1. Hey fellow survivors, We're Coldwinds, a group of friends that have played Project Zomboid for a while now on an increasingly challenging server setup. Over time we've refined our server settings to offer a hardcore survival experience. Recently we opened up our server for new Survivors and have been growing steadily ever since. We're EU based and generally active in the evenings. Our server is open to everyone, though, regardless of location. We do ask for newcomers to draft a short whitelist application. It's a quick step to ensure our community stays close-knit and committed to the unique experience we wish to offer. Server peak time is around 8PM CET. Some key features: Time since the apocalypse is 12 months. It's cold. And snowing. Reduced item availability. Limited and damaged cars. No water and electricity. Shorter but darker nights. Map: Muldraugh, KY. Last world reset: October 22nd 2023 Mods we're using: Cryogenic Winter Warm Up Random Zombies Read While Walking Snow Is Water Sapphire's Heaters Barricaded World Share Annotations More Description for Traits Show Skill Xp Gain Common Sense True Actions, Sitting and Lying Braven's Achievements Repair Wall Pack ZIL-130 If you're someone who values a more personal, community-driven Project Zomboid experience and is up for the challenge our server presents, we'd love to hear from you. There's quite some more information to be found on our Discord if you're interested to learn more. You can find us here: https://discord.gg/2SwawRFpDw. We're looking forward to meeting new survivors and building a strong community together.
  2. I believe that winter should be something more formidable in the game cycle, somethings that the player needs to be concerned about and prepared for, helping to add to the challenge of the game in a way that makes sense, especially with the changes and additions upcoming over the next few months/years. I feel that the winter in the game right now is not any more than a visual change from rain to snow and a minor inconvenience when it comes to farming and clothing. Currently the winter only makes it cold, which has a hypothermic effect on the character and increases the chance of sickness, and also negatively affects your ability to farm. The snow that replaces the rain in the winter has no effect on things such as vehicle traction, creates no footprints, and does not collect in barrels (and there is a mod that has already does this). I believe that actual accumulation of snow would be helpful to make winter more challenging and it would make sense. It would makes cars harder to drive in the snow depending on accumulation levels along with making player movement somewhat slower while also leaving footprints and making more noise. These mechanics would pair well with the ability to shovel or plow snow with vehicles potentially, allowing players to walk and drive normally in areas they have cleared. Accumulation of snow should also fill barrels and other object than can already collect and hold water from rain. With the incoming addition of animals and hunting, the snow would give more importance to hunting during the winter months and the tracks of animals in the snow helping the player to find animals. The amount of snow that falls on average should be moderate, as it is Kentucky, though there should be some more wild storms and accumulation levels to keep things very interesting, or at least leave settings for accumulation in the server settings. Changes to how the cold and temperature in general work, insulation is something that needs to be looked at in Project Zomboid, currently the only way to heat a house is with an antique oven, which seems a little lacking in variety and limiting since its the only choice, adding things such as a craftable metal oven or fireplace would give insulation a new importance especially if there were greater consequences for not having fully insulated shelter such as broken doors or windows and the cold having an affect on the healing process quality of sleep and possibly making sickness a much more serious problem. This would add to the experience and importance of base maintenance, giving the player more to do and worry about as the game goes on. I'm also sure there is much more that could go along with this to help the game kept things interesting as I feel many players currently get to a point where they have spent much time preparing and when you're done preparing, there's nothing left to do or worry about.
  3. EDIT: Found fix for this issue! My friend turned off 'Double size textures' option, we restarted the game and when we entered the server he could see snow on ground as well Hi, I am hosting a P2P server for my friend and I (version 40.43). When it snows we both see snow falling and trees being covered in it BUT only I can see the snow covering the ground, he can't. For him the ground looks normal. Could it be because of a certain setting, or is this a bug? He has tried disconnecting and connecting back again. We even tried restarting the server and turning Post-processing on and off. Still nothing. Also, when we are indoors we can see the rain/snow falling outside even though we're not watching trough the windows at that time. It feels like we're on a spaceship, flying trough the stars, kinda messes up with our eyesight, making us dizzy.
  4. After playing around with explosives and the weather test, I noticed that the fire animations are hidden behind the snow, completely hiding fire if there's enough snow tiles nearby. Also noticed it's blocked by train tracks and trees. Here's a screenshot of what I mean. It's the exact same issue for smoke from the smoke bomb Here are more screenshots showing it off.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words. Roof tiles are the only ones that won't loose their snow texture once something is built overhead (wood floors). All other tiles don't behave this way : grass, dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt, floors, etc It makes for some strange sights For now, the solution is simple enough : build wood floors over the roofs. However, I suggest a change to them in the medium to long run.
  6. This is something people have been suggesting for a while, so I figured I'd make some special magic happen.
  7. Hi, I've been looking for a mod that adds weather control options, either for admins or all players. Being more specific I need snow! It is so rare that it is impossible to test ideas that depend on it.
  8. I know I've suggested this before but I don't think anyone understood my idea. Also I've expanded on it. Since the main point of single player on Zomboid is PvE, I was hoping you'd eventually add some more immersion by adding different types of weather and weather effects. For example, right now we have rain as a type of precipitation which adds other challenge of getting wet and adding those status effects, but it seems there's only two types of rain differentiated by sounds. I'd like more kinds of precipitation, such as: Hail: With the possibility of getting injured, losing HP. Snow: (Yes I know we have snow, I'm talking about snow falling from the sky, not the ground cover type.) With the possibility of inflicting frostbite and decreasing visibility. Fog: Decreased visibility outdoors. Also I'd love a way to control the temperature indoors, it makes no sense that while the power is still on I get hot indoors or too cold, can't I change the thermostat? I feel that varied types of weather could add more challenge to the game as well as more incentive to stay indoors on particular days. What do you all think?
  9. First time poster, joined the forums to ask a simple question. Is the snow determined by temperature & active rain or are there more/independent variables at play here? I'm looking to start development on a game mode similar to the winter survival map but I want to add some twists. This answer seems to be the closest I've come to it so far. But it seems he may have went another route altogether forgoing the mod idea. Thank you in advance for anyone taking the time to respond.
  10. So i just reached December on the world im playing. after 4 character death, my 5 th character have been alive for a month, and this is the first time im playing on winter. i tried to google some information but there isnt much. my main concern is to don't die from cold when im sleeping, if thats even possible i barricaded all windows and closed their curtains, i read somewhere it helps. so do i have to spent 3 months around the campfire or i can be more flexible during the winter?
  11. Zmurf

    Snow indoor ?

    I have problem with snow inside my building on my map I made in the editor. The building has a roof, and the rooms has carpets and tiles. When I enterer the game in january on my server (wiped clean) snow eventually cover everything , even indoor. How can I prevent the snow from falling through the roof? I have included the Lot files , .TBX , .TMX and PZW MyMaps.zip
  12. Im going insane about this issue I have. I have just started with building stuff with the editors in project zomboid. This is the situation I face After I have installed the ZomboidMapTools1_1 and overwritten the tools withthe update files (TileZed-Jan-18-2014-64bit) I have done very litle else than locate the folder for the tiles. Did I mention the snow inside my building? very anoying... These are the steps I take.. 1. I construct a building with the Building editor inside the Tilezed, I save this building which has rooms, walls and roof plus different objects such as doors and containers. I save this file as "alternative.tbx. 2. I open WorldEd -> open muldraugh.pzw , then locate cell 10,12 -> double click on the cell. 3. I place "alternative.btx" and a default building from the tools "lot_house_medium_18_farmhouse.tbx" next to each other. I add the second as a control to avoid wasting time chasing construction ghosts. I save Cell 10,12 (35,37)this , then I click on "The world" save this as well. I can see both buildings place in the cell "The World" 4 I go to File->Generate Lots->Selected Cells Only-> Input the following: "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\MyMaps\Lotpacks" for the lot files "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\rawmap\ZombieSpawnMap.bmp" for the zombie spawn map World Origin offset is x25 y25 I click Apply 5. I go back then click Ok in the same window. 6. I see : Generating .lot files (10,12) -> generated lot files ...Finished ! Buildings: 4 Rooms: 24 Room rects: 33 Room Objects:23 7. I Export the two files to the server inside the propper folder, start the server. 8. I enter the server as admin then run to the location and to my insane issue... There is snow inside the buildings on level 0 (I can build plank floors ontop of that snow) Both buildings have their floors covered in snow. Please, help me
  13. killwill


    I remember when sims first implemented snow and you walked outside and it was like "Oooooo pretty" xDxD lol. In project zomboid i think it would look amazing. Not crazy amounts of snow but just a blanket of snow to show that its middle of winter.. I can just imagine you walk outside and its all white with lil snow flakes falling and then you see thousands of lil footprints... and you know there a zombie horde near by. Your cold n there zombie footprints but you need food.. =)
  14. PM115


    Snowfall In build 30 snow was added, but it just appears, it doesn't come from snowfall. Also while rain should still pour down sometimes when there's snow, it should more often snow instead. It would also be cool to have zombies slow down in winter. So now i should sum it up. Snowfall: Snow appears after snowfall instead of overnight, it can still happen overnight though but it must snow then. Snow falls more often then rain in winter times: Snow is more likely to fall then rain. Snow will also make you wet. Thanks King jjwpenguin Zombies slows down in winter and especially in snow: Zombies slow down in winter like in the World War Z book. This can also be for players too. These things should be able to be adjusted in sandbox.
  15. I would like to see two things: A winter mod with flurries, blizzards, snowfall and snow, and a new location. I'd like someone to re-create Fort McMurray Alberta or a location in Canada, preferably northern Alberta for the same small town to small city feel while giving it a fresh new location. (other provinces/territories and towns are welcome too, just somewhere cold.) This could be an interesting mod, and a winter mod could translate well to other locations people may make too: Like say if someone recreated Arkhangelsk, Russia or somewhere in Finland, etc. Blizzards and winter in general would have more effects for the cold, like windchill effects, freezing pipes, ice forming over bodies of water, snowfall and snow on the ground and on trees, and more winter clothing like ushankas, great coats/trench coats, winter parkas, toques and scarves, snowpants/skipants, winter boots, cross country skis, snowshoes, towable sleds. As well as snowed over, monstrous zombies too that may be hidden if they are crawlers. Not only do you have the typical hardships of starvation, dehydration, depression and being murdered by zombies, now you have a chance to freeze to death as well.
  16. The Problem Seasons and changes in weather patterns in Project Zomboid are currently only noticeable by the player feeling either hot or cold. During the summer/hotter months the player feels hot. During the winter/colder months, the player feels cold. However, there is no graphical indication whatsoever to visually indicate these shifts in seasons and weather. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? A system should be implemented that would make the visual environment and temperature of the world change depending on what time of the year (in-game) the player is currently playing in. Ex. Leafless trees, occasional snowfall and snowy grounds during winter.Multicolored leaves floating around and covering the grounds during autumn.Full, leafy trees and bird formations during the summer.More intense storms during the spring, etc. Does it Make Sense for the Game? The game takes place in Fort Knox, Kentucky and the areas surrounding it. This region of the USA would experience such changes in weather and seasons, with the exception of frequent snow, however seasons in KY should still be cleary differentiated. A realistic atmosphere is important for Project Zomboid. An improved weather system would bring the game world to life. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? An improved weather system should give the player new challenges to consider that should be incorporated in a survival game. Weather is something a survivor should always consider. It can mean life or death if it is not properly considered. Snow and heavy rainstorms would slow the play down significantly and could destroy their crops and low-tier structures.Loud thunder and lighting could make the player less noticeable to nearby zombies. [Edit: I think this is already implemented]Winter months would have short days and longer nights, while summer months would be the opposite.Autumn leaves on the ground would cause the player to make significantly more noise while moving.
  17. Hey everyone! I thought adding better weather would be really fun! Better Wind: -When the wind is very strong, it could blow unlocked doors open. -When the wind is very strong, it can rip curtains off open/broken windows. -If you were walking east and the wind is blowing from east to west, the zombies to your west could smell you easier and track you down. -Wind could also pick up pieces of paper and plastic bags and things and send them around a little bit. -Wind could also affect rain, making it come down slanted, as to make you wetter quicker. -Trying to walk against the wind on a very windy day would cause you to become exhausted easier. -If the wind was torrential and combined with a fairly bad storm, it could rip branches off trees and send them flying (the branches would smash windows). -Very strong wind could affect projectiles (when they're implemented). -Very strong wind could rip some unprotected plants from the ground. -Strong wind could push some things over. -Zombies could get pushed over in very strong winds. Better Rain: -When it is raining, the rain could turn some/most (depending on how bad the rain is) grass into muddy grass, which is loud to walk through. -Rain storms. -Rain could leak through the roofs of houses that are in poor condition. -Rain could blow in through a broken or open window with the help of the wind. -Heavy rain muffles the sound of you walking. -Very heavy rain storms makes you virtually unable to hear by zombies, and harder to track. -Very heavy rain storms would cause you to skip damp and wet (moodles) and go straight to soaked, then after a bit longer, drenched. -If you are outside during a thunderstorm and there's a flash of lightning, your vision will be darker for several seconds post flash. -Rain makes zombies slower. -Hail. Hail can damage you and break windows (with the help of strong wind). Better Sun: -Droughts can occur. -Staying out in the sun for long times without wearing a shirt or a pair of pants will give you sunburn. -Heatwaves. During a heatwave, you need to intake double the amount of water than you normally would. Although, you can drink refrigerated water and will not have to double your intake. (Not exact logic, but evens it out for people who are just starting and can't afford to sit at a tap for the entire day) -Metal things left out in the sun become too hot to touch until you cool them off with a sheet, item of clothing, or refrigerated water. (cooling them with a sheet or item of clothing takes time). -Leave wet things out in the sun for them to dry. Snow:' -It snows during some seasons. -Snow makes you cold (obviously) so you need to wear more clothing. -Crawling zombies can hide in snow and pop out at you whenever you get close enough. (not when you are directly on top of them, when you're in view distance of them. -Tracks in the snow! (Includes all entities). -Snow slows zombies. -Crops die. -Water left outside freezes. -Perishable food lasts longer when not in a fridge. (For the sakes of example, let's just say bread lasts 15 days in a fridge, and 4 days outside of a fridge, so this would then be 15 days in a fridge 6 days out). -Snow builds up. -Snow shovel can clear snow. -If you go out into the snow without many clothes on, you can get hypothermia, which damages you overtime until you warm up. For Good Measure: These are just other things I would like to see implemented, and are mentioned throughout this thread. -Refrigerated water. When you put water in a fridge, it cools. -Seasons! Seasons manipulate weather! -Grass grows overtime and is noisy to walk through. -Things you use to dry yourself off with become wet and have to dry. You can dry them by leaving them in the sun, or by letting them sit for a while. Sorry if any of these have been suggested before! Thanks and I really want to hear your input! --- darthdraken said: "oh and gradual bodies visibly rotting away in the street with flies buzzing in the hot summer sun." I personally think that's a great idea and fits in nicely with this thread Typha said: "Something i should mention and here would be a perfect opportunity. Clothing having a chance to become wet, this likelihood is increased by rain, snow, and morning dew." Seems like a good idea to me c:
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