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Found 12 results

  1. I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here. Something small but with a big impact, having a pillow inside your inventory or within the vicinity when sleeping should make your character rest better and reduce the chance of neck pain by 75% or more. Cumulative to up to 2 pillows limited up to 100% neck pain reduction and 1.5x the better sleep bonus. This would not only make sense, since pillows are literally designed to provide a better sleep, it would give a proper use to an item in the game which currently only works to craft mattresses and you can't even rip it into Ripped Sheets or remove its covering to use as curtains, which you should for both. It would also make bad and average beds usable in emergency and be extremely useful for people with the "restless sleeper" trait, making a pillow be to those with that trait the same as the glasses are to those with the "short sighted" trait and cigarettes to those with the "smoker" trait, something almost mandatory to have with you to counter the effects of your trait.
  2. Good morning to the doidscene, Everyone of my friends seem to encounter the following during winter season : - No sleep traits modifiers - House is 21 degrees, Electricity still on. - Winter season. When someone goes to sleep it wakes up after 10/20 minutes with hypotermia status. Thank you for your work
  3. Hi IndieStone, Not completely sure if this is intended behavior or not, but reporting it anyway since this was possible (and really useful) in build 40. Passengers used to be able to sleep in the car while someone else was driving. We used this functionality a lot previously, as switching driver positions allowed us to roam the map overnight, just as we can in real-life. In B41 though, whenever the car is moving, we get a message saying that sleeping is prohibited unless the car is standing still. Obviously zombies aren't that real, but it really gave a nice touch to exploring. We would love to have this option come back!
  4. Good afternoon. I am reporting a bug in "Project Zomboid" concerning sickness. My character got sick and, as everyone knows, that's a death sentence unless you have Antiboitics. I tried to feed her and he lp her sleep, but when I went to bed, she died in her sleep. In her Inventory , she had a Tote Bag as a secondary item and a Big Hiking Bag on her back, as well as a wealth of rarer items and skill magazines in her arms. Note that she died in the bed while the sleep clock was skipping forward. When she died, I started as a new character and went to where she died. I found the Tote Bag, but my previous character's body and everything in the Big Hiking Bag were completely gone. I tried to disassemble the bed, only to find nothing underneath or near it. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may render. -TURTLESHROOM
  5. I was thinking, to add a little realism and challenge to the game, that it would be nice if there was some penalty for sleeping in a chair vs a bed. I know if I try to sleep in an awkward spot I wake up sore, tired and cranky. I've never tried sleeping in a dining room chair but I imagine even during the zombie apocalypse it would suck. If nothing else is available (ie you're trapped in an office building by a horde of zombies) then a chair would do, but it would be nice if you woke up with a temporary movement penalty, like soreness, or if you don't get as much sleep as you would in a nice comfy bed back at your base. Any thoughts?
  6. Simple suggestion: Can we, please, have a sleep prompt? Like you press 'sleep' and a window pops up saying: 'Go to sleep? Yes - SPACE, No - ESC' I'm asking because it already happened to me twice that I unintentionally went to sleep while barricading windows with chairs/couches nearby. Or make it a toggable option in game settings for those who don't find it useful. Thanks.
  7. Inspired by sleeping in the backyard and getting bitten. So, while I was dreaming about future sleeping nightmares , I thought about a few more problems to add. Sleep location's quality. Grass/dirt/sand/road. Worst place. Would give you moderate sleeping problem. +5 to the Science skill, if it's under the apple tree. In the house on the floor. Slightly better than the last one. Chairs. Mediocre. On the carpet. Credits to the Kuren, King Kitteh and makkenhoff Camp-cot, recliner, sleeping bag. Could be transportable. Way better than the previous. Actual bed or couch. Best solution. Bonus points, if there are no zombies near the door. #RJ_ftw
  8. Hello All! After quite a number of days tinkering with various things and examining code and etc I bring you Sleeping Bags. You can craft these Survivalist> 1 pillow, 4 sheets. Icon by: joeyslucky22 Mod Permissions: Credit where it's due This mod can be added to and extended by anyone in the community, but credit must be given to the original author within the files of the mod - and posted alongside the mod wherever it roams. You can click the sleeping bag directly from inventory or drop it on the ground and choose sleep in sleeping bag. Have a Great day and please let me know if you have any problems with this mod, I have tested many times with no errors. -Winter Click to Download: SleepingBag.zip Download Version 2: SleepingBagV2.zip Version 2 uses PZ sleeping bag icon: Only use one or the other NOT both.
  9. I wanted to survive longer next time. Speaking of surviving, most essential is the sleep to regain health. Unfortunately, most servers disable sleep and I understand their reason as some doesn't want to sleep at all. But that kind'a kills the purpose of some traits like night owl, and insomnia for build 31. I find sleep very important especially surviving longer when wounded. Is it possible to sleep only when sleeping pills are taken for these servers? If the game hasn't that ability, can this be implemented?
  10. Greetings stranger, After watching many videos on youtube I decided to pick up PZ, together with a friend. We were surprised by the fact we couldn't sleep, and hence boredom was a huge problem (after all, too dangerous to whack zombols outside in the dark for 2 newbies. ) My suggestion is a system to incorporate sleeping into multiplayer games: Vote to sleep. (For those who know their minecraft mods, I borrowed this from 'morpheus'.) One can sleep in a bed as normal, but instead of instantly falling asleep, they just lay down. This fires a global chat message to the server with something like: "Mr. Admin wishes this night was over (x/y, z%)" where x is the amount of players 'wishing the night was over', y is the players connected, and z being a % display of x and y... for example: (1/2, 50%). Not sure if mods can have server configuration settings, if not 50% (inclusive! so 1/2 2/4 etc should pass the night) should be fair game, otherwise having 50% as default and changable by server owners would be awesome. Thanks for your time reading. Signed, Tyrope
  11. So, I was thinking; it would be nice to be able to build some kind of bed or cot - even just a makeshift matress on the floor would suffice - for sleeping when there is no other means present. We already have tents, which is noce, but they're kind of odd to have for sleeping indoors. I couldn't find this suggested anywhere {though the search function results always leaves much to be desired} and figured it was high time I made a suggestion topic. The reasoning seems self explanitory, and the purpose is justified. For example, the Large Warehouse is a popular place to build a safehouse, but it has no bed. Many just set up a tent on the roof, but that's just not my style. Why not be able to make a bed? It'd work much the same as building tables and chairs, etc. You can construct a really shoddy frame at first, and then a really nice one at advanced carpentry skill levels. For a standard bed, all you would need are; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetPossibly also: Rags, Pillows, or Newspaper (for mattress stuffing)Sheet Rope, or Rope (to hold up the mattress)For a crate bed (on the floor) you would need; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetPossibly also: Rags, Pillows, Newspaper, or Sand Bags (for mattress stuffing)For a folding hammock you would need; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetSheet Rope, or RopeTent PegsFor a suspended hammock you would need; Sheet Rope, or RopePillowSheetFor a suspended Tent Hammock you would need; Tent KitSheet Rope, or RopePlanks or Sturdy SticksPillowSheetFor a Cot (folding) you would need; Planks or Sturdy SticksNailsHammerDoor HingesSheet Rope (to make canvas)PillowSheetFor a Tented Cot (folding) you would need; Planks or Sturdy SticksNailsHammerDoor HingesTent KitPillowSheetAlternatively, the current in-game Cots could also be an item you can find and take with you.
  12. Sleeping Overhaul Did you ever want to hole up in the Pile 'o Crepes or Spiffo's Burger Joint but couldn't because there was no place to sleep? Then this mod is exactly what you are looking for. It allows you to sleep virtually anywhere (in beds, on sofas, in tents, in armchairs, on chairs, on benches, on the floor, and more...) and every object has its own comfortability levels which affect the recuperation process. You too can sleep in the lovely smell of crêpe. But this mod does more than adding more sleeping possibilites to the game. It changes the whole sleeping system. The player won't sleep for a fixed amount of time anymore but instead only until he is fully recuperated ... or awakened by a nightmare. You now can also sleep whenever you want - No more "you aren't tired enough to sleep" modals. Take a nap and be happy! Church is closed... but open for napping. There is also a chance to pass out when too tired now, so try to sleep regularly. If it happens, your character will drop to the floor and stay unconscious for a few hours. Of course this has a few repercussions so try to avoid it ... not to speak of the zombies who might munch on your brain while you are dreaming of better days. Who wouldn't sleep in a fast food joint!? The recuperation system is more realistic than with the vanilla sleeping mechanics. With this mod a healthy character who's very exhausted sleeps about 6 hours to be fully rested. But there are other factors that influence the recuperation time. For example being stressed will make the player sleep longer to regain fatigue, because who could sleep deeply during a zombie apocalypse anyway? At the moment the most important factor for the sleeping time is the comfort level of the furniture (from best to worst):Level 0: BedsLevel 1: CouchesLevel 2: Armchairs, Tents*Level 3: Chairs**, Benches, Treatment TablesLevel 4: BathtubLevel 5: Toilet, StoolsLevel 6: Floor* Park Rangers have the "Camping Enthusiast"-Trait which makes tents as comfortable as beds for them. ** Security Guards have the "Chair Man"-Trait which makes chairs as comfortable as sofas for them. Sleeping in a bed will of course offer the best recuperation, but I tried to keep the values balanced so even sleeping on the floor (without any other effects) won't be too bad. Of course I know that there are some people out there who'd prefer sleeping on the floor. For those people the values are easily changeable in the Sleeping_Config.lua file. Some of the new modal dialogues. As of version 1.1.0 there are two new traits for the Park Ranger and the Security Guard which affect the sleeping behaviour for those characters. The custom icons were made by the one and only Thuztor! Finally sleeping is affected by a multitude of factors (stats, comfortability, etc...) and there is even more stuff to come in the future! For a complete list of the current features check out the changelog below. As always crits && comments are appreciated. If you find any bugs or places where the sleeping overhaul doesn't work please report them here! Also the stats and different values aren't carved into stone. If there are issues with the balancing I'm totally open to change it. Download for Updated Sleeping Overhaul (Build 27) updated by Pravus The mod in action: (ENG) Awesome showcase by Rancorist: (GER) Great let's play by totu: Known Bugs: - Player starts sleeping before walking to the object (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Fatigue is reset right after sleeping (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Nightmares happening even when negative stats are zerored (Fixed in v.1.1.2) Special Thanks: EreWeGo: for all the testing and feedback! Thuztor: for helping with the tile sheets && creating the trait-icons! RobertJohnson: for his work and help with modding! aricane: for pz-mods and being a nice guy! 7roses: for helping me figure out the overriding stuff! ... and finally all the people I forgot Changelog
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