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Found 2 results

  1. A Wool Blanket is a very good survival item with many uses. Sleeping aid Lie on/under for comfort and warmth. Use as a makeshift sleeping bag. Clothing Can be used as a cloak or poncho. Scratch and bite resistant. Storage Can be used as a bag. Shelter Can be use to create a 'lean-to'. **Naturally water proof and fire retardant** With the new weather and clothes on the way etc. it would be very nice to use a blanket to- Put on a bed for warmth while sleeping. Wear as a cloak for warmth and protection from the rain. Use as a bag It would also possibly be cool to use as a sleeping bag or shelter but that might be a bit too much? Down sides to wool Heavy (especially when wet) Itchy When worn like a cloak you will be laughed at because you want to be a medieval warrior...
  2. Hello All! After quite a number of days tinkering with various things and examining code and etc I bring you Sleeping Bags. You can craft these Survivalist> 1 pillow, 4 sheets. Icon by: joeyslucky22 Mod Permissions: Credit where it's due This mod can be added to and extended by anyone in the community, but credit must be given to the original author within the files of the mod - and posted alongside the mod wherever it roams. You can click the sleeping bag directly from inventory or drop it on the ground and choose sleep in sleeping bag. Have a Great day and please let me know if you have any problems with this mod, I have tested many times with no errors. -Winter Click to Download: SleepingBag.zip Download Version 2: SleepingBagV2.zip Version 2 uses PZ sleeping bag icon: Only use one or the other NOT both.
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