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Found 9 results

  1. I'll provide a video of this as soon as possible, but I have an issue where when I attempt to use the destroy option with a sledgehammer, my character will approach the object I wish to destroy, but then just play a bunch of walking animation sounds next to it. I have both sneaking and not sneaking while I attempt it, but it's still an issue for me.
  2. Start to post this in small suggestion topic. But Finally post here, because is longer to explain. when aiming a zombie, there is too much damage on structure around. I affraid to fight zombie on my builded stairs, in corridor safehouse, side to crates. because each time I hurt the structure too, even with hand ! Are we as clumsy, even at lvl 10 ? Should be only damages on the zombie when aimed. Tools needed to destruction is not enough diversified (everything with sledgehammer) and not match to the most efficiency tools : wire fence and wall, barbed wire (IRL wit
  3. So, we use sledgehammers to deconstruct/break walls, stairs, etc. but why don't we receive materials when doing this? If I hit the door with the sledgehammer, it breaks, and I receive about 2 planks, a doorknob, and some hinges, but if I "destroy" the door, I get nothing back. I think this is something that should be changed, because it isn't realistic that there is absolutely nothing given back to us from breaking something down. Anyone else agree? Any criticism is also welcome.
  4. Just found my first Sledgehammer and I said ''Cool! Now I can take down those doors I wanna break for hinges and planks. Maybe even get myself some more planks from some wooden houses I saw.'', but, when I destroyed my first door IT LEFT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BEHIND. Then tried with house's wall, same result. With a wooden wall I built? Same result.... It's as if more than a sledgehammer, it was a sort of ''Delete'' button that magically disintegrates everything it touches. Why is that? Why can a humble hammer or ax demolish a door more realistically than a sledge? Why do demolished walls don't
  5. So recently I have been playing on West Point with the intention of breaking into the Gun Shop and skipping over to Muldraugh. This would have been fine if I realized there's a shockingly abysmal amount of sledgehammers available in West Point. Quite literally I spent 7 games wandering around West Point to all the places that have sledgehammers to no avail. What fascinates me though is how the hardware store seems to have every item except the sledgehammer, which is quite frustrating. Normally they would have one anyways. Now, I love that loot is now on rare and I feel it gives the game th
  6. Hello again! I was busy making adjustments to my house and I keep accidentally breaking walls that I never intended to break. I think giving the target wall/furniture a red hue would help immensely in this.
  7. Hi, In theory, I think the players should be able to completely destroy a house and everything in it (with a sledgehammer/axe/hammer). Strategically, I wanna modify the right house at the right location to my liking but the current system of destroying objects just .. sucks balls. Yes, there is zombie-apocalypse, everyone died, so stop your whining, adaptation is part of survival. BUT I think building/crafting is an essential part of PZ and I think just being able to destroy objects properly (including the floors please) will make the game so much more enjoyable... at least for me. Thank y
  8. It is more like general question the request or anything. I noticed that i`m able to destroy crafted stairs via sledgehammer (which is awesome), but it doesn`t seem to be working for stairs in houses (they looks the same but im` unable to pick it up by right click.So my question is - is it possible to destroy stairs by sledgehammer?
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