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Found 3 results

  1. I feel as if the different skill types for different weapons, such as spears and axes are good. though segregating Long and short types of weapon is a bit to far and adds pointless grinding into the mix. For example. the Hammer and sledgehammer. If you are a level 8 in Short blunt, Able to reliably kill zombies in 1 or 2 shots with a Hammer, frying pan ect. If you get a Hammer that is somewhat heavier and has a longer handle, None of that training with shorter hammers applies to hammers the game defines as "long". Beating something to death with a Blunt object that is 15 inches l
  2. So I've searched through the suggestions and planned features, and I can't find anyone else who had an idea like this, so... Here's my suggestion. Skill Internships! That's right... An internship is where one learns professional skills working at a company. So what the H would a Skill Internship be and how does it apply to Zomboid? Okay, so now we know how it works... But... We already have recipe mags. Why would this ever be useful? Say you've searched Enigma Books and looted every house in West Point, and
  3. If the flurry of new skills added in the recent builds prove anything, it's that more skill options are just plain awesome. Some of the suggestions below are ones already made, but I'll repeat them anyway so RJ has a single post to review for all the new skills. Foraging (Upgrade) - At the higher levels, Foraging should spawn medicinal plants and roots that are native to Kentucky. This would justify a Foraging Skill Book. These medicinal plants could be Cooked for use in First Aid. Spiked Blazing Star - painkiller. Perhaps made like tea.Goldenseal - antibiotic if eaten or antiseptic if ma
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