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  1. I just started looking into PZ modding and my first effort is going to be a Memory skill mod. The goal is to help the player remember explored information in a way that feels natural in the PZ world, which means imperfect memory but you can work at it to improve. I thought I'd post to get general feedback and maybe some tips and modding words of wisdom focused on what I'm looking into. I'm already looking over the wiki modding section. There's a lot to cover. The mod will add a new skill: Memory. The first piece I want to implement is vehicles, starting with the content of the "Vehicle Mechanics" window. When the player closes this window the mod will store everything. When remembering is triggered (TBD) the same info will be presented to the player but some pieces will be missing or incorrect. The higher the memory skill, the more complete and accurate the info will be. So far I've only just hooked into the Vehicle Mechanics window close operation to log the first set of into I want to store. The things I still need to explore are: Storing and accessing memory data in a persistent way Add the ability to open the remembered data either from a context menu or on mouseover with a small delay Add map markers with a way to show the remembered data from the full view map Reuse or clone the Vehicle Mechanics window to use with memory data I'm not sure if this will allow for weird interactions like starting a repair from far away I want to avoid the associated action of opening and closing the hood Record vehicle data abstractly. Right now I'm checking a number of specific fields and getters such as vehicle:getEngineLoudness(). There doesn't seem to be a copy/clone method on vehicles. Expand the behavior to all containers, storing the inventory memory on close crates, shelves, fridges, and all the standard containers vehicle trunks vehicle glove compartments vehicles with special indoor containers from mods (stretch goal) bags?
  2. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS: -Show the actual trait, skill and xp percentages. -Bring back the old music options. The new options don't work for some reason. The new music is good, but I miss the old ones. -More creepy and depressing music such as: Long Ambient. (Haven't heard this in the current version.) Where Is Everyone. (The older one was creepier.) Low (Haven't heard this in the current version.) All the creepy ambients. (Never heard them in game. Can be found in the music folder.) -Player crawling. -Zombies with missing or crippled limbs. -Zombies eat animals they can catch. -Wandering hordes. A wandering horde picks a random direction to wander towards to look for food presumably. (1000-10000 tiles.) Perhaps a wandering horde could spawn the zombies once the player is close enough. The wandering hordes would be much rarer and larger than regular hordes. -Allow zombies to wander and redistribute into the "Player's square". I don't know what it is really called, but you can see it in debug mode as a white box around your survivor. (Smaller than a cell.) Currently zombies seem to stop by the edges of the player's square when meta events or redistribution happen. With a cleared area the player can safely camp in their base for months with canned food and farming. It's a bit unfair for the poor zombies. -Only chefs and burger flippers may add large amounts of extra happiness to their foods. Currently pretty much any occupation can become a master cook by just watching TV, which makes the cook occupations questionable. All non-cook occupations should have very small happiness boost for their foods. With this cooks would have a more useful role lowering unhappiness in groups. -Remove rotten food recipes. Using a month old rotten food doesn't seem realistic. -Nasty foods can make you vomit. Nasty foods could be: worms, maggots, insects, rotten food. Vomiting increases hunger and adds nauseus moodle which will fade in time. Vomiting could be prevented with a strong stomach. With a weak stomach the player will very likely vomit from any nasty food. Strong stomach could be a great pick for forest dwellers. -Rotten foods disappear or become completely ruined as time passes. -Rebalance all the negative weight traits. Currently you can get rid of very underweight in a week. If you also pick fit trait (+2 fitness), very underweight becomes free points. -Dangerous wound infections. Would make first aid and antibiotics more useful. Currently it seems infections only slow down healing. -Ability to open canned foods with knives. -Non-poisonous rain water. Perhaps add a sandbox option for this (acid rain). -Gas expires. (6-12 months.) This might work well with the rebuilding phase. -Throwable distractions: Mugs, glasses, glass bottles, jars, empty cans, bells. Cans and bells would be reusable as they don't shatter. Bells have a higher distraction effect. Bells don't have any uses currently. -Differently shaped survivors and zombies depending on traits. Average, thin, fat, fit, strong. -More candles. Perhaps add boxes of candles too. Can't remember the last time I found a candle. Currently flashlights and batteries are much more easy to find which makes scavenging for candles a questionable choise for light. -Water in pipes becomes tainted in few days after water shutoff. Currently you can potentially survive months with pipe water, making water storage useless (pots and bottles). SANDBOX OPTIONS: -Show the actual option percentages. For an example: Normal 50%, high 60%, very high 70%... Would make things much easier instead of judging and figuring options out by testing. -More hardcore options. Ever lasting winter and ever lasting summer. Extremely high and extremely low temperature options. Insanely hard farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossible farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossibly low food rarity. Polluted water or nature. (Most wild life will die.) -Water in pipes after water shutoff option. -Zombie evolution and degeneration option. Shamblers turn to sprinters or vice versa. -Zombie stamina option. Zombies get slow after chasing player for a long time, but can recover. Could balance sprinters. -Zombie activity option. More active zombies wander more and try to find the player. -Zombie smell option. Zombies approach nearby places where the player has spent time or is currently. -Sprinter speed option. Joggers, runners, sprinters... I know these next 3 suggestions could perhaps be counted as special infected, thought they don't have any super human powers. -Lone zombies option. Zombies that will never join a rally group while there are existing rally groups. Currently it seems all zombies will join a group eventually which leaves wide gaps between them. -Screamer zombie option. Some zombies scream while attacking which may alert other zombies. -Varying zombie % option. Adds several different zombies with varying traits. Some examples: Screaming sprinters which never join rally groups. 1 %. Joggers which sometimes join rally groups. 12 %. Shamblers which always join rally groups. 87 %. Viimeisin muokkaaja on Lodkar; 1 tunti sitten
  3. Would be amazing to craft a shooting target, like using the scarecrows or also a simple target made with planks, nails and paint , sure wil not give the same exp of shoot to a zed but finally u can train ur aim's skill safely and have funny shooting and plus will be very realistic ....
  4. I think it'd be nice to be able to lock pick in the game like for car doors as well as regular doors. I think this mechanic could be some kind of lock picking skill that you'd improve from picking locks as well as boost through lock picking books. Maybe there could even be a locksmith occupation that gets you started on the functional capabilities of said skill. Perhaps the skill could also be in the burglar occupation. I think for the tools needed it'd be standard lock picks or maybe you could even make some out of the paperclips you find in the game. For starters, It'd be nice to be able to unlock a car without having to find the key or smash the window in addition to hotwiring it. As for doors it'd be nice being able to get in the building without having to find the key or bash my way in through said door or other entrance. For padlocks it'd be nice to get through those too. I guess for the mechanic to work, with all the proper items and skills in hand you'd right click the you want to lock pick and select "pick lock" and the progress meter would fill up as you pick the lock. It will take a few tries until success and fewer tries and faster ones as you level up.
  5. I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here. As much as I genuinely love the trait system, there is a pretty significant limitation to it, which is that even if you were given infinite free trait points, you don't really have full freedom to create a character min-maxing a certain ability above a certain point. Considering some servers might have some free trait points given or that a coop group could each take a certain profession and min-max that profession as much as possible, each player will still be pretty average in their profession of choice. Further still, there is the issue of character death which, if you spent dozens of IRL hours practicing a certain craft can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you can't even sacrifice points you would spend on a few crucial traits to min-max that skill as much as possible. My suggestion would be to take inspiration from the "storytelling" tabletop RPG system on a way to directly purchase skill levels. The idea is simple. After choosing the positive and negative traits, you'd have a next window to spend any remaining trait points. To purchase a level of the desired skill you would spend: Next level / 2 = cost in trait points [rounded up]. Explaining and examples: To get "Axe" level 1 with this system alone, you'd spend 1 trait point, but to get Axe level 3 you'd spend 1+1+2=4 trait points. 8 for level 4, 13 for level 5 and so on. To start with Carpentry level 10 going from Carpentry 0, you'd spend 1+1+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+5 = 30 trait points. This would be EXTREMELY useful for a server that says the story started 10 years in the future and gives players a high value of free trait points to create their characters or for a more RPing friendly server, or even a more casual server with free points on character creation or even in a normal game to create a min-maxed character.
  6. After trying it in both situation, the amount of xp gained for sneaking and furtivity is very different depending of if you're the host of the game, or just a client : it goes way faster when you're the host (as fast as in SP) than when you're a client. In both situations, there were a lot of zombies around as I was moving, that didn't detect me, but as a client the xp would barely increase.
  7. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don鈥檛 understand which one is correct.
  8. As it is now, if you start a new world, you've got a fresh new character, starting from scratch. You work real hard and spend many days building up that character's skills (and gear), building a base, leveling carpentry. You're at Level 7 carpentry now, and you're 45 days in. Annnn' ya bit. So, this character dies, and we spawn a new character into the same Sandbox. They start, timeline wise, after the first character died-- makes sense-- but their skills are default. That is, they only get the same chance for character points that the first character got, but, lore-wise, it is implied that this character has survived the apocalypse so far-- technically, outlived the first character (and, well, all the other characters). So, why don't they have any skills? My thought is that when you spawn a new character, depending upon how far into the timeline you are, you're given extra character points. In addition, you're given a bunch of skill levels that make sense for your character type, how long it's been in the sandbox, and some of the difficulty settings (if it's a easy setup, you don't want an OP character). I think it would make death less-frustrating, give more reason for people to persist a single game/sandbox and continue building plans, but still allow pretty dangerous minute-to-minute gameplay without having death cost the most time-consuming, grindiest part of the game.
  9. So how does one normally start of these off? Welp here goes nothing.... I do enjoy Project zomboid from Alpha eight until forty-one but over the course of time. A few things about the game has bothered me a tiny little bit and I do implore the Dev's if they decide to read this to at least consider the ideas going forward. Idea 1#: A Hospital / FEMA Quarantine zone: I believe in every zombie survival game. There should be a Hospital / Quarantine zone and hopefully with a little magic it should be loaded with zombies. either on the outside or inside depending. I think it would be a fun idea to have a very small possibility of having Nurses and or Doctors spawning in said hospital or Quarantine zone. With that being mentioned. There should be a very small chance of finding Hazmat suits along with hazmat zombies that should be much harder to kill with fire. I think it would add more to the Lore of the game and it would add a tiny bit more to the game with some added challenge. Idea 2#: Jobs and Skills and items: One thing that has bothered me is how lack luster the job section is at the start of the game. I think to add some more Zang into the mix. The Job skill that is selected should be able to carry some upgrades as the game goes on that allows the players to unlock exclusive perks. For example: A FEMA Military Solider over the course of time could turn into Veteran with added benefits or another example a Nurse could turn into a Doctor or a Doctor could turn into Surgeon with added medical perks. I believe having a job upgrade system would implore players on MP or Single player to live out for as long as possible and it would add value to keeping your character alive for long as possible. ( Moving forward on this subject ) - Going about Surgeon - I think if someone is shot they have to undergo Surgery depending on location of the bullet in which it hits the player body, which requires someone to either be knocked out via Medicine or if we go back to the old civil war days. Lots and Lots of booze or if you wanted to be awake during this painful event, an extreme amount of painkillers. Idea 2 Part 2: I also think Gunsmithing should be considered along with more types of guns and being able to make bullets for all types of guns along with a workbench to craft add on to bullets like explosives rounds or incendiary rounds. Also I think being able to make scopes for guns would be interesting as well. I think it should be noted that more guns Like Heavy Machine guns or Sub machine guns should be added to the game however, the lack of guns disturbs me a bit coming from a military background and a guy who enjoy's coming up with said ideas for these types of games! Idea 2 Part 3: Lastly, I think if we can grow wheat in high quantities. You should be able to make Bio-fuel and put a stop to what it seems to be unlimited Gas farming at the Gas Stations. It also would add even more importance to the Engineers in the game and would add long term play ability to their kits as well. Last by not least Idea #3 Events: I think the game should try to include extremely rare but very extreme events such as a blizzard, Polar Vortex, Major Forrest Fire or Flooding/ Flash Floods. I think if the game could add extreme environment events. It would add another layer of Strategy per play through of the game and it would make it very difficult for some players to stay in one area for example near the river or in the woods for example. Personally, regarding events. I think when it comes to player decision. there needs to be some sort of Risk element to every decision or otherwise the game loses out on repeatability. What do you guys think ? Also please feel free to add comments and add more ideas . I would love to read about them. JewishCowboy - Over and Out - (Radio goes silent )
  10. Tybs


    Playing with gamepad, IWBUMS version 41.33. In previous builds, when trying to open the menu for character information (and skills, health, etc), normally you follow this procedure: 1. Hold the SELECT button to make the radial menu show. 2. Use the right stick to select the required option. 3. Release SELECT to open the selected option. However, the radial menu currently disappears within half a second, despite holding SELECT. To select the requested option you need to respond quite fast, usually it fails. You can see this effect for player 2 in the video sample below at time 3:04. This also happens while playing solo, btw... quite harsh when you're bleeding out quickly and try to patch up your neck 馃槄 If behavior could be reverted to the previous situation, that would be much appreciated! Example:
  11. I found a function in the API: AddPerk(PerkFactory.Perks perk, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String level1, java.lang.String level2, java.lang.String level3, java.lang.String level4, java.lang.String level5, int xp1, int xp2, int xp3, int xp4, int xp5, int xp6, int xp7, int xp8, int xp9, int xp10) But I can't use it. It exists in the game code but there is no examples how to use it. What strings are level1, level2, level3 etc? What should I give as first parameter? So I have to make injection directly into interface in a very strange manner: local function inject(u) local xp = u:getXp() local m = getmetatable(xp) local old_boost = m.__index.getPerkBoost m.__index.getPerkBoost = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return 0 end return old_boost(self, perk_type, ...) end local old_mult = m.__index.getMultiplier m.__index.getMultiplier = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return 0 end return old_mult(self, perk_type, ...) end m = getmetatable(u) m.__index.getXp = function(self, ... ) return xp end local old_level = m.__index.getPerkLevel m.__index.getPerkLevel = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return perk_type.level end return old_level(self, perk_type, ...) end local old_up = m.__index.LevelPerk m.__index.LevelPerk = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return perk_type:LevelUp() end return old_up(self, perk_type, ...) end end I'd like to avoid these dirty hacks and to start using normal API.
  12. For some reason, the Reloading skill bar is not gaining ANY XP POINTS AT ALL. I tried starting a game with XP bonus of 1000, and I have reloaded ALL guns and their clips (except the assault rifle; haven't found it yet) and haven't gained a single XP point in that skill branch.
  13. Hello all, I've recently encountered a problem regarding butchering. For some reason, despite having a fresh dead bird and a hunting knife in my primary inventory, I cannot butcher the corpse. No option to butcher has appeared, both when I select the bird and the knife. I've attempted this with both a hunting knife and a kitchen knife, as well as both a bird and a mouse, yet the option still hasn't appeared. Does anyone know of a potential resolution to this problem? Thanks.
  14. With the discussion surrounding another skill related thread, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask this simple question to get a feeling of the community's opinion. If you answer yes, feel free to express which skills you think should be added and if such skills should be freely available or if they should require extra steps because they are rarer and more exotics. If it's the later, feel free to express which steps should be taken to gain access. Also, do you think these should be a low or high priority after the animations and NPCs. Edit : In this post, I won't quote or comment people's posts. I might like a few posts here or there... or if I feel a topic need more in-depth coverage I might privately suggest (once) a new more in-depth. My restriction on commenting posts also include reaction to my answer, if any.
  15. I've been working on a profession mod for our RP server - AGN New Dawn. Link on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913317143 What does it add? - Several new professions - Several core professions changed - Upgraded stats for all new professions - Starting books from Hydrocraft Mod based on what profession is chosen (Hydrocraft Required) - Several new traits from the New Trait Mod (New Trait Mod not required) Intended Updates: - More Professions based on Server needs. - Balancing of skills and costs - Negative traits - Images for all professions and traits - Skills added instead of hydrocraft books - Starting items based on chosen professions The mod DOES work, and we are playing it on our server - it currently shows language errors, so one final step will be adding language translations. If you want to try out the mod in a server environment, please visit us on AGN at: https://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/
  16. Please stop this madness. Instantly becoming exhausted after foraging once is just insane. At most, foraging after a couple times being exhausted would be fine. There is no reason why this should be a thing. I thought this whole time it was simply a bug until I heard otherwise. For the love of all that is gaming, remove the "instant exhaustion" in favor of something that makes sense and as more purely based on skill level. Simple really.... example numbers. baseEnergy 100 baseForagingCost 60 (makes it once without instant exhaustion at base level) energyLeft = currentEnergy - (foragingLevelMultiplier * baseForagingCost) Then assign an energy used reduction per level. Maybe at level 2 a reduction thats enough to get 2 shots without exhaustion but not enough energy for more. Then each level after would be a smaller energy reduction equaled out to achieve a goal of X amount of times total at a certain higher level. So say you want the max to ever be able to do is 10 times... take the energy needed for 8 times and apply reductions for skill levels 3-10 so that by skill level 10, they can accomplish the 8 times.
  17. I am the co-owner of the server in Newdawn (AGN / pz.aggressivegaming.org). This idea came from this server as we had issues with overwhelming perks / skills level in the past as players grind blindly without any RP. Hence this idea becoming a reality! I am working on this mod that allows server owner to change the skills max level so it will never be over powered when new player just joined trying to rp. The proposed idea is that it can be per character, per server and per steam account cap. This mod is still in work in progress and has no preview or anything. The features may increase overtime when the base intended features is done.
  18. Driving skills! I'm sure this is already being considered, but driving should definitely be worked into character creation when vehicle development stabilizes. High drive skill could increase (and low would decrease): - Turning responsiveness or likelihood of rollover (safe and effective control of momentum) - Likelihood of car starting on first turn of the key (knowing how/when to turn the key for a rough starter) - Control when running over obstacles (default erratic response when driving over something/zeds) - Others?
  19. This mod adds the possibility to obtain a blessing or curse when "Look at Spiffo eyes" on the Spiffo item. (Item consumed after using it) Blessings: Level up one random skill. (In case of receiving the blessing in a skill that is already at the maximum level, you will receive a global xp point to spend on the skill you want) Curse: Receives random scratches anywhere on the body. (Do not contain Z infection) Chances will depend on certain traits you have. It works in Singleplayer and MP. Language support at the moment: ES_es, ES_ar, IT_it, FR_fr, EN_en. If you want to add a another language support contact me!!! Video Example: Download V1.5 WorkShop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953218312 External Downloading: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2718p8bja2a0fpa/SpiffoSkills1.5.rar (Sorry about my language, i speak spanish)
  20. Before I begin, I would like to say that this suggestion only applies to the eventual finished product - v. 1.0. Perhaps it is just me, but I feel very strongly that any ability a character can start with, such as the nutritionist's knowledge of nutrition facts and a cook's recipes for pie dough should be available through study or training, etc. to everyone in the game. I know that things such as the recipe for pie dough is available in a magazine. After untold lifetimes, I actually found one of those and learned the recipe. But just as everyone with a skill learned it somewhere, I think the designers should keep in mind that a character who does not possess a skill or recipe might want to learn one. They don't all have to be available in books or trade journals, perhaps there can be NPCs that can teach the skills, but all characters should have the potential to somehow acquire all skills, and not just through their background. This is not to say that I think characters should be able to acquire the bonuses that a chef has at improving cooking skills or that a carpenter has at improving his carpentry skill should be available - there are certain advantages that practicing a trade prior to the apocalypse should provide. I just think that all characters should be able to somehow gain access to any skill, recipe or ability available to any other character. Thank you for listening.
  21. At first, I thought of some traits like "Cooking hobby", "Hates fishing" that would give skills. But that would be too much of clutter for the traits list. So it may be nice to buy some skills directly for skill points in a most expensive and non-economic way! Or get some points for taking multipliers like 0.25. Any thoughts about it?
  22. Redux I've done a similar suggestion a while back and it seems to have been deleted, probably from lack of activity. It was then limited to falling from sheet ropes. I've since saw a discussion on steam about sheet ropes breaking. I've also climbed a sheet rope while carrying 3 fridges (1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 in inventory)... so I think it's time to get this out there again. From the past to the present Initialy, there was some complaints about the randomness of possible injury that made that suggestion unpopular. Although there may be a random part to it, most of this suggestion is about common sense and realism. It's not normal that one can climb a rope while carrying a fridge in his right and left hand... and another in his pockets. Climbing a rope while carrying a single fridge should be a feat in itself, one where you pray to whatever god you worship (or all of them) that the rope does not break, that you don't fall or even that you don't drop that fridge and break it. It's not all about randomness Things like weight/bulkiness (simplified into weight units for convenience), having items equiped sencondary/primary, skills (nimble, strength, maybe others), rope strength (I've made a suggesion about marinas and possible high grade ropes too... but the regular rope vs sheet rope is a start), and lastly luck should affect the outcome of climbing a rope. So what would it look like in game? Breaking If you try to climb with lot of weight (including yourself... another drawback of being overweight) or if the rope is weak, it should have a high chance of breaking. Low to moderate weight should have none to low chance of breaking. Falling or other form of fails If you try to climb a rope with low skills, high weight or item equiped in hands, there should be a high chance of falling resulting in injury. There should also be a chance that you drop said equiped items (or even some inventory). While this is not so bad for simple items like weapons, clothes, etc... delicate items (electronics, furniture, etc) or obvious breakables (glass containers) would have a high chance of breaking with a single story drop (and near certainty for higher drops). But it could be done, with or without some degree of risk Now, if your smart about it and carry minimal weight (say... only what you have in a big hicking bag on your back) and have normal strength... it should be near automatic success. A few extra point in nimble would guarantee the success and/or allow more risky moves. Wait, what about moodles? Yes, moodles like exertion or fatigue could have an adverse effect to, but only on the falling part. Same would go for drunkedness. ... and what about traits? Well, some of them have direct effect already (character weight, strength). But others like clumsy/agile could come into play as well in the falling part. Exemples that where given a while back for unfun RNG Hitting your thumb with a hammer, sawing yourself while using a saw or even cutting yourself with a knife. Those are rarer occurrences in normal life, assuming the person is not extremely tired or intoxicated (or clumsy). I've used all of the above a lot of time in my life and count only a few minor cuts and one broken finger (working below material to try to remove it without breaking it). Assuming I'm average, for simplification purposes those things have no chance of happening. Now I've never been able to actualy climb a rope... so I don't know how I'd do that while carrying 3 fridges (I've never carried 3 fridges either...). My character must be Chuck Norris I've seen or been one out of two guys struggling to move a fridge (one) up stairs without a dolly. I don't think I could carry one up a rope... I don't think anyone could... well, except Chuck Norris of course .
  23. So with the new Pick up/Place options I think Burglars should get a buff! Skill added to Burglar class: Sticky Fingers - Pick up/Place items faster(stacks with dexterous) Get it All and Go - Items grabbed with "Pick up" weigh 1 less
  24. If this idea hasnt been said, well its kinda self-explanatory, that we should be able to lvl up our skills by using punching bags, but for that maybe they should add a section like Fitness and endurance. The more you practice on the punching bag the more endurant you are, the fitter you are, and also you could punch faster. (Obviously there is a limit of how fast you punch, we aint superman.) But in order to work, I guess they should add the animation of punching and kicking, This isnt something very important to focus on, but would be cool to implement it in the game.
  25. Ok first of all I would like to warn everyone that this will be a VERY long post so if you intend to read all of it, hope you are comfy and have all you need. Second of all I would like to say I didn鈥檛 steal anyone鈥檚 ideas, I have had most of these for months but have not bothered to post them until I had them in an ok format. Third of all and the last thing before I start please remember nothing is confirmed and some of these ideas may reference my other posts and or upcoming posts so some things not implemented in the game may be talked about for possibilities of the future. Thank you and enjoy the Post. 1.) Now before we begin I would like to make a list of tools that may be used in the maintenance and upgrades of some vehicles. 路 Wrench- can be used as a weapon and for certain repairs. 路 Blow torch- used to weld metal together to fix the car body. 路 Engine lift- used to lift the engine. 路 Creeper- makes fixing under a car easier and slightly more efficient. 路 Oil pan- used to collect oil from the ground instead of leaving an oil mark. 路 Cutting pliers- used to cut certain things off and pull items out. 路 Pliers- used to pull small parts out. 路 Air brush- making paint and decals last longer. 2.) Now for a list of stats that may seem a bit confusing: 路 Weapon usage- what weapons you can use and from what seat. 路 Storage capacity- how much something can hold or carry 路 Tow strength- how much something can tow. 路 Damage resistance- how much it can take from impacts like crashes or blunt damage. 路 Mirror view- how much you can see around you using mirrors. 路 Noise- how much noise it makes when moving. 3.) Now with that out of the way we can get the cars and vehicles. This area will cover player powered vehicles. Bike- this is a standard vehicle and will be the start of the list. It has 2 wheels, comes with 3 variations, can have a multitude of add-ons and much more. 路 Fatigue rate: medium-slow 路 Speed: poor 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Turn radius: ok-good 路 Weapon usage: single hand weapons only 路 Noise: very little-silent 路 Seats: 1 路 Variations: Road, mountain, cruiser Notes: The variations are Road, Mountain and Cruiser. Mountain bikes are good off road as well as on road. They are very durable and pretty fast but cause fatigue slightly faster. The road bikes are best at going fast on the roads while poor off-road. The cruiser is the standard bike with ok on road and poor off road speed but while on roads it has less fatigue rate. Both the cruiser and street bike have higher fatigue speed off roads while the mountain bike has the same rate for both roads and off roads while being lower than the bikes standard on road speed. Big wheel/Tricycle- This is a 3 wheel bike that is more of a joke but will serve as a basic type of transportation if needed. 路 Fatigue rate: medium-low 路 Speed: poor 路 Storage capacity: None 路 Turn radius: Very poor 路 Weapon usage: one handed weapons only 路 Noise: quiet, loud 路 Seats: 1,2 路 Variations: Tricycle, big wheel Notes: The tricycle is a smaller bike with the ability to carry a person on the back. They are very slow due to big legs and small pedals. The tricycle is a poor weapon but can coast. The Big wheel has the same problem being slow but only carries 1 person and is much louder. It is however it is better off roads slightly and is a bit faster. It also has plastic tires that can鈥檛 pop. Scooter- These are another player powered vehicle. 路 Fatigue rate: medium 路 Speed: ok-poor 路 Storage capacity: very poor 路 Turn radius: ok 路 Weapon usage: None 路 Noise: ok-slightly noisy 路 Seats: 1 路 Variations: None Notes: This vehicle can be folded and stored for transportation reasons. It also has Plastic tires that preventing popping. Skateboard- This is a board with wheels, not much else to say. 路 Fatigue rate: medium-slow 路 Speed: ok-poor 路 Storage capacity: none 路 Turn radius: Very good 路 Weapon usage: any weapon besides guns 路 Noise: medium-Loud 路 Seats: 1 路 Variations: Long board, Penny board, shortboard. 路 Notes: First of all each of these can be used as a weapons and have non popping wheels. The long board has the farthest attack range but the worst durability. It also is easier to ride but is heavier and has a bigger turning radius. The shortboard is the perfect middle child. Good range, weight, ok to learn, can do tricks, can turn fast, and only has the downfall of poor durability. Now the penny board, while being the smallest is the most durable but it harder to learn and can鈥檛 do tricks as easily. It鈥檚 also very light and has short range. Roller-skates- These are like shoes but make you move. 路 Fatigue rate: medium-slow 路 Speed: ok-poor 路 Storage capacity: None 路 Turn radius: ok 路 Weapon usage: all but guns. 路 Noise: medium-loud 路 Seats: 1 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: these are shoes that take a while to stop, longer to turn, such off-road, and can coast down streets. Kiddie cars- those small pedal cars for kids. 路 Fatigue rate: medium 路 Speed: slow-medium 路 Storage capacity: None 路 Turn radius: poor 路 Weapon usage: one handed weapons 路 Noise: medium 路 Seats: 1 路 Notes: they do look different but these are where the differences end. 3.) Now we are on to small cars and vehicles. This is only a start. ATV- this is your standard Quad for off-roading adventures. 路 Fuel tank size: ok-small 路 Fuel efficiency: poor-ok 路 Noise: very noisy-Loud 路 Speed: Ok-fast 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Seats: 2 路 Turning radius: ok-poor 路 Weapon use: person Driver can鈥檛, passenger gets full 360 degrees to attack. 路 Notes: This vehicle has the same speed on and off road but is more efficient off road. Dirt Bike- This is the mountain bike but motorized. 路 Fuel tank size: small 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Noise: Very Loud 路 Speed: Fast 路 Storage capacity: Poor 路 Seats: 2 路 Turning radius: ok-good 路 Weapon use: Same as ATV 路 Notes: Its faster than the ATV but it is also louder and holds less fuel. Golf Cart- Clubbing Zombies in style since 1984. 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: Ok 路 Battery Efficiency: Ok-poor 路 Noise: low-quiet, low 路 Speed: slow, slow-ok 路 Storage capacity: Ok, good 路 Seats: 3,5 路 Turning radius: Ok-poor 路 Weapon use: passengers can use weapons. 路 Variations: electric powered, Fuel powered 路 Notes: The cart can be your standard white frame and be electrical or have a more rugged frame and better off road capability that uses fuel. The electrical has less storage, can鈥檛 go off road, and can hold less people but can charge easily and quickly. The fuel powered can hold 5 people and more storage. It also is better off road than its electrical counterpart. Its only downside is it takes more to fix it, you need fuel to run it, and it is louder. Motorcycle- Vroom vroom! 路 Fuel efficiency: good 路 Fuel tank size: ok-good 路 Noise: loud-extremely loud 路 Speed: fast- very fast 路 Seats: 2 路 Turning radius: good 路 Weapon use: one handed weapons or passenger 路 Notes: Passenger has full 360 attack radius. It is best for quick escapes but attracts many zombies. Motorized scooters- So very hipster 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-good 路 Fuel tank size: ok-small 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: ok-fast 路 Seats: 1 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Weapon use: One handed weapons only. 路 Notes: This is like the dirt bike but slower, quieter, and made for on road. Ride Mower- Got to keep your lawn clean in the zombie apocalypse. 路 Fuel efficiency: poor-ok 路 Fuel tank size: ok-large 路 Noise: ok, loud 路 Speed: slow 路 Seats: 1 路 Turning radius: ok-poor 路 Weapon use: any weapon. 路 Notes: This will actively kill crawlers and cut grass at the same time. The blades are able to be toggled but it makes noise when on. Otherwise it鈥檚 pretty quiet. 4.) Well now that we have finished with the smaller vehicles we can move on the major cars, small trucks, and others! Coupe 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-good 路 Fuel tank size: ok-good 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: ok-fast 路 Storage capacity: ok-good 路 Turning radius: ok-good 路 Seats: 2,4 路 Weapons usage: passenger seat only. 路 Mirror view: good 路 Variations: this car can have a 4 seater with 2 small seats behind the 2 main chairs at the cost of less trunk space. The 2 seater has more space but only 2 seats. 路 Notes: this is a standard car and is one of the most common. Sports car 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: ok 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: fast-very fast 路 Storage capacity: some-little 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Seats: 2 路 Weapons usage: only the passenger. 路 Mirror view: ok-good 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this is a 2 door coupe but louder faster and with a different body. It is meant to go fast. Convertible 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-good 路 Fuel tank size: good 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: ok-good 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Seats: 5 路 Weapons usage: all but driver 路 Mirror view: great 路 Variations: Cover, Coverless. 路 Notes: some have covers that can be pulled over and back to keep dry while the coverless don鈥檛 have those luxuries. Hybrid car 路 Fuel efficiency: great 路 Fuel tank size: good 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: low-none 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: ok 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Seats: 5 路 Weapons usage: only those near windows. 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: This car is more fuel efficient but less common as well. Van 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor-ok 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: Ok-fast 路 Storage capacity: good-very good 路 Tow strength: poor 路 Turning radius: Poor 路 Seats: 2,8,15 路 Weapons usage: Passenger and back seats. 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: the 2 seater, 8 seater, and 15 seater. 路 Notes: The 2 seater is just 2 front seats and an empty back for storage. The 8 Seater replaces the open back for 6 more seats. The larger 15 seater has even more room and seats. Sedan 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: ok 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: ok-good 路 Turning radius: ok-poor 路 Seats: 5 路 Weapons usage: passenger and window seats. 路 Mirror view: good 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this is a standard car with room and space but poor fuel ratings. SUV 路 Fuel efficiency: good 路 Fuel tank size: good 路 Damage resistance: good 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: good 路 Seats: 7 路 Tow strength: ok 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Weapons usage: any window seat or back seats 路 Mirror view: good 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this is a good car but has the problem of being rare and high maintenance. Pickup truck 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: ok-good 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: slow 路 Storage capacity: great 路 Tow strength: ok 路 Turning radius: poor 路 Seats:2 路 Weapons usage: passengers 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this is the most common truck but it still uncommon. Crossover 路 Fuel efficiency: good- very good 路 Fuel tank size: good 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: low- quiet 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: good 路 Tow strength: poor 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Seats: 7 路 Weapons usage: windowed seats besides driver. 路 Mirror view: ok-good 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this is a better fueled SUV but meant for the road. Police car 路 Fuel efficiency: good 路 Fuel tank size: ok 路 Damage resistance: good 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: ok 路 Speed: fast 路 Storage capacity: low 路 Seats: 5 路 Turning radius: good 路 Weapons usage: the passenger seat 路 Mirror view: good 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: this car has no horn but instead a siren. It also has 5 seats but the back 3 can only be opened from the outside. The back windows are also reinforced and separated by a reinforced glass window. Humvee 路 Fuel efficiency: poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: Very good 路 Bullet resistance: medium 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: ok-slow 路 Storage capacity: ok 路 Seats: 4 路 Tow strength: ok 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Weapons usage: top gunner hole or gun hatches on each side. (1 on each) 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: this is a rare military vehicle that is very durable but is also high maintenance. Armored Vehicle 路 Fuel efficiency: ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: good-very good 路 Bullet resistance: medium 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: slow 路 Storage capacity: large 路 Seats: 2, 4 路 Turning radius: Poor 路 Weapons usage: passenger window, top gunner sport or side peep holes. 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: Bank, Military 路 Notes: the bank version has more room but only 2 seats and only a window for shooting. The Police version (like S.W.A.T.) would have the hatches instead of the window, an extra 2 seats, the ability to hang from the edges of the vehicle, and a siren. 5.) Now to finish up with this part of the list. It鈥檚 time for large trucks and big vehicles. Truck 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: ok-large 路 Damage resistance: ok-high 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok- loud 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: Great 路 Seats: 5, 6 路 Tow strength: good 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: 5 seater, 6 seater 路 Notes: The only differences between the 2 are the 6 seater loses the spot between the driver and passenger seat but has a chair instead. Tow Truck 路 Fuel efficiency: Poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: ok-good 路 Bullet resistance: poor-ok 路 Noise: loud-ok 路 Speed: slow 路 Storage capacity: low 路 Seats: 2 路 Tow strength: Strong 路 Turning radius: very Poor 路 Mirror view: Poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: it is able to tow by using a hook rather than a hitch but this take a specific job to do so. Dump truck 路 Fuel efficiency: poor-ok 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: good-high 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: slow 路 Storage capacity: low 路 Seats:2 路 Turning radius: poor 路 Mirror view: poor-ok 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: This is only found near or in the construction zones and other workplaces. It can carry objects but they will commonly fall out if filled too much and need to be filled by other methods. Ambulance 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: medium 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: medium 路 Speed: fast-ok 路 Storage capacity: ok 路 Seats: 6 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Notes: The 6th seat is the stretcher in the back of the ambulance. Not this vehicle also has 3 seats in the back and 2 up front. The front can look back safely through a window. This vehicle also has a siren and flashing lights. Fire truck 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: ok-large 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: loud-ok 路 Speed: Fast-ok 路 Storage capacity: large 路 Seats: 2 路 Turning radius: poor 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: This is much like the ambulance but can hold 4 extra people on the outside and holds much more. It also has a siren. It does have water stored in it that can be used with a firehose but this requires a fire fighter. It also can only really stop a small fire from spreading and runs out quiet quick. Tank truck- A truck with a tank of liquid on it. 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: Ok-Large 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok-loud 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Seats: 2 路 Tow strength: ok 路 Turning radius: poor 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: This vehicle can hold a ton of a specific liquid ranging from fuel to water. Garbage truck 路 Fuel efficiency: poor 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: high 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: loud 路 Speed: ok-slow 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Seats: 2 路 Turning radius: very poor 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: 2 more people can hang on to the back as well as 2 in the cab. The back can also hold a lot but is normally full of trash. RV 路 Fuel efficiency: ok 路 Fuel tank size: Large 路 Damage resistance: ok 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok 路 Speed: ok 路 Storage capacity: moderate-good 路 Seats: 5 路 Tow strength: poor 路 Turning radius: 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: This place has a fully working stove, microwave, sinks, toilet, and storage space. It also has a 2 person bed, a small couch with a table, and the car radio. Tractor 路 Fuel efficiency: poor 路 Fuel tank size: medium 路 Damage resistance: poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok-low 路 Speed: slow 路 Storage capacity: none 路 Seats: 1 路 Tow strength: low 路 Turning radius: ok 路 Mirror view: none 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: This vehicle is only found on farms. 6-wheeler 路 Fuel efficiency: poor 路 Fuel tank size: medium-large 路 Damage resistance: high 路 Bullet resistance: poor-ok 路 Noise: Loud 路 Speed: Slow 路 Storage capacity: Low 路 Seats: 2 路 Tow strength: Very strong 路 Turning radius: poor 路 Mirror view: poor 路 Variations: sleeper, Normal 路 Notes: They only variations is the sleeper vs the normal. The sleeper has a bed in the back and is slightly large but has no real difference besides that. Excavator 路 Fuel efficiency: poor-ok 路 Fuel tank size: Large 路 Damage resistance: High 路 Bullet resistance: Low 路 Noise: loud-ok 路 Speed: very slow 路 Storage capacity: Poor 路 Seats: 1 路 Turning radius: Good 路 Mirror view: None 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: it has the scoop on the front working fully. Both can be operated if they have a high driving skill or choose a specific job. Bulldozer 路 Fuel efficiency: Poor 路 Fuel tank size: Large 路 Damage resistance: high 路 Bullet resistance: ok 路 Noise: Ok-loud 路 Speed: very slow 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Seats: 1 路 Tow strength: ok 路 Turning radius: great 路 Mirror view: None 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: It requires a chain to tow most things and is very inefficient due to the lack of speed. Back hoe loader 路 Fuel efficiency: poor 路 Fuel tank size: small-ok 路 Damage resistance: High 路 Bullet resistance: Ok 路 Noise: Ok-low 路 Speed: slow-ok 路 Storage capacity: poor 路 Seats: 1 路 Turning radius: Ok 路 Mirror view: None 路 Variations: None 路 Notes: this is one of those things that have the dipper on the back and the scoop on the front. It also has 2 supports on the back that prevent it from dipping back and moving at full speed. Bus 路 Fuel efficiency: Poor-ok 路 Fuel tank size: large 路 Damage resistance: ok-poor 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: ok-noisy 路 Speed: ok-good 路 Storage capacity: good-great 路 Seats: 24, 42 路 Turning radius: very poor 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: school, transit 路 Notes: The school bus has fewer seats, is smaller, and is yellow. It also has those stop lights when in a full stop or opening doors while bus is running. The Transit bus has more seats, is longer, and comes in grey shades. It also has space under the seat, better air conditioning, and a bike carrier on the front for 2 bikes. Military transport 路 Fuel efficiency: Ok-poor 路 Fuel tank size: ok 路 Damage resistance: ok-good 路 Bullet resistance: poor 路 Noise: Low-ok 路 Speed: moderate 路 Storage capacity: great 路 Seats: 20 路 Tow strength: ok-high 路 Turning radius: ok-poor 路 Mirror view: ok 路 Variations: none 路 Notes: This can either be used to carry a good amount of people or used to transport cargo. This can only be found with military convoys or damaged by the road side. 6.) Now with all of my vehicles out of the way let鈥檚 move onto a different topic. Now for a list of trailers as well as items that can be pushed or pulled by players. 路 Shopping cart- This is a play pushed utility that can be used to hold and store items or push 2 people. It does require both hands to control. 路 Push Mower- This is a player pushed utility that consumes fuel to work. When pushed over tall grass it will trim it. It does make noise however. 路 Horse trailer- This is a medium weight trailer that can be pulled by most vehicles with tow capabilities. It has a good amount of space for storage or it can also be built in. 路 Tank trailer- this can be small or large. The only difference is that the large requires a 6 wheeler and a small can be towed by anything as well as holds less. 路 Box trailer- this is another 6 wheeler trailer that also has a small variant much like the horse trailer. 路 Tow dolly- This can be towed by pretty much any car. It can be used to tow another car. 路 Equipment trailer- this is used to pull small cars, work vehicles, and other small utilities. 路 Sled- This player pulled utility is best used when there is snow. It can be filled with items or a person. It can also be pulled on non-snow surfaces but makes noise and requires much more strength. Either way it takes both hands. 路 Wagon- This is much like the sled but is better over solid surfaces like roads and pavement rather than dirt and snow. It does make less noise however and can hold more items then a sled. 路 Refrigerated trailer- This is like the box trailer for the 6 wheeler but has a fuel powered ac installed to keep it cool inside. 路 Log trailer- this is a large 6 wheeler exclusive that holds large logs. This is found in the log mill and is pretty much useless considering there is no use for the huge logs as of now. 路 Car transporter- another 6 wheeler exclusive that can hold a total of 8 cars; 4 top and 4 bottom. This does however require precision and time when unloading. 路 Dump trailer- this is a smaller trailer that can be dumped back using a small battery. 路 Camper 鈥 this can be pulled by most vehicles. It is a smaller version of the RV having a working stove, sink, microwave, a bed, and room to hold 3 people inside. 路 Utility trailer- this is a mix of the equipment trailer and the wagon. It is able to hold more things than the equipment trailer could such as generators and crates, but is still not able to hold items just lying there. 7.) Now for a list of additions that can be added to cars or added to customize your car: 路 Winch- This can be attacked to most trucks and a few cars. It can be attached to assist pulling a stuck car, knocking over trees, and pulling out stuck objects like unmovable poles, light posts and signs. 路 Seat belt cover- This just simply can be added to any car besides busses, and give an extra decrease of panic. 路 Fuels saving tires- tires built for the road. They save fuel while on road but are horrid off-road. 路 Off road tires- These will help remover the speed reduction on your cars while off road but it provides no buff on roads. 路 Large tires- these are just tires for things like tractors, some 6x6 and large trucks. They do increase fuel efficiency and speed by slightly. 路 Small tires- these are for things like wagons, ATV鈥檚, and things along that line. 路 Basic tires- the standard car tire. 路 Hitch lock- these need to be attached to tucks in order for them to tow, excluding the 6x6, bulldozer, and tractor. 路 Bike rack- This can be attached to the front or back of most vehicles. It will provide some extra protection to the front but can also hold 2 bikes. 路 Roll cage- a small addition to some vehicles improving damage resistance to the top. 路 Shell- this adds extra room to trucks as well as protection from elements. 路 Basket- a bike and scooter attachment that adds some storage space. 路 Bell- Noise maker for bikes and scooters. 路 Horn- Noise maker for bikes and scooters. 路 Skateboard wheels- replacements. 路 Scooter wheels- replacements. 路 Bike tires- Spare tires. 路 Bike mirrors- add mirrors to the bike to see behind you. 路 Bike light- let there be light. 路 Seat covers- provide extra panic decrease. 路 Ladder rack- a type of add-on to trucks that can allow for more items and a less likely chance of things falling out. 路 Headache rack- protection for the back window but deceases visibility from rear view mirror. 路 Light bars- This is a protective front piece that has lights connected to it. 路 Nerf bars- steps into trucks that improve entering speed as well as a little blunt damage. 路 Skid plate-extra protection to the underside and front of you vehicle. 路 Mud flaps- This decreases the amount of dirt and mud that need to be cleaned off the back and is shown in tracks. 路 Bull bar- This is a light bar but without the lights and can endure much more blunt damage. 路 Water bottle holder- a small bike attachment that can be used to hold a water bottle or smaller pop bottle of sorts. 路 Bike bags- These can be put onto bikes to add 2 small storage units on it. 路 Muffler- this can be attached to just about any vehicle and is used to make it slightly quieter. Extremely quiet for motorcycles. 路 Snow plow- able to be attached to most vehicles and will both clear slow in front of you and push objects out of the way. 8.) Now with that out of the way we are still far from finished. Now we have the list of problems with the car. 路 Leak- fluids of sorts are leaking leaving trails from your car. This can be fixed by replacing parts or patching it up using tape. It could be fuel, oil, coolant, or antifreeze. 路 Scratches- small gashes to the car that could lead to more serious damage if blunt damage is taken. 路 Dent- This is from blunt damage. 路 Broken window- just as it sounds. 路 Missing _______- parts are missing. Its normally important. 路 Smoking- this says smoke is coming out of somewhere. 路 Loose- parts could fall off or disconnect. 路 Bent- from more serious blunt damage. 路 Destroyed- ruined and needs to be replaced. 路 Rusty- next to no defense but still usable, of sorts. 路 Burnt- charred edges but similar to rust. 9.) We are not done yet, now let鈥檚 get to the jobs and skills. Skills: 路 Driving skill- This is the skill of how well you can drive your car. It increase brake reaction time, how much you jerk your car, or even details like how well you can prevent disaster like spinouts. It grows from driving and once you get high enough you can drive things like big rigs or RV鈥檚. 路 Mechanic skill- This is just the skill of fixing cars. Nothing else to it besides the normal benefits. 路 Maneuverability skill- This skill only really applies to the player powered ones and motorcycles. This improves how well you can move as well as (this is for all cars here) how well you can鈥檛 turn or if you can do things like drift. Occupations: Note, things like construction worker can drive construction live vehicles with more ease then a normal person. 路 Chauffeur- This job costs +4 points and in return gives +3 driving skill. You also get the trait quiet. 路 Taxi driver- This job costs +4 and gives +2 driving skill and +1 maneuverability. 路 Street racer- This job costs -6 and in return gives a driving skill of 3 and a maneuverability skill of +3. 路 Mechanic- This job costs a total of -4 and in return give a total of +3 mechanical skill and +2 electrical skill. 路 Cyclist- This job costs -+4 and in return gives +1 to light footed, +1 to maneuverability, as well as a buff to fitness. 路 Bus Driver- This job costs +2 and in return gives +3 to driving and the skill to drive a bus near perfectly. 路 Truck driver- This job costs+4 and in return gives a +2 to driving, the skill of driving a 6x6 next to perfectly as well as the trait coffee junkie. Traits: 路 Quiet- This trait makes you less noisy as well as shout quieter. 路 Technical- This job gives you +1 to both electrical and mechanical for -8 points. 路 Eagle eye- Now if you have this trait and level 3 mechanical skill you can tell problems just by looking at the car. Even if they may be interior ones. 路 Crafty- Able to make parts or repairs using less or parts that normally are not able to be used. Ex. Saran wrap for windows, or a wire clothes hanger for the radio antenna. 路 Coffee Junkie- This trait makes the player less affected by sleep when having coffee as well as a longer effect of it. It also reduces any effect of jitters from caffeine (if added). 10.) Now this will be one of the last things on the list. Now for mechanics and other noted/ideas. 路 Driving conditions- In rain or snow driving becomes harder. With rain you can鈥檛 see as far ahead or behind, as well as going to fast has a chance of causing a spinout. Now with snow the problems double. You may start to slide while driving, may not be able to stop, and even the same problems as rain but with 2x the effect. 路 Car conditions- Cars can be found in many places and situations. Some may be in good shape but out of fuel. Others may be completely wrecked. Most may just need a few new pats or a little fix. That being said most can just be hopped in and drove but others could cause more damage in the form of a fire. 路 Car locations- Not all cars spawn in the same areas. The police vehicles spawn near the police station, and rarely on the road. Construction vehicles are only in the construction site, and found in a few other places like the log mill or on a truck in the road. 路 Special vehicle abilities- Now some vehicles like the smaller cars can do things like drift or make a quick U-turn. Other things like bikes and skateboards can do jumps over hazards like crawlers at a high enough level. 路 Player made upgrades- These normally cause damage to the vehicle unless done at a high mechanical skill. That being said it is not normally recommended. 路 Zombies in cars- Some zombies can spawn under or even inside of cars. Typically they need to crawl out then can get up once out of the vehicle. 路 Terrain troubles- While raining or snowing the ground will become more dangerous. If it is wet from rain you will slide around slightly, and have troubles stopping. This gets even worse with snow. Above all that is ice, which is even worse. Now if the ground is wet and you drive on dirt, this will create a muddy terrain that will slow down your vehicle as well as stop it if you got to slow or the vehicle weighs too much. 路 Starting cars- Cars can be started by owning a compatible set of car keys or a few other methods. Other methods include hotwiring or making a makeshift key. Hot wiring just requires a knife, scissors, or pliers, as well as a screwdriver. 路 Hitting Zombies- Running over zombies doesn鈥檛 do much damage to your car but with each kill it leaves a .1% chance of breaking your front windshield due to zombies crashing through it and as you kill more covers your windshield in blood making it harder to see. Crawlers have a chance to pass under cars when drive over. Well it was fun writing this but now, it is over. A list of car parts may be added along with a few pictures but for now I think you guys would like to see this. Anyways thank you if you managed to painfully read all of it. Anyways, thank you and I hope to hear from you guys. Anyway sorry for this long and scary looking post, And hope to hear feedback. ..... whoops. didn't realize how long it was until i posted it.... Heh heh....
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