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Found 21 results

  1. I've been keeping a close eye on the level up system and the way XP increases with time and felt it needed a bit of balancing. Feel free to argue the points; 1) XP should increase faster. At the moment I'm getting to a point where I have loads of skills waiting to increase a level but I'm struggling to gather enough XP for a new level. Obviously the choice of skills we select should be tactical but I would have to survive for years at the moment to get a skill to level 10. 2) Some skills will never max out because there is simply not enough stuff available to achieve that. There's very little glue/tape etc. for maintenance for example. I don't think there's enough bullets to get gun skills up either. Perhaps the amount of XP per level or acquired through practice should be addressed to solve this. I don't expect to get every skill to level 10 however, just felt the process could be made easier in some cases. 3) Skills from professions should be balanced a bit better. I find the accuracy of the police officer/veteran with pistols to be too low, so perhaps they should have a greater level of that skill at the start? The carpenter isn't very good at carpentry either; he should be able to make most things straight away really. I wouldn't hire a chippy that couldn't build basic stuff! 4) The traits and abilities are already really good but I think some balancing of the numbers amongst them would help. If I'm choosing unemployed and giving them skills like first aid or carpentry it has to be worth it in balance with the negative traits that seriously affect the suvivors chances. With ten levels of skill to achieve and the current XP balance I'm not sure if it's worth it at the moment Interested to see what others think...
  2. Version 41.68 Both Single player and Multiplayer Host No mods. Vanilla version. Reproduction steps: Start game as Custom Sandbox Find a VHS that boosts a skill Watch the VHS that boosts a skill Kill player Create new player Attempt to re-watch the same VHS No skill boost. Also the tape is watched under the character UI prior to re-watching. Relates to: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/49635-build-4166-mp-vhs-tapes-do-not-give-xp-if-already-watched-by-previous-players/ https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50657-vhs-tapes/
  3. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods My strength periodically loses 1 xp, soon after I gain it back from regular activities (level up jingle plays each time this occurs) It seems to be purely random, but usually this happens during/after waking up or eating. Edit: I think this code is the cause; I would suggest skipping players with max strength as the constant level up sound is annoying: xpUpdate.everyTenMinutes = function() for playerIndex=0,getNumActivePlayers()-1 do local playerObj = getSpecificPlayer(playerIndex) if playerObj and not playerObj:isDead() then local modData = xpUpdate.getModData(playerObj) -- strength stuff modData.strengthUpTimer = modData.strengthUpTimer + 10; -- if we've been lazy for too long, we start losing xp, every 1200 tick we lose 1 xp if modData.strengthUpTimer > 20000 and modData.strengthMod ~= math.floor(modData.strengthUpTimer / 1200) then modData.strengthMod = math.floor(modData.strengthUpTimer / 1200); if playerObj:getXp():getXP(Perks.Strength) > 0 then playerObj:getXp():AddXP(Perks.Strength, -1); end xpUpdate.checkForLosingLevel(playerObj, Perks.Strength); end if modData.strengthUpTimer > 31000 then -- it's caped to a 30000 timer, so if you've been lazy for a lot of days, it's not so long to get in shape again modData.strengthUpTimer = 0; end -- fitness stuff modData.fitnessUpTimer = modData.fitnessUpTimer + 10; -- if we've been lazy for too long, we start losing xp, every 1200 tick we lose 1 xp if modData.fitnessUpTimer > 20000 and modData.fitnessMod ~= math.floor(modData.fitnessUpTimer / 1200) then modData.fitnessMod = math.floor(modData.fitnessUpTimer / 1200); if playerObj:getXp():getXP(Perks.Fitness) > 0 then playerObj:getXp():AddXP(Perks.Fitness, -1); end end if modData.fitnessUpTimer > 31000 then -- it's caped to a 30000 timer, so if you've been lazy for a lot of days, it's not so long to get in shape again modData.fitnessUpTimer = 0; end end end end
  4. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Forage for eggs (level 8+) Egg (Wild) sounds like Wild Eggs with extra steps
  5. I don't really like how the skill system is implemented in PZ, you have to constantly grind skills to get basic capabilities. But at the same time, with the full skill leveling of skills, part of the interest in the game disappears. I think the following "mechanics" will work well for PZ (in my vision) - Skill check in the style of tabletop role-playing games, when the skill level affects the success of the action performed, so that our character could have the opportunity after several attempts to build (for example) a water barrel, having the skill "Carpentry 3".(with some complications) How I see it: There are 2 requirements for each action or recipe: The minimum level (No more than 3), which is actually a requirement for performing the action. The recommended level required for ~90% success of the action performed. The lower the current skill level, the lower the chance of success and the greater the resource penalties. With each subsequent skill level, the chance of success increases by a small value, up to 99.5% at level 10, so that further leveling would make more sense. Penalty (for example): The recipe requires more resources and/or more time, (+0-50%, depending on the difference between the Current and Recommended skill level, +5-10% (max 100%, in total) for each unsuccessful attempt within a certain time). A chance to get a small injury. Chance to damage the tool... An example of what the chance of failure will look like, with different values (when creating a ~wooden door):
  6. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Get high level carpentry (my character has level 9 in this video) Build and disassemble Shelves or Bookcase This is most noticeable with Shelves, as it requires only 1 plank but returns 2-3 when disassembled.
  7. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don’t understand which one is correct.
  8. Dr_Cox1911

    Coxis Shop

    Greetings, I was looking into the Last Stand shop system the last couple of hours and "built" a version for SP/MP. It´s not really a mod written by me, mora straight copy from RJ´s code. Hope it´s OK RJ What´s the mod for? Coxis Shop gives you money for each zed killed. With said money you can then buy gear/skills. Quick look: Does this work in MP/Splitscreen? I´ve tested it with dedicated server and it worked, hosting through the main game is not support currently. I didn´t had the chance to test it in splitscreen, but it should give both players money when one of them kills a zombie. What language is supported? The mod currently supports german and english. Can I configure the items/skills available? As of version 1.2.0 yes, you can! Atleast for the items, skills are not configurable just now. Apart from the items you can set the amount a player receives and on what probability. If you use the mod in MP the settings made on the server will be transmitted to the client upon connecting. After you have changed something you need to restart the server. Here is a short description on how to configure the mod: Can I improve the mod? Of course you can! The mod is available on Github, please feel free to extend the mod, just keep in mind to share the changes with everyone. Changelog: Link to Github) DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD (CoxisUtil)
  9. Hi, I'm trying to enable these 2 existing skills found in PerkFactory$Perks.class. So far I added them to the list in PerkFactory.class but they don't show in the skill panel in game, can a developer or another very skilled individual give me the directions to make them appear in game?
  10. I think that recipes should be learned with skill books once you exceed a certain lvl say you don't have metalworking, if you get to lvl 4 and either re-read the first two books, or when you read the third you'll get some recipes, forge for example, and maybe when you reach lvl 7 you get cabinets and what not.
  11. This has probably been suggested already, but i searched and couldn't find anything on the subject. Anyway, I think it would be cool if there was an option in sandbox to choose what level you want your characters skills to be at at the start of the game. You can set the EXP multiplier really high but it affects all skills. I usually just set it to max because I hate the idea of grinding just to get certain skills up. however this makes the game too easy and id like it if i could just set my skill levels prior to start and have the rest go up as they would normally. for example I like to run around the entire map a lot, including player made maps, so I want to have a high sprinting level. Also I like ortmans gun mod so i like to have my aiming level high because you cant shoot anything unless you use a shotgun when you are at low levels. So really I just want to be able to set these 2 skill levels high and keep the rest normal to keep the game a bit more challenging. tl;dr in sandbox give the option to set skill levels before starting a new game
  12. I have been playing a bit on MP and SB, and have noticed a few things about first aid and I have thought of a few improvements that would benefit game play in SP and MP, especially after animals and NPC's are added. Though these will still have immediate benefits. First: Wider array of injuries and diseases. Animal bites, ragged wounds, piercing injuries, Deep wounds, and more diseases. Some of these are planned, but I'm mentioning them for this idea. Ragged wounds would have a higher chance of infection and take longer to heal. Second: Diagnosis and (Importantly) Misdiagnosis The higher your first aid skill, the easier it is to diagnose injuries and illness. As well diagnosing through bandages (Auto success on self) on others with higher level. Now onto the part which will add SO much fun and depth to the importance of the first aid skill: Misdiagnosis: Is it a dog bite, or a zombie bite? Were they stabbed with a screwdriver, or shot? That wound is really ragged, I'm not sure if it came from a window or a dog, or could it be a zombie bite? Right now, any player can 'check for wounds' and in a few seconds immediately know everything that has happened to a person. I'm no doctor, but I think a person with little to no experience with medicine (Especially extreme and bloody wounds seen in the apocalypse that are not often seen pre-apoc) is going to have a hard time discerning one wound from another, especially a very rough and ragged one. Remember, even trained Doctors can make a misdiagnosis, and they have training and access to the internet for references. It takes years of experience to get good at it, and even then mistakes are made. You might think an animal bite and z bite would look different, you can look up human bites and see the teeth. However the difference is typically a human bite is to cause pain and they won't try to rip flesh off, a zombie will bite and rip and tear into the flesh much like an animal trying to eat. An amateur diagnos-ee could be easily confused and/or make a mistake. And diagnosing a sickness? Without a medical history, a reference system, or blood work? The person has all the symptoms of a flu, but the infection is the same in early stages. And the fun part: Imagine in MP or SP a person or NPC is wearing a ski-mask or something to hide his/her ID while they rob safehouses, a victim shoots them and they flee. You got stabbed by a screw driver or a spike or maybe even tripped over a branch in the woods, and have a peircing wound (A small, round hole.) The players hold you at gunpoint and diagnose you, the PC in question has a low First Aid Skill and misdiagnosis the wound as a gunshot. You find an NPC/PC with the electrician job who can run generators, but they have a rough wound (Which is just a mess, harder to diagnose and heal) you try to diagnose and your PC thinks it's a bite. What do you do? Waste Medicine on someone who could just die anyways, or use medicine on someone who could be a huge help later? What if you are wrong? And as well higher levels make it easier to diagnose a bandaged wound. Being covered would make it harder to diagnose. And finally, very important: The ability to diagnose yourself. There have been a number of times I take off a bandage thinking I'm healed (Status: OK, no pain, bandage is still clean) only to find out I'm still bleeding and rushing to grab a new clean bandage. So what does everyone think about this? Leave a message if you like it, I hope somebody on staff see's and likes! Edit: Maybe when you remove something from a wound, you keep the bloody -thing- as proof? Also from Asparagus, diagnosing the dead to figure out how someone died. Murder or accident? Be especially neat if an NPC diagnosed a dead friend and mis-diagnosed them.
  13. Sorry if posted, double sorry for speaking about a thing not yet implemented, but I read today's Mondoid's section about vehicles, it said something about how annoying it would be not to have keys when there's abandoned cars everywhere... Well, I came up with a more balanced (IMO) way: you should have keys required, BUT if your Electricity skill is high enough, you can hijack the car by connecting some wires for ignition to start (now, I was inspired by some cartoon, possibly Lilo & Stitch from early 2000's, not sure if it's real to start cars like that)
  14. OK so I have an idea to make traits and skill bonuses less complicated and more understanding and the most important reason to make it so you can more easily choose EXACTLY the type of character you want. First of all there should be 3 different windows to choose from on character setup screen and they are occupation, traits, and skills. Occupations should stay the same. Now traits such as like baseball player which increase blunt accuracy should not exist as a trait at all that should be a skill bonus which exists in a different point system. So in other words depending on your occupation the game will give you x amount of points to use for traits and x amount of points for skill bonuses. There should be a increase skill point option for every skill. Because what if you want to play the game and you need a trait that only increases blunt guard? There is no trait like that. There should not be any traits that increase skills at all, traits should only be for things such as decrease hunger and increase thirst and increase or decrease luck, things that dont affect skills. This setup does not make the game easier or harder at all it just lets you create exactly the type of character you want and thats why I think its a good idea.
  15. So it come to my mind that it would be nice and realistic if character could teach other characters(NPC or another player) something that he/she knows already. It would work as skill book and maybe something more because teaching from others is mostly better than only reading a book. It could also give some experience in skill. It will be also good for gameplay reason: reward player for interact with other npcs/players.
  16. I apologize firstly for the small book below, and if this has been suggested previously, as I am new to the forum. I've been playing PZ for a while, and have thought that a reloading system (similar to "Fallout: New Vegas") would be a major addition to the game. As an avid shooter in real life, I understand the advantage of having the tools required to reuse my spent shell casings. It isn't a hobby EVERY shooter does, but I'm sure every shooter appreciates. In the game, I understand that we are trying to survive, and not scrounge on mall parking lots looking for little brass shell casings (hard enough to find when you aren't looking over your shoulder for zombies) but if the player were able to find occasional small and rarely large caches of used, empty brass (or hulls, for shotgun...of course) and able to find lead fishing weights or tire weights, BBs or anything that could be melted and poured into a mold (nails for a shotgun shell...picture it...you know you want to), it would add to the atmospheric realism, as in a war-torn suburban region (especially in Kentucky) these would be fairly common. Regular smokeless gunpowder would have to be scavenged, but blackpowder can be made from natural materials (no, I'm not familiar with what exactly they are, but it is something a lot of preppers talk about doing). The only other element would be finding primers (the part of the cartridge that ignites the powder...makes it go boom). These come in sleeves of 100 in real life, and if a cache of reloading supplies were found, they would likely be in the mix. The best example i can give is to check out "Fallout: New Vegas's" reloading system. You can find the brass and hulls in the world, and for every round fired, theres a percent chance (i don't know what, maybe 20%) that you will recieve an empty case. The powder is found in jars, and cannot be crafted. The bullets are constructed from a parent materieal simply referred to as "lead." Primers are also found in the world...there are different sizes but i wont go into that for the purpose of this post. An example cartridge would require 1 case (of respective cartridge, since PZ doesnt deal with cartridge, it would simply be 'pistol' or 'shotgun shell'), lets say 5 powder, 1 primer, and 7 lead. Bigger cartridges would take more powder and more lead and so on. In F:NV the player must use reloading stations that cannot be moved...however in PZ, the use of single-stage, hand presses could be used to allow hauling back to base camp. The other advantage this could allow...again pointing at Fallout...is the ability to craft different types of rounds. Although armor piercing (until you have the military to deal with) wouldnt be practical, the use of hollow-point (HP) and jacketed-soft-point (JSP) would grant some combat bonuses. Maybe I'm getting too deep with this, I just know it's a valid skill. I'm aware it would really take some doing to do it right, but it would give an extra dynamic to the shooting element of the game. The use of smokeless vs blackpowder would cause some grief in real life, and would demand constant cleaning of guns...so it would be a matter of where do we draw the line. It would also possibly open up a new 'profession' for participants in a role-playing server. Someone who can keep you in ammo is as important as your botanist and your doctor.
  17. Hello. We could gain xp boost for running skill after using Track. Gyms gonna be usefull
  18. I was able to max out aiming at level 5 and only gain one level of reloading. This was done though serious min/max reload after every shot of the pistol grinding. That can't be right. Reloading needs rebalanced to gain much faster so it's reasonable. A problem with this is reloading is already fast enough at the first skill level if you take away panic or any other factors. The entire skill needs looked at for rebalance. Sprinting is another strange skill. I can run from Knox to Muldraugh and back and only gain half a level or so. Even intentionally grinding it by running laps around an area would take months of work but I have not tested that thoroughly yet. It seems like this skill takes far too long to gain points in and needs adjusted. Skill books could address both these issues, a rebalance of the time it takes to gain a skill point or the amount of points gained, or another approach. As it stands, it's pretty silly.
  19. I'm kind of surprised this hasn't been suggested before, though it might've been, I don't think I looked that hard. I just don't think any of the skills are things that people would neccisarily pick up as a result of a zombie apocolypse. They're all more or less skills they'd use everyday in normal life excluding the combat section, which in this game is something I feel should be avoided where possible anyways. Survival based skills (I know all of them could be considered "survival", but you know) are something I think would be an interesting addition, I'll make some examples. Scavanging: Looking for items would be more in depth than clicking on a container. Maybe add a "search" option that's effected by a skill that would possibly lead to finding more inside the container, or maybe being able to search to find hidden containers and things like that. I like the idea of this because it means you'll revisit old places later to look for more when you become desperate and are running out of options for food and other resources. Foraging: Searching for berries and other edible things in the wilderness is something that might appeal and possibly become essential to the camping outdoorsman or nomad survivor. This one would probably require the implimentation of a lot of new things in the wilderness though. First aid: Effectiveness of bandaged wounds, maybe adding a need to redress wounds, first aid increasing how long the bandages last before needing to be redressed. The speed of bandaging and possibly other such things if wounds and other such things are ever fleshed out (hah hah). If you have any other suggestions, or want to bash/support my idea, please be free to! I'd love to hear additional skills, reasons why they would/wouldn't work, or just why they're a bad idea in general. Sorry if there's too much in the thread, I wasn't sure if this would be considered one idea or several. Thanks for reading!
  20. I think adding the possibility of make concrete walls will be great. It will aloud the player not only to build something better (and stronger) than plastered wodden walls, but also to build more high-big buildings. (you know woods and nails aren't good for that, if you want to keep a realistic touch to the game) Also would be easy to add (I think) 'cause you will need only a "Bag of Cement Powder" (could be made like the "Plaster Powder Bag") a "Bucket with water" and a "Trowel". For all the youngest out there that's what I mean: Uploaded with ImageShack.com The lv. of carpentery to use the cement should be around 3 or so. I think that because I'm a construction worker in real life and if you in lv.3 carpentery can make a decent stairs (that are hard as hell to do with wood, let me tell you that!) you must be able to use cement. That's it guys. Let me know if is not new or whatever.. thanks!
  21. Training dummy, constructed out of wood, pillows and sheets (ripped sheets). Used to train up combat skills. Maybe even firearm skills for target practice, with the Pillow Silencer mod.
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