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Found 2 results

  1. I think it would be realistic to be able to sit not only on the floor but also on chairs and sofas. You could also read a book, relax or simply sit on a chair. If your seat is close to a TV or radio, your character could even listen to the radio or watch TV there.
  2. These are small additions to the game that would help with the immersion, and vibe in the game. Eating Animation, as it is now you do a thousand yard stare as you chow down, why not show a generic animation of bringing that sammich right to your gullet.Show backpacks,hiking bags, on your character. As it is now it is left up to you to guess where he is hiding that bag. PVP, you'd be like, "Ah he has that spiffo bag I've always wanted.", or "Man, he has a huge hiking bag I bet he has supplies."Sitting Animations. Right now if you are playing MP everyone stands around idle at nite, or doing wall pushups. Why not curl up in that crappy chair you made and read a carpentry book so the next nite you won't have a nail jabbin' your bum.Ability to place cooked food on a table, or trade with players. Right now in my MP server, our cook makes our food and then proceeds to drop the bowl on the ground. Imagine going to a fast food restaraunt and they chuck your bag of fries on the ground and say there is your food. This could easily be resolved by making a table a "Container" with a small capacity and making it look like stuff is on the table, similar to how shelves look stocked now.Burn Barrel. We need a way to get rid of useless items. Spoiled food and the like. Right now I end up stuffin' them on a corpse and burning it. Burn barrel could also be used as a campfire to cook. A compost would be even better use for food, and could be a long term replacement for fertilizer.Ability to push furniture to barricade doors. This was in the game, no longer is. I'd like to be able to drag one of those "mobile outdoor grill." back to your base, Move a trash can and it can also serve as your new burn barrel!And the standard "Let me wring out my Towel and let it Dry Obligatory post."
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