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Found 3 results

  1. Server Goes Live Announcement We are excited to announce that our server is going live for a 2-week beta testing phase! As a beta tester you will get an extra bonus after the beta phase, feel free to participate Join Now | https://discord.gg/PxXDPKkN Beta Testing Period: Start Date: 20.06.2024 End Date: 04.06.2024 Server Location: Canada What to Expect: Extensive Shops: Explore shops with over 200 items classified into tiers from 1 to 6. Unique Events and Event Items: Earn exclusive items through special events, boss battles, treasure hunts, and more. Dynamic Gameplay: Experience a balanced and challenging environment with high zed population, military checkpoints, and a unique trading system. PvP: Engage in thrilling PvP encounters with fair rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players. How You Can Help: Report Bugs: Help us identify and fix any issues by reporting bugs and glitches. Provide Feedback: Share your thoughts and suggestions to improve the server. Spread the Word: Invite your friends and fellow survivors to join the beta test! We look forward to seeing you in-game and hearing your feedback. Let’s make this server the best it can be together! Map Stage 1 [BETA] - Every 2 weeks more details of the map getting released
  2. Hello to anyone who's reading this. I'm working with Neutz on the Union City map. We'll release a part of it once the Suburban Area is done. What I need from each one of you is an idea for buildings, it can be a shop, a gas station, (no more house ideas, please, unless you made some and want to share them, my brain is mush as this moment from making 200+ houses already) warehouses, small clinics, pet shops, you name it. I just need building ideas. If you want to give some buildings for the upcoming map you're more than welcome to do so. If you want to give ideas, give a small description or a list of the buildings, if you can, provide a picture if you want something custom which I could try and make. Thanks to anyone who'll be writing below, be sure to check the Union City thread, we'll keep you posted weekly (if we don't forget from time to time ._.) on the upcoming map progress.
  3. Vehicles will be in the game. Bikes will be one of the first vehicles. There are some kind of supermarkets. These could have shopping carts. I guess shopping carts were allready suggested. What I suggest: Nothing to add.
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