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Found 6 results

  1. I was wondering if you guys could make something such as a Project Zomboid story campaign that takes place in the present day like 2022 or should I say 2023. I think it'd be cool to see the modern things the present day has to offer in the game like 3d printers, smart phones, computers, vehicles, hover boards, etc. As for if this is a project zomboid retcon that takes place in the modern day or the current story time skipped from 1993 to the current day I don't know what to go with exactly. If it's the former, you'd have all these 1993 assets updated to the modern day if it's the latter, the world would be in really degraded shape since the 1993 Knox infection. It would be nice to have something project zomboid related that takes place at least sometime in the 2000s which would have to be at least 7 years in the future from when the game takes place. I heard such a story scenario was in the works somewhere.
  2. Essentially adding more options allowing players (And MP Servers) to fine tune their settings without mods/scripts should be a consideration going forward as more content is added to the base game to avoid more Mod bloat which can cause servers to go down multiple times a day as Mods update. (Which we see already, so any steps to reduce this is good.) For example: -Days until Electricity/Water cut-off would change to Time until Electricity/Water cut-off and it could be set from hours to years via drop down for both start date and cut-off date. Allowing unique Scenarios that currently can't be made without mods. For example: (30 days - 3 Months) (7 Days - 15 Days) (24 Hours - 72 Hours) (7 Days -7 Days) (For a set deadline - Then for most stats that have Low/Moderate/Normal/High/Extreme it could be a % instead with normal being 100% and the Max being 300%. As An Example: -Wound Intensity would go from 1% (Typical Battlefield game near demi-god level of slow bleed-out) to 300% (A scratch on the hand is life threatening bleed out) Stat decrease and Zombie stats could follow the same Logic as well (Similar to the EXCELLENT CZombies Mod!, which would be amazing as base kit imo) going from 1% to 1000% for strength, durability and senses. An additional setting for zombies would be Nimbleness, effecting resistance to stumbling, tripping and how fast they turn, from 0% (Every chance to fall they will take, turn slower) to 100% (Never trips or stumbles, very resistant to knockdown, higher lunge chance, can turn during a dead sprint on a dime) - Zombie Population Density per area Instead of just options for Uniform or distributed allow us to adjust it per area, when set to distributed different areas have different populations (Riverside versus Louisville for example has a stark difference at base population) This way we can set specific Densities for Towns/Cities/Roads/Clearings/Forests and Deep Forest areas. (Note: Specific towns and cities) I can imagine a setting where Zomboids can hear a pin drop in town from the depths of the woods, the majority of them being in there as runners. Fear the forest or face it's wrath... - Once NPC's are added this should be a big consideration, especially if sliders for NPC behaviors are added (Such as Calmness, Aggression, Memory, Forgiveness, Stat Decrease, etc) Especially if Zanimals are added! First day they appear, speed, stats, etc! With this not only will it help avoid more Mod Bloat, it will also give further tools for modders to use going forward. Feel free to reply to this topic if you think there is something I missed or if you like/don't like it.
  3. So post your PZ lore snippets caught while listening to the radio and watching the TV in-game
  4. I was wondering how to set up a server? I've followed the guides that I've found but nothing seems to work. I've tried forwarding ports, I've tried Tunngle, I've tried Hamachi, but nothing has worked. Can anyone give me a detailed walkthrough of the process? Honestly, I would prefer not to forward ports, but if that's the best way then I'll do it.
  5. The setting of zombies speed " Sprinters " are glitched a bit, becouse they sprint fast, okay, but they have same movement speed as a player, so player cant run away from them or loose in a corners of city. By the way, when they reach you they just STOP like on a millitary command and slowly bite you, then again they sprint very fast, and when they reach you, they stop and slowly bit you. It should be fixed, they should have more rage, like in really 28 days later movie
  6. Hello! In the Sandbox Presets thread, I said I'd make a little collection of some different sandbox loadouts with a few that resemble the lore of different zombie films, like 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend, All Alone, etc., so here it is! Please feel welcome contribute one you've thought of if you'd like to share it and stuff, or correct or improve an existing one so this seems a little less dismal and barren and stuff. 28 Days Later: Dawn of the Dead (2004): The Walking Dead/Night of the Living Dead (1968): All Alone: Stinky Walking Corpses: My Own thingy-bajiggle: Hellishly Hardcore: I am Legend: (probably much much much better with a mod or official night active feature thing to balance it) DayZ-ish: Left 4 Dead-ish:
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