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Found 205 results

  1. I am trying to run a steam server and I got the steam CMD and I am running the steam server, but it will not download the TCP port thing. I have my ports open, and my firewall off. I'm not sure what else I can do to get this to work. http://imgur.com/TOTJoH9
  2. I'm working on Bash and Powershell scripts to locally automate some administrative tasks for the Project Zomboid dedicated server using the RCON service in the interest of platform-independence. Instead of writing my own platform-independent RCON client or borrowing another, I would be like to use the one packaged with Project Zomboid proper (zombie.rcon.Main) - but as of build 33.20 the RCON client does not seem to be distributed with the dedicated server. Would it be possible to distribute this client with the dedicated server? I think this would be a sensible decision, since the RCON client provides the most direct means to achieve programmatic server administration. If not, is it permissible for me to distribute the client along with my shell scripts? I think the Ts and Cs would allow it, but wanted to double-check. Admittedly, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to roll my own - but It'd be cool to not reinvent the wheel. Especially if TIS is already maintaining a client that's pretty much guaranteed to remain compatible with the game
  3. Hey all, first post I've been playing Zomboid for a while, but just with a few friends. I find it hard to get them on especially with them being so different, they prefer other games it seems. I was playing on a SpiffoSpace server, and all was going well but I didn't like the fact that the server was running 24/7 and there were some people who, it seems, just exist to cause suffering Right now I'm running a pretty chilled out server, good for learning the game and just kicking back and enjoying the apocalypse. Utilities never run out, loot respawns after a week, zombies after a month. Infection is off but there's a decent amount of zombies (I may increase it too) so natural selection still applies. I used to play as a veteran but I've begun playing as a fisherman, providing food to the main base from my little seaside resort. I've also massacred most of the zombies around Giga Mart with a shotgun, so I guess that makes me a Battle Fisherman. This is a private server but anyone is welcome, I only keep it private so we don't get (as many) trolls and griefers. Anyone interested?
  4. http://pzserverlist.us/ is the first server top list out that I'm aware of. This allows you to have your members go, and vote on your server while ranking you higher into the ranks. The higher you're ranks are, the more members and views you will get for your server. PZServerList has the option to add your URL to your website, IndieStone forum post, ect. for your server which will get you even more traffic. It's as easy as joining, and filling out the information. Send your members to it for views, raitings, ect. and watch the members of your Project Zomboid server grow. The reason this was created was due to the fact that I googled thinks like "Project Zomboid Servers" "Project Zomboid Server List" and lots more, and could barely find any servers that works, nor did I find any website on google that had more than 2-3 servers on it. The steam forums had none, and TheIndieStone.com wasn't even listed among them. Also, I made sure to have a link to ProjectZomboid.com in the 'cool links' section REMEMBER You get higher rank if you send users to your post on the site, as well as using the link provided after making an account and putting it on any website to send users over. This is how you vote for the site. You can send them manually to your post and have them click the vote button. Regardless of how they vote, this is how you gain ranks on the site, and get higher up. Due to many new members not knowing how to rank higher, as well as lots of other questions I've added a FAQ page. Which tells you the best ways to get ranked, what In's Out's, ect. are, and lots of other things. I have also tied in the About Us page into the FAQ to lower the navigation menu a bit. ____________________________________________________________________________ End of the week Reward: Seeing as we're new, and want to get more people interested, or more active we're hosting an end of the week contest. The server that is in the first spot will receive a FREE week of premium membership, a free 31x88 banner to use once your Premium runs out, as well as a 60x468 banner to display for the premium membership. All created by me, and for you to use for free for as long as you're apart, and active on PZServerList. This will run through 4/17/2014 at 9PM EST. The person in first on the server list by then will win. Get promoting, and get voting! http://pzserverlist.us/?a=page&id=faq HELP NEEDED:
  5. Server Offline Thanks to all that played but due to enough interest this server is now offline.
  6. Currently we have these files for altering sandbox-settings (especially looking at MP): SandboxVars.luazombies.iniservertest.iniSandbox PresetsSetting this up for MP is kinda stressful, especially there are a couple of settings in more files. IMHO it would be way easier if all the sandbox settings are only set within the Sandbox Presets. With this system you could alter the settings right ingame and save the preset, copy the file to server and you´re pretty much done. Wouldn´t this be easier for the devs too? Only one place where they have to worry about the settings, one way of exporting them, one way of reading them Would definitely get rid of a whole lot of confusion out there.
  7. I'm trying to follow the multiplayer FAQ instructions for setting up a linux multiplayer server on my Debian 7.8 installation, running java 1.8.0_45 (Java SE Runtime Environment). I'm getting the following error message when I'm attempt to run projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM warning: ignoring option UseSplitVerifier; support was removed in 8.0Loading RakNet from: /home/games/ProjectZomboid/ProjectZomboid_964/projectzomboidException in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/games/ProjectZomboid/ProjectZomboid_964/projectzomboid/libRakNet32.so: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(ClassLoader.java:1937) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1855) at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Runtime.java:870) at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java:1122) at zombie.core.raknet.RakNetPeerInterface.init(RakNetPeerInterface.java:30) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:149)It claims that it cannot open libstdc++.so.6, and when I run sudo apt-get install libstdc++6 it says that "libstdc++6 is already the newest version." Any tips on how I should proceed, and what I could potentially do to fix this would be much appreciated
  8. Hey guys, I've been working on getting my mod to work on multiplayer and since there are very little resources on that topic I have a few questions. isClient() / isServer() What these methods do is clear, however when I call isClient() in a file that is located in shared it returns false although the initial call flow was triggered client side. So I execute a UI action located in client and call my reload script located in shared but isClient() returns false. Can anyone give me further information on these two methods? ModData I noticed that if I modify moddata on client side, it will not affect the moddata on server side. Now I looked through the existing code and found: transmitModData() - That sounds like exactly what I need, however it is not available on the HandWeapon object weapon:transmitModData() - Object tried to call nil player:sendObjectChange('addItem', { item = kit } ) - Seems to send a request to the client to add an item, I'm not sure if every object supports this and what the exact syntax is, can I just call any method on the target remote object with parameters? Can anyone elaborate on this function? Does anyone have another idea how I could sync the modData of an object betwen client and server? My first attempt to use sendClientCommand - process it server side and change the moddata failed to accomplish what I need.
  9. It would be nice if a server would show how many days have already passed since it went online. So that you don't end up on a server with no lootable food anywhere.
  10. Alright so I started hosting a server on a friends server Virtual Machine, I edit the server with windows remote desktop but enought about that. My issue is that in the game I and my friend have 15 ping (friend) 40 ping (me) but the zombies just stand still and move little even when you sprint, like they are lagging alot but without moving much. And they also phase in and out of existance, like I look at a zombie and the next second it disappears, and then appears again and so on. And the zombies are extremely hard to kill, i guess not hard to kill but when you hit them they get knocked back, and are knocked back like that for about 40 sec and then they fall on the ground, and take 20 hits to kill. Does anyone know how to fix this? Server specs:(Not all resources are used on my virtual machine) OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard CPU: Intel Xeon CPU 2.13 GHz RAM: 6 GB (Can be boosted to 12GB since it's a virtual machine,) Internet: 1Gigabit per second (Can be boosted to 10Gigabit per second, not kidding)
  11. Couldn't figure out how to remove.
  12. Hey guys, so I decided to change my Minecraft server into a PZ server and have been using the Cent OS guide pinned here. I've read all through every page, as well as googled the error etc etc but am still stuck. I'm at this point: app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validateAnd I get this error: app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validate/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/clientdll/applicationmanager.cpp (961) : Assertion Failed: Failed to write app state file /server/steamapps/appmanifest_108600.acf/home/buildbot/buildslave/steam_rel_client_linux/build/src/clientdll/applicationmanager.cpp (961) : Assertion Failed: Failed to write app state file /server/steamapps/appmanifest_108600.acf Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0)Error! App '108600' state is 0x1 after update job.And got sick of just sitting and staring at my screen not knowing wtf to do next lol. Help please! Edit: Patience is a virtue, downloaded after a lot of reattempts.
  13. I have installed the map properly and it works fine in singleplayer but when I load it up after following the instructions (i'm pretty sure I did everything right) mentioned in this post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7897-build-26-custom-maps-spawn-locations/. I get an error message in the server console saying it cannot find the objects.lua. I can see it in the Muldraugh, KY folder but not in the Bedford Falls, KY folder. There only seems to be 4 files in the Bedford Falls .rar and none of them were an objects.lua file. Edit: Does Bedford Falls even come with an objects.lua? I know the New Denver map doesn't. I't would be nice if someone knew how to get it to work because currently when I join my server and spawn in Bedford I'm restricted to one cell near a motel. I would really like to be able to play with my friend on this map so any help is very much appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I have recently started up a server for my friends and I to play on. Everything works fine except for the fact that whenever I try to enter commands into the console like 'grantadmin' or 'additem' is does not work. I am very confused as to why is is not working and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hobbes

    Admin issues

    So has anyone else dealt with a situation where admin status has been granted to a player, the player is capable of logging on as a proper admin (with the [admin] brackets and coordinates in the bottom left). For a while all was working well; AdminTools window is available as well as ExtendedBuildings. I teleported to the mall, then was no longer capable of dropping items or even transferring from any container to another (incl. back bag). The char comes back in with admin status [but not in brackets on global chat] and was and i don't know why but loot can be moved normally again, though AdminTools has stopped working. I have tried wiping my hard drive of any Project Zomboid-related folders, reinstalling and the same thing keeps occurring. We've tried granting admin status to a fresh char and the issues continue (probably something to do with either my IP or my steamapps folder? Either way, we were troubleshooting this for a while with even more question marks as we continued. Peculiar, to say the least as I am still capable of adminning (but the AdminTools/extended buildings will definitely expedite the process). As far as I know I'm alone on this, so anyone with a similar experience or any insight that could help, would be greatly appreciated - on MacOSX 10.10.3 (also sorry I posted this in the general PZ support wiki, then found this more apply organized string of topics and couldn't delete my first post)
  16. I would like to host a Pz server for myself and a group of friends. However, for some inane reason the phone company reserves all ports from 10'000 to 40'000, which includes the Pz port 16261. Is there any way to change the pz port? Either via a mod or in the files? Ive looked around, but not found anything. Thank you for your help. Im running Pz on windows 7
  17. Hello ! I just created my server, I tried to edit some of the settings to check if it really worked ingame and it works fine ! But when my friends try to connect to my server they get the "connection failed" message every single time... I opened some of my firewall ports and nothing changes. I don't even see anything in the server logs, no connection attempt or anything... If you could help me with this one, that would be nice! Anyway, tell me if you need me to give you more infos about my configuration. See you soon, Dsign
  18. Salve, metto a disposizione un server italiano di Zomboid. Il nuovo server si trova in Italia (e non più in francia come quello precedente). Sito di riferimento: www.gravplanetitalia.net Nel browser interno del gioco lo trovate come [iT] GravPlanetItalia.net Indirizzo IP: Porta: 16261 Banner Stato Server Vi consiglio prima di unirvi al server di specificare anche una password. Se l'username non esiste, verrà creato automaticamente insieme alla password che avete scelto. Questo vi permette di non farvi fregare il nickname, qual'ora qualcuno tenti di entrare nel server con il vostro username. Il server è stato configurato come Sandbox. In questo modo è possibile personalizzare una serie di opzioni. Ecco la configurazione attuale: Opzioni generali PVP: AttivatoServer in pausa quando è vuoto: NoOggetti iniziali: Mattarello, Giornale e 3 MeleSandbox - Opzioni del Mondo Quantità Zombie: AltaDistribuzione Zombie: Centro urbanoTubature d'acqua: Fino a 60 giorniElettricità: Fino a 50 giorniFrequenza degli allarmi nelle case: Molto SpessoFrequenza delle case bloccate (Porta): Molto spessoDeterioramento degli alimenti: NormaleRespawn degli oggetti: Ogni settimanaRespawn degli zombie: Ogni settimanaMesi passati dall'apocalisse: 0Sandbox - Natura Temperatura: NormalePioggia: NormaleVelocità di erosione: Normale (100 giorni)Velocità di coltivazione: NormaleAbbondanza della natura: NormaleSandbox - Rarità degli oggetti Cibo: RaroArmi: RaroAltri oggetti: RaroSandbox - Personaggio Esperienza: 1.2xIncremento stats: NormaleSandbox - Opzioni del tempo Durata di un giorno: 2 ore (reali)Mese di inizio: LuglioOra di inizio: 7 di mattinaSandbox - Zombie Velocità: Shamblers (normali penso)Forza: DeboliResistenza: NormaleTipo di trasmissione: Sangue + SalivaMortalità dell'infezione: 1-2 settimaneTempo di rianimazione: 2-3 giorniCognizione: Navigazione di baseMemoria: CortaRaggio di visione: NormaleUdito: NormaleOdore: NormaleNB: i tempi si riferiscono a quelli del gioco.
  19. Hi. It's really quite important to me to have the game server bind to only one address (and the given ports) and not to all of them like its doing right now. My box has more than one IP and there is a listen on all addresses instead of the one I want to hand out to players. Can anyone help me fix this? Or can the devs put an option in for this asap? Thanks muchly!
  20. Topic title. I'm trying to ease my friend into Zomboid and I'd like to start us both off with extra trait points just to smooth things out a bit. I can't figure out how to do this. Help?
  21. So after putting a lot of work into figuring out how to forward ports on my DSL modem and wii router (i may still be doing this wrong) my friends and i are finally able to access my PZ server from outside my home network. The problem I am now having is when I start the server I cannot use my computer to get on the internet. Nobody is connected at this point so I wonder what is taking up all my bandwidth. Does anybody have any ideas? I am forwarding the appropriate ports from the dsl modem/router to my wifi router and from there I am forwarding the same ports to my server (which is wired). I had to setup new inbound rules on my windows 7 firewall to open the ports. sorry for the long message. does anybody have any suggestions?
  22. I was wondering how to set up a server? I've followed the guides that I've found but nothing seems to work. I've tried forwarding ports, I've tried Tunngle, I've tried Hamachi, but nothing has worked. Can anyone give me a detailed walkthrough of the process? Honestly, I would prefer not to forward ports, but if that's the best way then I'll do it.
  23. Hello everyone. I recently came back to zomboid like many others to check out the multiplayer after so long and so far it is great. We do however seem to be having a problem where our characters are seemingly deleted randomly. I keep the server running 24/7 so that the world does not wipe and we have tried restarting it and deleting all the files to be sure that wasn't part of the issue. Whenever someone logs back into the game 2/3 times the character is deleted and they respawn back in the starting location again, losing the hard work put into the skills and gear of the other character. Last night I managed to log off and back in successfully twice before the third time deleted my character. After the server restarted that character was deleted as well but 2/4 other friends managed to log back in with the characters they had before that restart. The server is running in the background of my desktop computer since my actual server is currently in pieces. The computer is running windows 7 64-bit home premium with an AMD FX-9370 4.4GHz eight core, 16GB of ddr3 1600MHz ram, a standard WD 7200rpm hdd and an HD Radeon 7970 3GB. My internet connection at the moment is a bit slow, averaging out around 130 kilobytes/second upload and 2.4 megabytes/second download although the upload seems plenty so far to host the small ground (~6) of people currently playing. Anyway that seems to be about all of the information I can think of with the problem at the moment. I am about to leave for a few hours so unless the post it within the next 10 minutes I will not be responding for a little while but be assured I will later. It is just that in my experience it generally takes a few hours to get responses in the help sections of forums. But yea, thanks for reading this and thanks for any attempts at helping me to solve this problem. The game would be much more fun if we could gain more than a single level before losing the characters.
  24. GO HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12962-new-dawn-rp-server-build-30-hardcore-rp-whitelist-pvp-vanilla-24-slots/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ New Dawn - The Unofficial Project Zomboid Roleplaying Server SERVER STATUS: OFFLINE - MOVING TO NEW SERVER I've stepped down as head admin and instead left the site and server with admins SuperJack and Pann. Please go to the Community Website for more info. The old server is now defunct and the new server will be up soon, with it's own topic here on the forums, and updated information on whitelisting, etc. SERVER INFO Name: New Dawn RP Server IP: Port:16261 Hosted by: Fragnet Available Player Slots: 24 Version: Build 30 Public: No Whitelist: Yes New Dawn Community Webpage: http://newdawnrp.enjin.com/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ When the world ends, and monsters roam, humanity faces a choice, both bitterly poetic and terrifying in it's simplicity. Either to capitulate and fall, or rise and fight. It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day, It's a New Life. ...But just what kind of life? The choice is yours. _______________________________________________________________________________________ As of 18/09/2014 the server is whitelisted! Please find the whitelist application form in the top menu bar at the New Dawn Community Website! _______________________________________________________________________________________ FEATURES: - 24/7 Roleplaying server with regular maintenance and auto-restarts every hour. - Feature-rich forum including sections for character bios, in-character messages and notices, and spaces for roleplaying outside of the game itself. Also includes non-roleplaying forums and an information forum with everything you need to enhance your Project Zomboid Roleplaying experience. - Get involved! Join a player-established faction or start your own! Build your own bases, be part of the in-game societies or survive as a loner! - We take the rules seriously and work hard to uphold them. We help new players get started and strike down on repeated offenders and deliberate OOC. - Continuous updates and ETA's on maintenance and problem solving. - Awesome community! _______________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENTLY WORKING ON: - Creating a sticky thread in the information forum with tips and hints for new roleplayers, and explanations on roleplaying terminology (like OOC, RP, metagaming, etc.) - Balancing the server (suggestions welcome) - Adding some graphics to the forum, make it less generic. - Storyline/Events _______________________________________________________________________________________ RULES THIS IS AN RP SERVER - that means, upon creating your character and entering the server, you are required to act like that character at all times, interacting with the world and other people like your character would. CHARACTER NAMES - Give your character a normal first name, preferably a last name too (but not required). Nicknames are okay too. Just as long as your character has an identifier that would make sense in the real world. Names like Aragorn69 or R0FLC0pTAR are NOT allowed. Badass assassin names like The Whisper, nicknames like Alyssa "AJ" Jameson (Or just AJ), and prefix names like Sgt. John Carpenter ARE allowed. Famous names and names taken directly from media like Britney Spears or Rick Grimes are NOT allowed. You can base your character on an existing one if you wish, but come up with your own name. HOUSE/BASE CLAIMING - You may claim a house and/or base as your own by putting a bag with your character's name in front of the entrance (ie, rename a duffelbag "Karen's House"). You cannot claim another players already claimed house/base. If your character dies or moves, please make sure to remove the bag to open the house/base to new players. You are not allowed to claim a base in any of the following locations: - Medical facilities - Warehouses - Weapon storages - Any building/area with specialized loot. This is to keep people from hoarding one kind of loot and keeping it for themselves, while blocking respawning loot for other players, and/or logging off with all of it and never returning. If you're in doubt whether a location is an allowed spot for base building, either don't build there, or ask an admin who will then make a ruling. GLOBAL AND LOCAL CHAT - Global chat is enabled. To speak In Character, write *r* in front of your message to indicate that you are using a radio. To speak Out Of Character, write // in front of your text to indicate this. (You can also use brackets like (()) and [[]], or any way you like - as long as it is clear) PVP AND RAIDING/STEALING - PVP is enabled, but with strict rules. The full PVP rules can be found here. FIRE NOT ALLOWED - Until a better way of controlling fire within the game is implemented, starting a fire and letting it spread is not allowed. Campfires may still be used for cooking, as long as it is kept in control. DEATH AND DYING Permadeath is not enforced on the server, and you are always free to load a character save if your character gets accidentally killed off. This Open Death Policy requires players to use common sense when dealing with the subject of death. Death is still a very real thing in RP, and all character resurrections are strictly OOC. Likewise, you can't force any other character to permadie, and you are not allowed to use it as a way to powergame. Powergaming includes miraculously returning from death on several occasions, roleplaying invincibility, and misusing game mechanics for own gain. PEOPLE OF ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME! - Never played Project Zomboid before? No problem! First time roleplaying? Don't worry! As long as you adhere to the server and forum rules, you're as welcome as any seasoned player. Roleplaying is not very difficult and a lot of fun to do and learn. Bonus points if you learn your way about the game through roleplaying. Experienced players are encouraged to help newbies learn their way around. Remember, you were once like them. BE NICE - Goes without saying, yet must be said. Don't be rude, don't be racist, don't be a creep. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all. Don't engage in or encourage RP that is not agreed upon by all parties - for instance, torture RP which the "victim" finds too brutal, and the like. ADMIN HAS THE LAST WORD - My turf, my rules. You agree to this when you log in. THERE WILL BE MAINTENANCE - The server has several admins which help keep the server and forum running optimally, and provide help to those who need it. Server downtime will be kept as minimal as possible, the server aiming to be running 24/7, and the New Dawn Community Webpage will be kept updated with estimations and info. THERE WILL BE EVENTS - In time, if enough people show interest, there will be events and the main storyline will develop. With the help and suggestions of the players the world will expand, and offer something new at each turn. MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN! - Have fun and make sure to play in a way that only enhances the fun had by the people around you. More information on the server rules, including unban petitions and what to do if you are a victim of rule-breaking, can be found on the New Dawn Community Webpage. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to post here or PM me directly with any questions or comments.
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