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  1. Hey Folks, i tried the last hours to set up a linux server for Project Zomboid and it was very difficult to find some usefull informations, because all of it was very old. So i want to share my short solution of setting up the server successfull at the end. The instruction is for users with basic to advanced knowledge about linux. 1. Open the ports of you Router for UDP/TCP: 16261 bis 162XX (XX = 61+<number of players>) 8766 bis 8767 27015 (TCP should be enough) 2. install steamcmd and login (for login: "logi
  2. So I booted up the game today after months and months of waiting. There is a host option now in the main menu (34.27 Version) Steam. Can I now just host from the game instead of running my own server? I can invite friends from the hosted game? Do my friends need to have anything set in particular on their side (Ports, etc? ) TCO
  3. Hello, Today, a hacker named "rag" joined my server while i wasn't there but my friend was here. My friend wanted to meet him so he set a rendez-vous point and the hacker said he was in west point, our base was at north farm (you can check where it is from pzmap). The spawn points were set as default so we knew where he could have spawned but he didn't take 10 minutes from west point to our base (that is impossible, even if you run all the way) without knowing it first and waited my friend there and killed him with a shotgun once my friend returned to the base (he discove
  4. Hi Spiffo's Community, I have a problem when I tried to open the server settings at the build 33 of Project zomboid, when I opened the pz server settings from the folder "PZServerSettings", I opened the .bat and this problem appeared "to could not load the class zombie.PZServerSettings.MainWindow" I want an aswer as early as possible Thanks for you interesting on this topic.
  5. Hello everyone, I've got an Ubuntu Server 64 bit VM that I would like to host a Project Zomboid server on. I have used this VM for hosting an Ark: Survival Evolved server in the past. I was able to manage this very easily with a tool called arkmanager. It did everything from installing the game, starting/stopping the server, and updating the game/mods. Does anyone know of a tool similar to this for Project Zomboid? If not, could anyone point me in the direction of a current (most scripts I've found seem to be outdated) script that will automatically start the server on Linux. Any help would
  6. So my friends and I are playing on a server hosted by another friend. Long story short I left the oven on and burned down our farmhouse and crops and killed 2 of my friends. Accidents. We decided to restart completely, change some settings and load up a new map. First we loaded up and the map didn't change so we deleted everything in C:\Users\*****\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer and the hoster deleted some things including the servertest.db in the C:\Users\*****\Zomboid\db When we try to join server we all got errors, even the host. I attached the console.txt where it said mo
  7. Hey guys, I have some expirience running GMod and Rust servers, but have never messed with PZ. I just bought a server that I'm managing through FTP. I have my mods installed into my Zomboid/server/mods directory on the FTP server, and I have the maps installed into media/maps. I am wanting to use Muldraugh, West Point, and Bedford Falls. I want the user to be able to pick their spawn before they create their character. Everytime I load into a new character, it spawns me without a choice of map. This is what my spawnpoints lua looks like: function SpawnRegions() return {
  8. Hi all i just come back to the game as me and some friends like to play and test the newest version 34.15 IWBUMS. So we all got that version of the game. But when i try to setup a steam dedicated server, using the server tool from steam its only version 33.20 i think. So how do i update it to the newest IWBUMS version?
  9. Hi, a few friends and I are hosting our own little server. Now we have the issue that the host is not always on when some of them want to play. Which files and folder are to be copied to the new host to keep playing, just on a different PC? We have self made (e.g. edited) Server Settings, and are all running on -nosteam Thanks in advance FalloutBoy EDIT: IWBUMS 34.13 with a few mods
  10. So yeah, I've been trying to do it for 3 days and I don't want this time to get wasted. Here is a guide that will let you set up a private server for your friends within 1-2 hours. INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOST: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLIENTS: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: I hope, that I'll help at least one group of friends to play this game. To admins: I will not answer to this thread. I registered just to write this one post and disappear forever. So feel free to edit it. I waive the rights to what I've written above. Peace
  11. I am making a mod that shows zombie and player locations on PZ Server map project. This requires some alterations of both game and the map. Currently it looks like this and uses JSON to transfer all zombie locations at once: I would rather stream the zombies and their location continuously through event-driven model, ideally in a separate thread. Currently I'm just gonna replace the original zombie registry ArrayList with my overridden ArrayList implementation that registers adding and removal of the zombies. But that doesn't deal with zombie locations.
  12. Hello everyone, I have a very important question that it's affecting our players. When we start the PZ Server as Steam, automatically my IP is assigned to the server. That is what we saw in the Public List of servers. So users when joining will save the server as IP and his character local files will be created using this IP Address. But sometimes my IP changes and players have to manually change the local files to reflect the new IP. I already have a hostname assigned to my server but I can't make the Public Server list reflect the hostname instead of IP. Is there a way to do that
  13. EDIT: I GOT IT WORKING! And I wrote a guide, which I'll work to update as needed. Link here! Okay so I was following this guide It said to make my own server, do this: Go to your Library and then select "Tools". Scroll until you see "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" and download/install it like you would with a game. Once downloaded, you start it. So, now I have it here as Picture 1 Now I open PZ and press "Online", and enter the info I want for my server as seen here in Picture 2 Notice it failed. So, how do I make PICTURE 1 work with PICTURE 2? Right now I can't even join my
  14. Sorry if this is a silly question, but how would one get mods like maps to work on the server? ORGM mod is working, however Immersive Overlays isn't. Do I need to FTP them to the server?
  15. Hello. Hamachi can still create private server ? i can,t forward port
  16. Hello, today I've rented a server at nitrado (nitrado.net) to play with a friend on it. The server is based on linux and we are using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. When my friend connects, it almost works instantly, but everytime I try it, it'll give me the same errors. I already tried to run it with the -nosteam option, starting it as admin and reinstalled the whole game. Our internet should be no problem, I also forwarded all ports and tried it with the "exposed host" setting, but neither worked for me. Here's a picture of the problem: Sincerely samsi02
  17. Hello, everyone! I have been trying to start a LAN server to play the game with my wife. We've got it working, we're both able to play on the server. Method used is files downloaded from SteamCMD and I have ports 16261-16270 TCP/UDP open on my router. Just in case that's relevant. I know there's PZServerSettings.exe in the Steam files for Project Zomboid that you use to change some of the settings. I copied that and a file that was associated with it to my server folder, started it there and saved the settings into the same folder. Is that all that needs done to change the settings? Ho
  18. I followed these steps: Extract contents of "mapfiles" to steam/steamapps/common/projectzomboid/media/maps/Muldraugh, KYand the "New Denver, BC" folder tosteam/steamapps/common/projectzomboid/media/maps . The map loads and lets me spawn in New Denver. However I have not yet found out how I get this to work for multiplayer. I've edited the server.ini for: Mods=New Denver, BC Map=New Denver, BC . I've tried changing the Mods= too ND1.3, New Denver and NewDenver. Server keeps failing to load the mod. I've tossed the folder into the mods in the User/Zomboid/Mods . I've tried taking the New Denver
  19. Hi guys, I've been testing a server options and I just want to reconfirm what I observed - Buildings' positions and environment is kept on the server side in location Zomboid/Multiplayer/"servername" but player's location and inventory is kept on client side on their PC - even If I delete Multiplayer/"servername" folder on the server side, player after logging spawns in the sample place and with the same inventory don't you think is dangerous to keep players inventory on player side not server? That creates a problem if I want to restart server completely. I'm not able to force people
  20. Set up a steam server, followed all the plans (as you do) read all the docs, its up and running - and it doesn't work - I have tested my port forwards and even though my web server is accessible externally, my zomboid server is not. I can telnet to my web server and it works (to test) but when i telnet to the zomboid port it says it can't connect (internally) however - I can connect to it with the game locally - Everyone is busy here so i can't get them to test if it works for them internally - here are some screen shorts in case you see something utterly stupid i have done/failed to do...
  21. I'm a moderator of a Project Zomboid server. We used to be a whitelist server, but decided to drop the whitelist to get more players. This has lead to a large amount of people using Alt-Characters for griefing purposes. We are not exposing the Steam Accounts of the players, as they'd prefer not to have the Accounts public. This means people are griefing on Alt-Characters, without anyone knowing who's behind the character. While discussing this issue with a fellow moderator, we came up with the following idea: A server setting/configuration option, that would only allow 1 character per Steam
  22. So What I have done is.... uninstal PJ Zomboid then reinstall in C: Drive under a New Folder for the Steam Library. I have played the game a loooong time but never tried to make my own server. After the Initial Uninstall I removed ALL exsisting files from my computer and had a fresh install of the Game. Went to Online tab, found a random open server and Joined. Didn't need to have windows open in the background or anything. Now.. How Do I create my own Server: Public/Private? I have read up on Steam CMD (Messed with it Previously) and also see in the Files that there is this Tha
  23. Need Help, what make i wrong? I have correct installed, steamclient.so is there and another Games like CS-GO, CSS, CS16 and Starbound running on the Server. Linux Debian 8.1 Jessie 64-Bit. 64-bit java detected[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to locate a running instance of Steam, or a local steamclient.so.Message: 'Fatal Error', Detail: 'Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_Init() failed).'
  24. I recently rented a server, took alot of time to get it running cuz i just could'nt get the danm map to work. (And some extreme problem that MrinSayne helped me solve, which was totally not just me thinking there was a problem when there really wasnt..) Anyways, if i then were to add the map mods i wanted to the server just like any other mod, add the IDs to the "mod=" line in the ini. Is there anything else im supposed to do since its a map? Am i supposed to place some files in other folders aswell? The only map i tried was Bedford Falls, i added the mod, the ID and then set "map
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