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  1. On every Zomboid server I go on I see fire, zombies on fire. All kinds of fire. Why? I don't really know. But if this is caused by people burning houses down, maybe it would be good to give a server admin the choice to turn off fire. I also imagine fire would bog down the server, just a guess anyway. Edit - Or possibly stop fire spread? Without completely cutting out fire?
  2. I say to when the npc come out and whit the multiplayer to have a new item that is the money that you can use to trade things whit other npc and whit other players , in server this go to help very much in servers role play this go to change the gameplay because now you can buy a weapon from another player and no changing weapons whit him. The money will be rare to find because when the infection started the people raid the shops , banks , dinners for money. You can find money in corpses , buildings , shelf and more places
  3. As a huge fan of Project Zomboid and a server hoster myself, I am currently wondering if anyone (devs, admins, mods, or players) knows the day/month/year we will have multiplayer mods for server hosters. Any hints toward such knowledge is greatly appreciated!
  4. Might be jumping the gun on this a little... but I figured it wouldn't be a half bad idea to start a thread for public servers to be listed. Especially for those of us *cough* myself *cough* who seem to find themselves a bit lacking in the more technical aspects of setting one up. For sake of simplicity, please use the below format to advertise: Server Name: Server Typer: (PVE, PVP, RP, etc.) This is probably all the needed info for now as I would imagine most server owners are going to want to privately give out the server IP over PM. Server Name: eliakoh's Server Address: / mindescape.eu Server Type: PVP
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