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Found 2 results

  1. Build 42 is coming, and at the time of writing the latest Thurstoid, Snack Attack has opened our eyes to some exciting new possibilities that will come with the Crafting Overhaul. So I would like us to have this space to discuss how the modding scene could implement the so called "Machine Scripting System" in ways that stray away from traditional crafting stations. Like the Vending Machines that are coming to the vanilla game. I would like to number some characteristics that the machines seem will able to get with the information we've been given. The machines can be multiple tiles in size They can make the character perform different animations depending of the process taking place Could make your character execute an animation by pressing a button, or successfully achieving something when using them Transformation/Interchange of an Item for a different one Buttons and input of codes to get the desired outcome Storing items inside of them (an inventory) Processing a transaction over a lapse of time Having different pieces than can be taken out of them, repaired, or upgraded Being able to navigate through different sections, and display custom pictures and animations Having designated slots for items We can interact with them using specific Keys to unlock certain sections The machines will be able to connect with one another in some way Probably will have the capacity to play specific sounds upon completion of something or when pressing a button The Machine Interface will likely be able to be used by Items as well I will now mention some general ideas of ways to use the system based of what we know of it so far: Keypads and anything that uses a numerical combination to produce an outcome. Containers with a limited amount of slots for placing items in then. Tiles from which you can take pieces without dissembling them. Segmented Containers, a single container being able to have different inventories, each of which could be individually locked by a key or other item. Containers that display a special graphical theme. Navigation inside containers, they could have a welcome screen, and submenus. Containers with hidden compartments, only accesible by placing a specific item in a slot, or by pushing a secret button. Puzzles that require you to find a certain item or to press buttons in a specific order, with different outcomes. Interactive displays, (rearrange the order of pictures in a board, or change the priority of a list written in wooden planks perhaps?) Tiles than can show pictures, not unlike the way items can at the moment, but also animations. Minigames perhaps? (I'm sure they have been contemplated). Does anything in particular come to your mind now?
  2. tought to some useful objects who can give some sophisticated systems and a post remind me that : transmitter : Vibration detector (knocking detection) : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect knocking, emit. destruction detector : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect absence of object when set, emit pressure plate : on the ground or floor when Zombie, player, car, loot is on the tile, emit more wide range if plate can craft selective plates Light detector : on ground, wall. can set the lumens detection. modifier : radio frequence transmitter ( same use as remote controller, but can be add to objects) Can be set on a radio frequence. need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when detecting. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : vibration /destruction detector, pressure plate, timer, sensor. radio frequence receiver (as sensor for remote controller). Can be set on a radio frequence. options : reverse signal, interrupteur/detector need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when receiving. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : bombs, desk lamp, wall lamp, noise maker, TV, radio. Can't change frequences of transmitter / receiver in safehouses with this you can : Have a light or sound alert (or not) when somebody attack a wall, a door. Trigger a bomb (or not, that's amazing !) when somebody attack a wall, a door. warned of passage of Zombie, players, animals or car on a tile. switch on/off light by sensor or day /night. attempt to distract Z's when attacking a wall or a door, or pass on a tile (by a noise maker away) can hear if someone attack a wall, a door on any radio (even in car) in the range of your system generate events when a car light on, a player with torch, or somebody who switch on a light hack system of other player in watching wich frequences they use.
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