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Found 7 results

  1. I've read dozens of times that this shouldn't happen and it was declared as a bug in the past if I read stuff on reddit about that topic. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but at the end of the video (last attack) you see after the zombie lunge attack, I'm scratched. Can a lunge attack or it's meant to scratch you at some point? I tried it also "with" clothes, same result if I try often enough.
  2. Occupation: Fire Officer (female) Traits: Hard of Hearing, Over-weight, Lucky, Resilient, Stout. I was happily clearing out Cortman Medical and about a 1-block radius with my trusty kitchen knives, but the place had broken windows galore. The ones near the front door were completely smashed. Of course, lazy me, pressed "E" near the door and ended up climbing up on the broken window. I got a scratch and patched myself up with a sterilized rag. I slept upstairs. The next day, zeds were downstairs and I had to lure them out and dispatch them. Went smoothly. Not a scratch. But again, "E"-ing on the door and, yes, climbed again, and got another scratch... like the odds of getting a scratch from windows were against me. I patched it up... about 3 days passed, I ate fresh food, clean water, changed the bandages with sterile sheets, going well. then one day, I got sick... I still had scratches though they weren't bleeding anymore... I ate fresh food and water, no white berries, didn't stay in the rain for more than a few seconds and I dry off quickly. Yet the illness persisted. And added to it, I became "terrified". I kept up a regimen of sleep, food, water, and tried to avoid conflict. I also reduced the weight I carried to just a few items per run. But I got sicker and sicker and eventually got a fever. Food nor rest didn't help. I woke up one day, fever in motion... I grabbed all my knives and axes, went downstairs and outside and found a small group of zeds. I fought them in the rain... the knives went under their heads and found their way to their brains. Moving away and shoving most of them until they were almost in a line... one by one they came... one by one they fell... After the carnage, I was left empty, save for the heat in my head, and body and a triumphant, yet saddening warmth in my soul... I fell to my illness and joined the undead ranks... shuffling around aimlessly... all I have accomplished, all I have done... gone... *end scene, exit stage left* tr;dl: Basically, I died from scratches (that I got from windows) and no, the scratches had never had the "infected" tag on them so I was kinda bummed when I watched Ellie Bishop (that's her name... give a shout out if you know where it's from :3) waste away (from getting sick/fever)... from window scratches... Questions: Is this intended or a bug?Could the windows have been infected when a zed went through them and some skin, blood, fluid was left behind and I got infected when I went through the window and got a scratch? (but the scratches never got an "infected" tag)Other than the god-like antibiotics, what other effective ways are there to get well from illnesses? (Aside from being well-fed, resting, and drinking bleach?)O__O Also, can't we "open" windows that are already broken? All that's broken is the glass anyway, can't we simply have them open the windows to bypass the glass? Like when a burglar breaks the window/door to get to the latch/door knob. EDIT: added clarifications in bold and parenthesis in the tr;dl.
  3. I want to address the time it takes to heal and the rate at which cloth strips become dirty. It is seriously off in the game as it stands. I rock climb IRL and I do it freehand and through brush and thorns (I'm a bit crazy like that) The amount of scratches I've got (ones that actually break the skin and bleed) is into the 100s if not the 1000s. 1) A scratch that doesn't draw blood requires no first aid and you'd have to be crazy unlucky for it to get infected. 2) A scratch that does draw blood can be staunched by wrapping it in cloth and it will stop bleeding after about an hour, the body is awesome like that. After the bleeding stops you have about a day or max 2 till it is at no risk of reopening. You'll use either one or two bandages for that. One will probably negate all risk of infection (also note that infections are usually minor and just cause swelling and a tiny bit of strain on the immune system). From a resonably superficial scratch 1-~3 mm you'll be left with a scratch mark for about a week but it is totally safe from infection or reopening 3) Deeper wounds (ones that completlety open the dermis i.e. 1cm in) are more tricky. Bleeding will probably take a day to fully staunch and you'll have about 3 days with risk of infection and have to change bandages once or twice daily. The wound will probably take a week to be completley free of risk of opening These can leave scars. (this approximates a zombie bite) 4) Much larger wounds: ones that rip into arteries or organs can obviously kill you. These would take professional medical attention. For the sake of argument (and gameplay) unnatended you could surivive these but good luck without surgery and anesthetic. Maybe if you're blessed with a superhuman immune system you'll mange (I've heard many stories). Stitches, microsutures, sealing with a flaming metal rod... pretty much a nessesity. Start praying your organs are intact. 5) and this one is fun: As you get infected via the blood and suffer through it, your risk of infection goes down. You pick up all the vanilla ones first and the first cuts you get in your life will swell and hurt intesley. Subsequent injuries of this nature will eventually not swell or even hurt. Your body has just leaned to fight small quantities of the common infectious organismns out there. To be honest I wouldn't even dress a superfical cut now. I just wrap whatever napkin or whatever I have in my backpack round it for a little while till the bleeding stops and cary on, making sure to keep whatever digit or bodypart it is away from contact with the rock. However I still wouldn't dip it in a can of 1 mounth old rotten food. Though likley if I did that I wouldn't die. Anyway, this is real data from firsthand observation and I know how much shorter healing times are in real life to how they are in the game at the moment. It kind of spoils it for me to see the body being depicted crapper than it really is. In conclusion : More zombies: yes! lower healing times: A must. If you guys agree (or just believe me) please like the post and bump it
  4. I'm very confused about how zombie attacks work, and am very curious about the exact code involved here. The wikis don't answer this at all, and I'm not sure how to find the code involved here... 1. Is every zombie hit a chance of a punch/scratch/bite? If so, what are the percentages of each? And how do the body parts work for that, are they random? 2. According to this wiki page: http://projectzomboid.wikia.com/wiki/Zombie guard skill can limit the chance of a scratch, so can max 10 levels into guard prevent scratches? It's annoying that wiki only lists up to level 5, so I'd love to find out the values all the way up to level 10, because it doesn't seem to always be incrementing by 2. Or, with the thick skinned trait, can it prevent scratches? 3. Also on that wiki page: > There is always a 25 percent chance of being bitten. Wtf does that mean? Just some basic testing of this, there definitely isn't a 25% chance of being bitten on every zombie hit. So either that fact is entirely false, or it's missing a lot of info to it here. ------------- I just started this game with some friends, and so far I really like it. It's kinda slow (seriously cabbages take 14 IRL hours to grow?), but it's a great survival game. But if I spent a ton of time getting to end-game, and die due to a single misclick that makes me take a single zombie hit, which ends up killing me due to pure RNG, I think that's ridiculous. I really would like to know if that's the case before I continue playing this game.
  5. I wanted to point out that it is too obvious to the player when you are infected from a zombie scratch or bite. When you are not infected from a scratch, you notice right away because: 1. You are not gradually losing health 2. Your character does not become anxious My suggestion is that a scratch or bite should be less immediately obvious and should be more of a mysterious outcome until one is sure that they are not infected. Whenever one gets scratched or bitten, they should become anxious regardless if they are infected or not.
  6. BASIC POINT: Hello! This is my first suggestion and I believe I would like to see well... Wounds. See if the zombie you hit is having your hits spread around or just in the same area, seeing the gunhole on their corpse, or seeing yourself bandage your leg, waist, neck, head, etc and the bandages still stay. Basic body damage to the sprites is basically what I want to see. Like Kate in the story! Her leg was bleeding and you could see it. You also saw the bandaging after you got her healed up. I am just wanting that for our little dudes and the zombies so I can keep note of their damage. I know this would be loved for just a bit of effects or for the hardcore dudes and dudettes that want to plan out what to hit and when. So... comments?
  7. Was tossing around the idea of having zombies spawn hands as loot, then you could use those hands with sheets to line the insides or something after you clean the gunky flesh from the hands. These hands could be equipped like gloves and could be used for unarmed combat (using knife animation), also getting the knife jaw stab kill move, but have very short range and they would wear out very quick. Things I would hopefully like to see in it in lua, so this will be my first workings with lua.. Using them can cause infection, especially when you have open or bandaged wounds, to you and to any non-zombie survivor you attack with them.Using them with germ freak survivors would either not work or make you very sick while and long after using them, hardened survivors would be more tolerant.Using them or having them equipped will make other (npc) survivors automatically hate you. Thoughts anyone?
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