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Found 4 results

  1. For example bombs shouldn't be profession-locked. I think all abilities should be unlockable, books/journals give you knowledge of a (recipe for example), skill level actually lets you do it. Essentially I'd rather play it like fallout 2 with building/survival elements/cars/saving, than a linear rogue-like.
  2. Let player playing sandbox set individual population multiplier for City/rural/forest/road/etc areas.
  3. There's currently only 2 settings for respawn. On/Off. With it off, you can end up with a pretty empty world. With it on, it can feel as though all the zombie killing was for nothing. What I would enjoy is a tradeoff between the two. What I would like is a setting that modify the maximum zombie population based on the number of zombies killed so far, so that, as you kill more and more zombies, most do respawn, but gradually, the density goes down over time. Playing in a graph app, I came up with a formula in the following form. Now, I'm not attached to the actual values in the formula, or the formula itself. It's just to illustrate what I had in mind.
  4. I don't really know if i did not understand it properly, or it simply don't working. Once i set INFECTION MORTALITY to NEVER, out of curiosity. TRANSMISSION was normal, BLOOD+SALIVA. In my opinion this have to work like you can be infected, but not killed by it. But it was the same story like set to 2-3 days. Once bitten, fever, zombified then death by huge health loss. Everyone noticed this too? Is it bug, glitch, or only misunderstood setting?
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