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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Knox County, a meticulously crafted Project Zomboid server that offers a unique and immersive survival experience. Step into a post-apocalyptic world where your wits, skills, and teamwork are the only things that stand between you and the relentless hordes of the undead. Key Features: Customized Gameplay: Our server boasts a carefully curated selection of mods and tweaks, designed to enhance gameplay without sacrificing the core Project Zomboid experience. Thriving Community: Join a community of like-minded survivors, where teamwork and cooperation are the keys to long-term survival. Engage in in-game chats and forums to share tips, strategies, and stories. Persistent World: Unlike other servers, our world is persistent. That means your base, loot, and progress stay intact even when you're offline. Build, fortify, and expand your safe haven over time. Dynamic Events: Unpredictable events and challenges keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. From surprise zombie hordes to supply drops, every moment is a test of your survival skills. Roleplay-Friendly: If you're into roleplaying, you'll find a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in character-driven narratives and create your own story within the apocalyptic setting. Economy and Trade: Establish trade routes with other survivors, barter for resources, or form alliances to fortify your positions. The economy adds an extra layer of depth to the survival experience. PvP Zones: For those who crave a more competitive edge, designated PvP zones offer adrenaline-pumping combat against both zombies and other players. Engage in thrilling skirmishes, but remember, cooperation can be just as vital as combat prowess. Dedicated Staff: Our team of experienced and passionate moderators are committed to maintaining a fair, enjoyable, and lag-free environment. They're always available to assist with any concerns or questions. Regular Updates and Events: We're dedicated to keeping the server fresh and exciting. Expect regular content updates and special events to keep the gameplay experience dynamic and engaging. Join us at https://discord.gg/7TPQMJvn39 and test your survival skills in a world overrun by the undead. Will you band together with other survivors, or forge your own path in this harsh new reality? The choice is yours.
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/qnnKNuUHYa PvE Light RP IP: Port: 16261 Starting as a private server, Fleckboid has always been about a PvE experience alongside friends. We are best described as a mostly casual PvE server with some hardcore elements, emphasizing and rewarding community building and commitment. While we are a small community, we have many loyal and dedicated players who either followed us from our private days or joined during our demo run as a public server months ago. We've learned a lot as a server, and a community, during that time, and we are constantly seeking to create something unique, perfectly balanced and at least somewhat original. Mods: Primary Server Settings Quality of Life Settings Join us today and find out more!
  3. Here at New Beginnings we strive to create a player driven vanilla-lite experience. We are not a roleplay server but through the use of our dedicated admin team and a selection of hand picked 'actors' we create handcrafted stories for our player base to become a part of if they choose to with custom missions that are posted for the community to solve and storylines to piece together to achieve great rewards. We also pride ourselves of our dedicated community that has come together and created their own events for everyone to participate in. We invite anyone who wants to check out this unique experience to drop into our server or discord and experience it first hand or ask any more questions you might have about the server. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server Info IP: Port: 16361 Discord: https://discord.gg/2mUdWxwyxe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Key Features Custom Story: The admins at New Beginnings work constantly brainstorming new story ideas for the players to participate in. These stories are completely optional but if you choose to participate in them you earn yourself a permanent place in the server's lore as a hero, or a martyr. Boons: Our personal mission and story telling devices. Placed across the map for the players to find they give the holder of one of these unique boons a very special opportunity. They allow the holder to activate them and change the course of the server for the next few days, whether it's to send a massive blizzard, increase the strength of all the zombies, or even to begin an entire story arc. We give players a way to have a real server wide impact for their actions. Mod Selection: We hand pick our mods to achieve what we believe to be a great vanilla-lite experience. Vehicles, weapons, and Clothing mods are closely examined and tested for compatibility. Our mod selection also strives to be balanced and lore friendly. Vehicles and weapons fit the time period and both are what you would expect to find in 1993 Kentucky. Custom Loot and difficulty: We have fine tuned our loot distribution over the last few months and over the past 3 wipes to create a balance that keeps veteran players still having to go and loot for the things they need while new players won't struggle for hours to find a single can of beans. Using a customizable loot mod we can fine tune our loot spawns down to the individual items to better serve the community, both old and new. Reliable Host: Hosted through Ping Perfect servers we have access to the fastest of M.2 storage and 25 Gigabytes of RAM at all times.
  4. Hey guys, marked the 200 buildings anniversary that I made with this nice family sized Nuclear Bunker. It has 2 decontamination rooms, a common area, a kitchen, storage, bathroom, small armory, small medical supplies room, two shared bedrooms (F and M sleep in different rooms) and a storage room with food and freezers. It has a vent that goes outside, you can probably see it in the pictures. All is furnished and done, and yes, even the light switches are there, it's just that they are a bit hidden from view Hope you all enjoy my work for the upcoming Union City map !
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