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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Survivors, If you're hearing this broadcast, We here at Redboid offer a land of freedom and fun, a place you can do pretty much anything you like, in terms of survival.. Server Name: Redboid PVP Server IP: Server Port: 16261 Online 24/7 Public, No Whitelisting PVP / KOS everywhere ATM Trade Mod Advanced Trajectory Mods 3D, Animated Vehicles Offline Safehouses x4 EXP Gain Journals 75% XP True Crouch and Crawl Various Animations and Poses Custom Events If you’re interested please feel free to follow the links below to our Discord server, where you will gain access to full information on the server, the rules, the community and on hand help, where needed. Discord Invite: https://discordapp.com/invite/2abTaWY Server Trailer: https://youtu.be/DbWbUZHYb5U
  2. If you are not an admin/moderator, the safehouse owner or on the safehouse perm list, the right-click context menu is non-functional in that particular safehouse. • 41.73 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated Server. • No Mods. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Claim a safehouse as a player with no admin perms. 2. Bring another player over to right-click anywhere in the area the safehouse occupies. 3. None of the right-click context menu options appear. It doesn't matter what safehouse options are enabled/disabled in the server settings. I could be mistaken, but it doesn't seem like there is a check for this taking place place in the Java or LUA code base. I assume it would take place in ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua, but seems I'm wrong. The check seems to consider admin powers, safehouse perms and where you are clicking. If this is for some reason intended, could someone guide me to the source of this check so I can make a quick mod to bypass it? Preventing the context menu from appearing does not impact whether players can enter a safehouse, loot safehouse containers, or demolish within a safehouse. I need to check dismanstle, but other than that blanketly preventing the context menu from appearing for players without safehouse perms seems unnecessarily limiting.
  3. Servidor de Project Zomboid | PVE/PVP | Abierto 24/7 | Refugios con protección offline | Próximo Wipe: Próxima estable | https://discord.gg/xKuVhGazAS
  4. (I've searched for this on the forums but could not find, I'm sorry if this is a duplicated question/problem). I'm hosting a server and everything is running smoothly, except for the fact that one of the groups want to claim this house, but cannot do so. The server is set so they had to stay alive for 5 days before claiming any property. They stayed there for the correct amount of time, started some crop plantation, built some boxes and shelves and after 5 days they can't claim the house. No zombies inside the perimeter, just one player inside the house and still, no CLAIM SAFEHOUSE on right click command. Has anyone here experienced this same problem? What can prevent players from claiming structures on a multiplayer game? PS: they can claim other houses, we've checked that already
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