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Found 1 result

  1. I currently find it awkward trying to defend my safe-house. The zombies start by banging on my doors and barricaded windows trying to get in. While this is happening i can't attack them. Then they break in and its all too late to fight them off. I never really try to defend my base now because its always safer/easier to just run off making lots of noise, leading the zombies away. I think that windows might be the biggest problem at the moment. Zombies just hop straight through an open or broken window and merrily start trying to eat your brain. I think that zombies should climb through windows rather slowly and have a chance to fall over on the other side. But more importantly there should be an extra stage added where the zombie reaches through the window and prepares to climb. This would open up an opportunity to defend the window. The other side of a window would become a good place to be. It would also be nice if you could fight through barricaded (1 or 2 planks only) windows. So you could attack out and zombies could reach in and try to grab you (would be cool if zombies grabbed through windows). I don't want to damage my own barricades while defending them Also Doors could have a broken state where they have holes smashed in them but are still acting as a barrier (that you could also see through). This would allow you to fight through the holes and have awesome "Here's Johnny" moments.
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