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Found 6 results

  1. I am starting a server and am wondering if it is possible to set zones for specific things, like pvp, no building, admin only, no looting, periodic reset, etc. Is there an existing way to do this, or would it require custom modding? I have seen similar features in some of the servers I joined and would like to add it to my own. Thanks
  2. As a mapper I've felt rather limited in the appearance and more importantly detailing of my forests and farms. I'd have to go in to Tilezed to make changes like adding rocks or leaves to forests. Similarly I felt it cumbersome to have to go to each tile to fill out farmland in very specific manners. To remedy that for the last few day's I've been tweaking the rules the tools use. I've managed to add quite a lot of stuff into my maps using these edits ranging from sticks and stones to multi vegetable farms on tilled dirt. In the images I've provided each row (and one column in the second image) are a different rule set. If you want to try these out just replace the Rules in you Worlded folder and it will work perfectly. To use in Tilezed you may need to import and reload your Rules sheet. Also quick tip for Photoshop users, use the noise function, reduce tolerance to zero and select different shades to replace with any of the non food colors and it will distribute the features both randomly and in a nice spread out fashion. This way you don't have large patches of leaves or stones that don't look all that great. Rules.txt
  3. Greetings, another little mod from me and again, only useful in multiplayer. What does Coxis ServerMessage do? With Coxis ServerMessage (short: CSM) you, as in the serveradmin can display any text-information for your players that you want. This text will be displayed for every connecting player in a modal window. The player can still play the game, but the window will stay atop. If the player clicks the OK-button the window will close. How do I (=Serveradmin) edit the text? That's pretty simple: With the mod ships a CSMrules.txt, you can add your text there. Be careful to not make this to long at the moment (will get changed in a future update). Example preview: Download: Sourcecode on Github Steam Workshop
  4. What do you think about usable table ? Actually , we can put usable oblject (like radio, microwave..). Add a container capability and display (loot sprite) on table. to integer with usable object : - disable container capability when an usable object is on - or reduce container capacity and display loot on usable object. Can be used in MP for intiate exchange : if 2 person look at container : divid window in two part , above dragable container window and below display other's above part (but without draging). A classical Accept button who have to be pressed by two for exchange. more : possibility to discuss rules (modify per Player server options) like : - allow enter in safehouse. - allow watch/loot container in safehouse. - other idea ? Possibility to share crafting recipes.
  5. Modding Rules & Guidelines Modding Terms and Conditions https://projectzomboid.com/blog/modding-policy/ The Subforums and their purpose Tutorials & Resources: Tutorials and Tools for modding Project Zomboid should be posted here. Please do NOT ask for help in here. MODS: Gameplay Mods that are in a playable state and mostly bug free, but may still have added more features in the future. WIP: Unfinished mods that are being worked on and open to be tested. HELP: If you seek help with modding Project Zomboid this is the right place to ask. ITEMS: All mods that add or alter items. WIP: Unfinished mods that are being worked on and open to be tested. HELP: Ask here if you need help with the scripting functionality of PZ. MAPPING: All mods that add new maps, or alter the existing one. BUILDINGS: Finished .lots belong here. WIP: Unfinished maps / lots that are being worked on. HELP: Ask here if you need help with anything related to mapping. Mod Requests: Do you have an awesome idea waiting to be turned into a mod? This is the right place for you. Guidelines Pick an useful title for your topic that describes your mod. I suggest using the mods name. Add some tags that describe your mod so that it can be found via the forum-search. You should enter the current version of Project Zomboid in the tags and click "use first tag as prefix". Your topic will appear like this in the list now. It also can be easier found with the forum-search function. Try to describe your mod as close as possible. People won't download it, as long as they don't know what it does. If you can, add some screenshots or even better a video which shows the main features of your mod. Rules Only post content you created or have permission to use (with evidence). Ad revenue links are ONLY allowed if you also provide a direct link to the download. Don't upload mods / tools that have the purpose to damage savegames or make the game unplayable. Don't upload mods that contain racist, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content. Whether the content is "objectionable" is up to the admins. Bumping your own threads is only allowed to advertise a new version, or to share important information, not to constantly appear on top of the list. Don't create threads devoid of content, such as "Something's coming soon"or "I'm going to do this!" Describe your mod and give us something to discuss.
  6. When posting in the Mod Help section please follow these guidlines: Title Please choose a title that's short but still gives the basic idea of what you need help with. DON'T name it "question" or "help me". Instead use something like "Can't spawn items" or "How to use events". Description Describe your issue as detailed as possible. We can't help you if we don't know anything about what you have done. Please also post your mod's code (or at least the part of it that is affected). If you post your code please use the followign tags: [spoiler][code]Insert your code here.[/code][/spoiler]Show some effortWhile we are glad to help any way we can, don't expect us to write your mods for you. Mark solved problems as "Answered" I've talked to nasKo today and he gave us that nifty "answered" feature we already can find in the Support-Subforum. If your question has been answered, or your problem has been solved, please select the best answer (You can find the option right next to the reply / quote buttons). This way we can easily see which people still need help. POST YOUR SOLUTION One of the most important things: If you have found a solution outside of the thread POST IT IN THE THREAD! There is nothing worse than looking for help on a specific issue, finding a thread about that exact problem and opening it only to find the last post to be "nevermind fixed it". So once again help the community and POST THE SOLUTION (yes I'm so mad at people who do this that I use capslock). Patience Last but not least: Be patient! Don't bump your thread just because you didn't get your answer within the first 15 minutes. You won't get helped any faster and by spamming the forums you even might get yourself muted
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