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Found 8 results

  1. I've had this idea for a while and wanted to see if any people would like it, I've been messing around with some of the fallout pz mods and i also play on a lot of pz rp server so im just thinking would a fallout pz rp server be an idea people would like?
  2. Welcome to Knox County, a meticulously crafted Project Zomboid server that offers a unique and immersive survival experience. Step into a post-apocalyptic world where your wits, skills, and teamwork are the only things that stand between you and the relentless hordes of the undead. Key Features: Customized Gameplay: Our server boasts a carefully curated selection of mods and tweaks, designed to enhance gameplay without sacrificing the core Project Zomboid experience. Thriving Community: Join a community of like-minded survivors, where teamwork and cooperation are the keys to long-term survival. Engage in in-game chats and forums to share tips, strategies, and stories. Persistent World: Unlike other servers, our world is persistent. That means your base, loot, and progress stay intact even when you're offline. Build, fortify, and expand your safe haven over time. Dynamic Events: Unpredictable events and challenges keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. From surprise zombie hordes to supply drops, every moment is a test of your survival skills. Roleplay-Friendly: If you're into roleplaying, you'll find a welcoming community of fellow enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in character-driven narratives and create your own story within the apocalyptic setting. Economy and Trade: Establish trade routes with other survivors, barter for resources, or form alliances to fortify your positions. The economy adds an extra layer of depth to the survival experience. PvP Zones: For those who crave a more competitive edge, designated PvP zones offer adrenaline-pumping combat against both zombies and other players. Engage in thrilling skirmishes, but remember, cooperation can be just as vital as combat prowess. Dedicated Staff: Our team of experienced and passionate moderators are committed to maintaining a fair, enjoyable, and lag-free environment. They're always available to assist with any concerns or questions. Regular Updates and Events: We're dedicated to keeping the server fresh and exciting. Expect regular content updates and special events to keep the gameplay experience dynamic and engaging. Join us at https://discord.gg/7TPQMJvn39 and test your survival skills in a world overrun by the undead. Will you band together with other survivors, or forge your own path in this harsh new reality? The choice is yours.
  3. InWelcome to Project Insanity .a unique, immersive experience that combines the survival elements of the game with roleplaying opportunities, creating a world where players can shape their own stories and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Our server is well-modded, with carefully curated mods that enhance gameplay and make it more challenging and rewarding. We have a team of active staff members who are committed to creating a positive environment for players to enjoy, and a friendly and engaging community that welcomes new players. Features: Well-modded gameplay: Our server is carefully modded to provide an immersive, challenging, and rewarding experience for players. We added new items, weapons, and mechanics to the game, while ensuring that the core survival elements are still present. Roleplaying opportunities: Our server encourages roleplaying, with events, storylines, and player-driven interactions that allow players to shape their own stories and develop their characters. Whether you want to be a ruthless bandit or a heroic survivor, there are opportunities to do so. Active staff: Our team of staff members are active and committed to creating a positive environment for players. They are available to answer questions, resolve issues, and ensure that everyone is playing fairly and having fun. Engaging community: Our community is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. New players are always welcome, and there are plenty of opportunities to make friends, join groups, and participate in events. Reasons to Join: Unique and immersive gameplay: Our server offers a unique experience that combines the survival elements of the game with roleplaying opportunities, creating a world where players can shape their own stories and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Well-modded gameplay: Our carefully curated mods add new items, weapons, and mechanics to the game, ensuring that players have a challenging and rewarding experience. Active staff: Our team of staff members are committed to creating a positive environment for players, and are always available to answer questions and resolve issues. Engaging community: Our community is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive, with plenty of opportunities to make friends, join groups, and participate in events. Roleplaying opportunities: Our server encourages roleplaying, with events, storylines, and player-driven interactions that allow players to shape their own stories and develop their characters. Our Discord Code is: https://discord.gg/BMZep7BGG5
  4. Do you want to be a warlord of post zombified Knoxville and carve out your own territory? How about a trader making your living brokering deals with factions who refuse to trade together? Or do you just want to rebuild spiffos restaurant empire one franchise at a time? Here on the all new Morningstar RP we have a spot for you, be you new or a pro. We have a friendly player base who will happily help you learn and some sweaty Factions who would love the chance to declare war on your own. So come make your mark and go down a legend of this new world. You may die but your story will live on if it's worth telling. (IP= Port=25566) Full support via discord https://discord.gg/zpCPzwcemp -All chat reserved for ooc. Trade between factions, make alliances or declare war the choice is yours. -32 Spots at once -Friendly community -Set Radio channel (1000) for Faction to faction communication -New Zealand and Australia based community but all are welcome. -Safehouse respawn enabled -Pvp allowed but PvE encouraged -Join a established Faction or start your own. Hope to see you there
  5. *pst* Calling all survivors! This is Ranger Tony from Deerhead lake, Amaranth PvP - RP server is looking for more like minded people to role play. *kst* So come on down and roleplay your role to survive. [h1]Details below[/h1] IP: Port: 31600 Server Settings PvP: On Day Length: 10 Hours Water & Electricity:Power & Water are now off Events: Sometimes Loot Rarity: Common Traits: 30 free Starter Kit Mini Map: on Scheduled Server Restarts: 12am est and 6pm est [h1]RULES[/h1] No KOS Kill on Sight unless two factions have agreed-upon a fight, or both parties have made a mutual introduction and understand why combat is occurring. You must value your character's life and the lives of other characters at all times. Therefore, your character's personality and mannerisms should portray fear when faced with a life threat. For example, if you have a gun pointed at you, put your hands up. [h1]Server Mods[/h1] Water dispenser True actions Act 2 lying true actions act 3 dancing buffys roleplay chat survivor radio road between fort knox and bedford falls fort know linked to eerie country authentic z antibodies eris minimap - Press HOME to activate **Much more - Check the discord! Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/VucaGjZ4An <END OF RADIO TRANSMISSION>
  6. *You hear a broadcast over the radio* ``` Jesus. The truth is, for so long, I'd forgotten what my old life was like. I've been stuck in one place . And then, i was in muldraugh in the woods trying to escape the undead and that's when i met a few folks....i fought and fought and fought to get them out of there and that's what i did...we stuck together for a while... for the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again. I started to feel happy. Someone Once Asked Me why do we fall?...he said so we can learn to pick ourselves up again. as a man im flesh and blood i can die but The NWO as a symbol...as a symbol it can be incorruptible..everlasting ..when we are long dead and gone The New World Order will live on...continuing to be that symbol of hope But I know the world is changing for the worse And I guess... if i'm being really honest, that's what scares me. I don't want things to change. I've had enough loss in my life 10 times over So I think maybe that's why I ..eh began broadcasting, to try to maybe... stop that change and make the world just a little bit better. To turn back the clock. To make things go back to how they were. But I know that's naïve. It's just... not how life works. It's moving. Always moving whether you like it or not. And yeah, sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's surprising. but eh *chuckles* if your looking for some glimpse of hope out in this violent god forsaken world come to Hidden Valley under the control of The New World Order for a better life. ``` *End of broadcast* Hello Survivors we hope to get our old pz rp community going again we are an old community back in the early days of pz here is a link to our discord https://discord.gg/5m9PthC anyone back from the old days will remember the days of camp home for anyone interested once the mp in iwbums is tested our server will be going live! see you all out there
  7. Hey, it has been a while but im back with a new Server. Come and have some fun! Welcome to the .-. .-..-. .-. ,'|"\ ,---. .--. ,'|"\ | | | || \| | | |\ \ | .-' / /\ \ | |\ \ | | | || | | | | \ \ | `-. / /__\ \ | | \ \ | | | || |\ | | | \ \| .-' | __ | | | \ \ | `-')|| | |)| /(|`-' /| `--.| | |)| /(|`-' / `---(_)/( (_)(__)`--' /( __.'|_| (_)(__)`--' (__) (__) .-. .-.,-. ,--, .-. .-. _______ .--. ,---. ,---. | \| ||(|.' .' | | | ||__ __||\ /| / /\ \ | .-.\ | .-' | | |(_)| | __ | `-' | )| | |(\ / |/ /__\ \| `-'/ | `-. | |\ || |\ \ ( _)| .-. | (_) | (_)\/ || __ || ( | .-' | | |)|| | \ `-) )| | |)| | | | \ / || | |)|| |\ \ | `--. /( (_)`-' )\____/ /( (_) `-' | |\/| ||_| (_)|_| \)\ /( __.' (__) (__) (__) '-' '-' (__)(__) THE SIMPLE VERSION RULES No KOS! (killing on sight) No griefing or unnecessary damage to Safehouses and belonging cars! A MORE EXPLAINED VERSION RULES We don't like to enforce many rules, we want our players to be free to enjoy the experience and do what they like. However, we do have to enforce just a short list of rules to ensure the roleplay aspect of the server remains in play. No KOS KOS, or Kill On Sight, is absolutely not allowed. We believe this is what makes regular PZ servers feel more like a deathmatch. Eliminating this problem will help roleplay feel better and more genuine. We do not condone KOS on our servers. Do not be mistaken with "no killing at all", you can absolutely kill people, thats why the servers are PVP. Here is an example of what is and what is not considered KOS. Telling a player to put their hands up and drop their gear. The player refuses so you shoot them. That would be perfectly fine and not KOS. Running into a town, spotting a player and trying to kill them. That is not okay and is KOS. When is KOS Allowed? KOS is enabled at Feasts, Vehicle events and Raiding/defending a base. No griefing or unnecessary damage to Safehouses and belonging cars! No abusing of the NO PVP Zones Griefing it, stealing from it, camping it out etc is not allowed at all. Admins spend a lot of time building these places for players to own shops and sell/trade items or simply to help new Players. These are safezones where there is no killing, no bandit behavior and no stealing. No combat logging This goes without saying but combat logging is against the rules. Whether its a gunfight, a robbery or an admin trying to speak to you, combat logging is not tolerated here. Combat logging is where a player disconnects from the server in the middle of a gunfight or altercation to avoid being killed or things of the sorts. (rules will most probably be revised!) Public Server List Name: [EU/DE] - Undead Nightmare - PVP/RP - Public - XP x3 hosted by Nitrado in Frankfurt, Germany. IP: Port: 16261 20 Slots Mods currently installed: Help to create a fresh EU PZ Community. Option to make the Server have more Slots is always given.... also any suggestions are much appreciated! Come Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/kJ6c2rB Only 3 Accounts per User (contact me via Discord when encountering Problems logging in!) Thanks for taking your Time, now good luck & have fun
  8. Project Zomboid - Next Day - часть русскоязычного ролевого сообщества - www.fonextday.ru Особенности сервера: Открытый ролевой сервер;Версия IWBUMS 26На сервере действют ролевые правила, предполагающие отгрыш - поведение и действие исключительно от лица персонажа правила тутСервер имеет игровых мастеров и регулярно администрируется;Форум комьюнити, подраздел PZ в самом низу - www.fonextday.ru/forum-2Мощности сервера: 6 vCores CPU12 GB RAM100 Mbit/s онлайн 24/7регулярная профилактикавайп по необходимости Как начать играть: Прочтите правила сервера Project Zomboid; Запустить игровой клиент, выбрать Join Server; Указать IP: В графе Username - указать имя и фамилию персонажа - русскими буквами; В графе Password - указать пароль; Нажать Quick Join; Ждать соединение и играть;Игровые правила сервера: Правила Ниже переведен список правил действующих в рамках сервера. За нарушение любого правила вас могут предупредить о нарушении либо забанить на сервере Список правил и игровых понятий. Может и будет пополняться со временем. 1. Своей ролью игрок содействует истории мира, сеттингу и поддерживает атмосферность игры; 2. Игрок действует исключительно от лица персонажа и следует логике и характерным чертам персонажа; 3. *Эмоут* – отображение действий и эмоций персонажа, которые невозможно выразить механикой игры. В чате оформляется с помощью символа "*"; 4. Глобальный чат используется как местное радио. Выжившим посчастливилось найти рацию и слышать эфир. Злоупотребление радиоканалом приведет к его отключению в рамках одной игровой сессии; 5. Вещи на сервере конечны и не добавляются в игру игровыми мастерами (за редким исключением), базовое количество зомби тоже конечно, однако орды будут создаваться игровыми мастерами в случае необходимости; 6. Игра проходит в рамках сессии – до момента когда мир становиться "слишком пустым" из-за действий игроков Подразумевается практические полное отсутствие вещей и активных зомби. А таком случае происходит полный или частичный вайп мира; 7. Полный вайп – карта принимает начальный вид, все убитые зомби вновь активны, полный ресет лута. Частичный вайп – зомби оживают, частичный ресет лута, здания и постройки игроков не обновляются; 8. Строго запрещается грабить базы игроков, изолированные от зомби во время отсутствия в игре их владельцев. Изолированность от зомби подразумевает невозможность последних свободно проникнуть на территорию базы. Наказание – перманентный бан; 9. Имя персонажей отображается над их головой, -это не значит, что ваш герой знает это имя, отыграйте знакомство. Если нет, то относитесь к персонажу как к незнакомцу; ВАЖНО: Имя персонажа указывается в строке LOGIN при выборе сервера. Именно оно будет отображаться в игре. 10. Все имена персонажей пишутся по-русски и соответствуют сеттингу; 11. Хорошим тоном считается отыграть состояния персонажа – плохое настроение, боль, перегрузка, паника – игра сигнализирует вам о них иконками, а вы выражаете их окружающим своими *эмоутами*. Это добавляет атмосферности; 12. Хорошим тоном считается отыграть черты характера и особые карьеры, выбираемые при создании персонажа; 13. На данный момент доступные встроенные карьеры: пожарный, полицейский, парковый смотритель, охранник, строитель, безработный. Каждая карьера кроме последней дают незначительный бонус к чему либо и не считаются ролевой карьерой персонажа. Тоесть игрок волен сам указать профессию своего персонажа в квенте не ссылаясь на игровой выбор; 14. Запрещен метагейм – использование игровой информации, полученной не игровым путем. Например, вы прочил на форуме или услышали в скайпе о чем-то происходящем в мире – это не занчит, что ваш персонаж знает об этом. Помните игрок и персонаж – разные личности; 15. Запрещено договорное РП – отыгрыш ролей с целью получения взаимной выгоды или обмен игровой информацией якобы в рамках игрового взаимодействия - приравниваеться к метагейму; 16. Запрещен павергейм – проще говоря намеренный "качь" персонажа. Только представьте себе фермера из Кентуки, который решил помахать топором, чтобы "прокачать" себе владение топором. 17. "Честная игра" – обще игровое понятие, подразумевает честность во взаимодействии игроков во время процессов не обусловленных игровой механикой. Так например, пока не реализовано окно обмена вещами между персонажами, оказание мед помощи одним персонажем, другому, нет возможности запереть двери (только заколотить досками). Подобные недостатки могут вызвать злоупотребления не очень добросовестными игроками; 18. Нарушители "Честной игры" подлежат наказанию и отстранению от игрового сервера;
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