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Found 6 results

  1. I've extended the Roofs_01-05 and walls exterior_roofs01-09 to fill out the lower roofs including those that didn't have any. The new files have "_extension" added to the end so you'll have to update Tilesets.txt to see them in the editor. Ive include a txt with the code snippets in the file below. (question for devs, some of the tiles displays a lot of white tiles at the bottom? and I don't know how to fix it.) Download
  2. hi, and sorry for my english Guys, at the new patch, we how never, nedded a view from a window. Actualy it's explain a blocking view, and than you drop from window - you drop at the arms of zombie, create a function to look under windows, and for seen this to the players on the site of the sight. It's unreal stupid to be in the arms of zombies now, then we had no choise, then we have micro bash from animation on the drop of window. And some interesting stuff i think: - More treats and functiones for the medicine in multiplayer, like a medical death or anesthesia for surgery. - Most of peoples ( who playing long part) complain, becouse them don't have more cosmetic for the house, like a wallpapers, more posters... it's little thing... - We must do something for the loosing weight, this like unreal... or we must have a some dieta stuff, like a food, or we must have a training stuff, for helps a loosing weight. Or diarrea tablets x) - Do tattos into body >:D (by the one for each killed zombie of course x) ) - I think for the gamers who love radio, be a good present a Radio-tower and re-transponder, who dublicated a signal. And i think useful do a repeater, who can take a cassette and be recorded and played to the broadcasting. - Actualy most of peoples interesting at the bulding a roof on their buldings, for creating a more good visible. All live at the boxes, you know, how long it's be)
  3. If you build stairs, then a floor as a roof, and then cover the stairs, you can still climb the stairs all the way to the roof and get stuck up there. And have to jump down again
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. Roof tiles are the only ones that won't loose their snow texture once something is built overhead (wood floors). All other tiles don't behave this way : grass, dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt, floors, etc It makes for some strange sights For now, the solution is simple enough : build wood floors over the roofs. However, I suggest a change to them in the medium to long run.
  5. There is a bug *most likely the creators already know about it* where player made roofs don't disappear when you are inside and I think the reason this glitch happens is because most roofs in project zomboid are slanted so it counts it as a ground floor so thats why it doesn't disappear. its pretty annoying when your a creative player trying to make a awesome base and come to realize the roof/2nd floor isn't disappearing so placing down stuff inside is nearly impossible.
  6. Shooting down to street level from higher floors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the many strategies I've used, is rush with a buddy to a 2nd story building and barricade the door leading to the ladder. Sometimes there is a LOT of hordes waiting for me outside. It's kind of frustrating being able to see some of them but not being able to shoot. So what if, When standing next to a window, if you shoot it shoots on the first floor. This would work very well once, hunting rifles come out, you just sit on your safehouse, and if you see a zed. just Shoot. I would also like to implement the idea of being able to peek and look down windows. Because sometimes that's where i'm jumping down to, and sometimes there's just zombies waiting for me there.
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