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Found 8 results

  1. https://discord.gg/8xu6D9eXvg https://lastdayzrp.com (soon) Join Last Dayz RP today! Last Dayz Roleplay is a premiere text-based roleplay community that welcomes new players of Project Zomboid and everyone else. Our server slots are set at 64, meaning the server can keep under 64 people on the server, and we have a very great modpack for you all to enjoy! For now, we will not be a season-based server, at least until the server grows! But alongside this, we have player-ran, and admin ran events for you to enjoy, another note; we are newbie friendly. To join the server you need to fill out a short application form, but it is quite simple! IP: Port: 28400 Currently we're password protective, join the community discord today to apply and get access to the server!
  2. https://discord.gg/daysend # Join Day's End! **Day's End is a season-based server that welcomes new players and veterans.** Our server fits up to 100 players, and we use an extensive modpack, including some commissioned by and for Day's End. Each season has brand new lore, brand new challenges, and brand new stories created by players like YOU. We have high effort staff-run NPC events, a bustling discord community, and are beginner-friendly! We require a server access form to join, but they're both pretty simple and will help you in character creation! IP: Port: 27600 *The server is password protected, you must go through our application process to gain access.* -- We have an average of 50 players online during peak hours. Staff from Every timezone.
  3. Welcome to Project Knox RP. We are a small roleplay community hoping to grow into an active non-toxic community, We welcome you with open arms if your interested in Joining! Projext Knox Lore: It all began on June 13th, 2021, but let's re-wind, On December 27th, 2020, the Knox Military Base had animals as well as human life undergo unethical and classified testing. The Center for Disease Control would also be assisting the KMB (Knox Military Base) with the Development of a virus that could be used to for attacks against any nation deemed a threat. There were 5 scientists who were in charge of developing the virus with about 20 i total working under the 5 Scientists. they’ve named it PK-10. This project ran throughout the year, until June 13th, 2021. On that day, alarms sounded throughout the Military Base’s halls in the early morning. One of the infected test subjects with PK-10 had escaped his chamber due to a power shortage in the facility. Four C.D.C Scientists have been bitten, and turned. The Infection spread like wildfire in Fort Knox, with living dead on a complete rampage, sending things into mayhem and wreaking havoc day and night. Getting past blockades and different security measures. Nothing seemed to stop them from spilling more blood and their hunger for it. On June 14th, 2021, the U.S Army was sent to Kentucky to secure it, throughout days and nights, all you could hear were the bloodcurdling screams and the deafening gunfire. The Virus has been contained inside of Kentucky, and the military fights day and night, bombing runs, attacks to make sure it stays contained. ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ Our server is hosted by GTX gaming. https://discord.gg/vQ5gEEJY5y
  4. Hey there! I am an admin of a Roleplaying Community called "Lockdown RP" and we are starting our server on the 28th of January. If anybody is interested shoot us over on discord and have a read on the server lore and then send us over an application! We are a modded server, with the modlist being released soon! Hope to see you in Wilson County real soon! https://discord.gg/z2BgMdpGna
  5. Fuck John and his love for the bottle. I told Kim we should have never taken him in. "But what about his family?" she whined. Fuck him and his family. They ruined the safehouse. Got half us killed. And I don't know if Kim is even still alive. Maybe I'm better off. Not the first time a great piece of ass got me in trouble. Haha. I hope she packed a bug out bag like I told her to. I told her to head south if trouble came, and boy did it ever. Too much whiskey in John. Got in a fight with his old lady and fired off the shotgun. Oh Lord did the zeds for miles around hear that shit! Hundreds of them knocked down the walls. I don't feel bad at all ripping the shotgun out of his hands and pushing him into the beasts. Serves him right. Fucking drunk, abusive asshole. Grabbed my bag and got the hell out of dodge. Only turned back once to see a flaming chaos coming from the compound. Fucking complacency kills. No crying over spilt brains I guess. Time to hit up Knox county and see what the situation is like there. Before the radio went out there were reports of a miltary run refugee camp south of Muldraugh. See if I can get some good loot there and build me a solo shack....for me and Kim if I can ever find her again. I never did learn from my mistakes..... DEAD PIXELS has been launched. Welcome to 6 months after the apocalypse has started. . The community will decide how the story and settings progress. Currently it's 6 months after the outbreak with limited survivors in the area. Just search DEAD PIXELS in the public listing *Edited Current settings as of 15 Octoberish Food Rare, Other loot uncommon, Guns/Ammo High There is still a stockpile of items from when settings were high and there are a few maps that have not been touched. Respawn every 6 hrs IRL Most maps (Dreadwood, New Denver, Downtown, Bedford Falls, Pine Grove, Phoenix, Drayton to name a few) Several Mods including the 2 favorites, Hydro/ORGM. You start with a generous starter kit with the background of a seasoned survivor who was forced to move into the Knox Area after your old safe house was overrun. You can also keep up and chat with the server when not in game via DISCORD (Dead Pixels DISCORD link) We have an auto translator as well. It detects your base game language and will translate accordingly unless you turn it off for game chat. Also We do not reset unless a game update somehow forces it. Server Busiest times are in US evening time. (10-20 players)
  6. Hi, so recently there has been a topic regarding permanent scars on your health panel, which was quite interesting to watch and read, lot of people liked the idea, myself included and it got me thinking a little, why not take it a little bit further, now there is way more ways about doing this, but here is the core idea. So, as a long time survivalist and an absolute idiot at times I tend to break my face over a lot of objects (jumping out of windows on a second floor and shattering my legs into million pieces is my absolute favourite or setting my rear end on fire while cooking that one's good too) and honestly, if you were to break your leg in a zombie apocalypse, thats a pretty heavy injury to sustain and without a doctor around, even splinted there is real possibility you would suffer some sort of permanent damage or psychological impact of some sort. So, the idea is to have a character after such a heavy injury gain some sort of a "stat penalty" or affection to them say you break your leg and there would be a chance your character would not recover to 100% movement speed after that, rather maybe 80% max, not so much to make it a pain moving about, but still enough for you to notice and to not consider these kind of injuries just like any other scratch. But physical injuries also often incur some psychological impact as well, someone who has had pretty heavy burn happen to them probably isnt going to be all that comfortable around a fire, or someone who slit their arm open and bled all over the floor when crawling through a broken window would be more conscious about it the next time. As far as the cosmetic side of things the most obvious things would be the scars or slightly "missaligned" limbs from having a bone grow back a bit crooked, maybe a limp and stuff like that, it would add a little bit of flavour and more realism, it would also encourage the player to again be more wary about heavy injuries. Another thing was that not only bad things would come from this say, which is another thing I want to mention, over-time perks. We all know there are traits at the start when you create your character, but when you begin you are still just your regular Joe who just found out there are a lot of deaders roaming outside, the only thing to you is just your natural talents. These perks I had in mind would be more alongside the experience through surviving. Say you use the fire axe to chop of zombie bits all over the place, after a few hundred kills(or levels in blade profficiency) you would learn where and how to cut them better and with a little bit less effort, making you tire slightly less when swinging your weapon of choice. Or say you like to keep your distance and shoot them suckers from a far, after some time you would have enough guns gone through your hands you would learn to understand them a bit better, increasing the maximum and decreasing the minimum range or maybe learning how to stuff a few extra bullets into a mag for maximum efficiency. Now you could argue that these improvements is what the levels are there for, however I mean them as lets call them milestones in your progression, since experience right now is a steady line, it would be nice to have a little bonus for reaching the higher levels, by making them a little bit more impactful that way. All in all I would imagine some people would find permanent penalties for such things annoying so probably have this be an option/feature that could be checked in a sandbox or the options menu (similar to reloading) would probably be required. Anyway I'm sure this was suggested before in bits and pieces, so I just had thrown it all together in my brain and if not an official feature, it would make a cool mod at least.
  7. After a while role-playing on a few unstable servers I decided it was time to get a host, to try and give the community the same experience but on a more stable level. The whole point of this server is to serve as the base in which new stories are created, while still managing to be a fun experience for everyone. It's up 24/7 and for now, it's limited to 8 slots, although I'm open to expand it if the userbase grows. There aren't many rules to follow, but there are some that need to be kept in mind while playing, in order for everyone to have a fun experience: - PLEASE DO NOT BURN DOWN BUILDINGS. This is one of the main ones. Burning too many buildings means a server reset and that means lost progress. No one likes lost progress -Please keep in character while on the server. That means you need to use a real name and talk in character. Back stories are appreciated. Remember to use " [Your message] " to talk out of character and " *R* " to talk in global (*R* stand for radio). -Do not be a jerk. It's ok to be a bandit. It's ok to act and and talk like a bandit. It's not ok to be constantly killing the same player on sight while harassing the admins and disrespecting the rules or warnings. Be respectful. -Each In game community can make their own community rules. That means whatever community takes you in can enforce their personal rules. If you don't abide by them, they are free to do whatever they want with you. Don't complain to the admins that you were killed because you just had a gun out, when they warned you not to carry guns inside their base (for example). Those are pretty much it. Remember, the admins are willing to kick/ban players if they don't want to follow the rules, and if it happens too much, the server will become whitelist only. I hope you all have a great time. Edit: Server is now whitelist only because of this. Please pm me your in-game name, or post the info on this thread and I will add you to the server. Server IP: Port: 16361
  8. Hello there! I just started this roleplaying server and hope to have more people joining up, it should be up 24/7 and is a public server. The ApCom Radio mod has been enabled in the server. Only local chat is allowed in order to hopefully be more immersive for the players. In combination with the radio mod enabled, this should give a nice touch to game. There is co op and pvp, it all depends on the situation and the persons in it, but regardless of the outcome of an encounter, it is mandatory for all to roleplay as much as possible. Also, only use OOC if strictly necessary. OOC example: Player 1: "OOC, Oh my god, there is lag!"Player 2: "OOC, No, theres not, this server is awesome!" IC example:Player 1: "I'm sure this madness this won't last forever, IT CAN'T last forever. Someone will come to rescue us sooner or later! They will heal you right up!"Player 2: "It's pointless..! You can't help me! I've been bitten..! I'm sick and I know I'm going to die soon." Speaking OOC while in IC will be penalized with being kicked out of the server and if repeated enough times will result with a ban. OOC=Out of character.IC=In character. -----------------------------------------------ApCom Radio Mod Installation----------------------------------------------------------------- A friend and I have been working on an installer for the mod so that the installation process is as easy as possible and with no complicated steps, in order to make a smooth install for anyone interested in our server. Another reason for the installer is that the mod needed some slight modification to make multiplayer work with build 29.4, in terms of where certain files go to certain folders. Its all smooth sailing from now on. Anyways, here is the link for the installer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1lin9q9rd927bj/ApCom%20-%20Radio%20Mod%20Installer.rar?dl=0 These are the simple steps in order to install the mod: 1) Make sure that Project Zomboid is closed.2) Double click on "Install ApCom - Radio Mod". Don't worry, no viruses at all. We promise. 3)Run Project Zomboid. Once on the menu, close the game, then start the game up again. 4)Enjoy! Its as simple as that! Be aware that when you wish to play in other servers that do not use the ApCom radio mod, you will need to run the uninstaller, which is of course included in the link up there. ------------------------------------------------Playing with the ApCom Radio Mod----------------------------------------------------- 1-There are 12 different frequencies to use. The standard that we will use is 3.725 so its easier to get in touch but you are free to use any you want. 2-There are different walkie talkies, with different ranges.3-You must equip the radio as secondary.4-You need a battery for the for the walkie talkies.5-Be sure to turn the radio on.6-Once you have a radio with battery, turned on and equipped as a secondary, press "T" for local chat and what you write will be sent through the radio on the frequency that you chose. There is a HAM radio to be found, cassettes and cassette recorders. You can record on the tapes and play them through the HAM radio on a loop if you want. For more info, here is the link of the ApCom radio mod from its creator, TurboTuTone: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8943-apcom-ham-radios-walkie-talkies-spmp/ TurboTuTone is now part of the PZ dev team, so hopefully we can see this awesome mod becoming a part of the official game soon, like what happened with the erosion system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, lets create some interesting stories here for all involved here, a story that keeps on evolving to epic proportions! The server is public and you should be able to find it, but here is the IP: Port: 16261 At any rate, looking forward to play with more likeminded people! Have fun, keep it clean and watch out...they are coming to get you... P.S: Serious roleplaying for serious players. EDIT: Updated post to include info regarding the ApCom Radio mod that has now been enabled on the server!
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