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Found 46 results

  1. For start im french and i stopped school very early in my life , so im really sorry for my bad english , i try to do my best. Rpitems is a mod that will add new Role Play things , like new items (usless or not) with new functions and some surprise . I will update the mod every 2 weeks and telling you the new features . Actually its the first version of the mod so there is not much adds . See lower for the features . If u have any suggestions or ideas let me know . Download Features Credits
  2. AGN - NewDawn Roleplay Server - Now with Hydrocraft mod! Server info: Server status: ONLINE 64GB dedicated server - 16GB RAM allocated - 1GB connection Hard reset is rare. Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 24 Build: Current. Admins: ModdedTibby, Nolan, NobodyClaimedThis, Pika, Soilfox, Unicorn, Gramperoonie, Candybar, Jacey, Chris6000, Pann We'll see you at: http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Server Lore As an addition to our server, we've got lore to enhance the roleplay experience. We're currently VERY close to a complete wipe, where we start all over on the server. Now's the best time to join! ____________________________________________________________________________________ So, what else can you expect from this server? - A storyline! To make the roleplay more realistic and interesting, we have a storyline going. Any major events or happenings, - An awesome community! Our server has a very friendly and outgoing community, which is welcoming to new players. - In-depth roleplay! We take our roleplay very seriously and do our best, to keep the standards high, to get the best possible experience for everyone, experienced and inexperienced alike. Everyone's welcome! - Frequent events! It's not just up to the players, to keep the server interesting! The admins do their part too. Which is why we have frequent events and various mini-events on the server. We will keep you entertained! - Daily Quests! So your group isn't online? Fear not! We'll make sure to entertain you! The admins will make sure to keep you entertained with new quests every single day. - New to roleplay? Fear not! On NewDawn there's room for improvement. Even if you aren't an experienced roleplayer, you're free to apply and develop your skills. There's a lot of help to get too, both to new players and to experienced players. - Tough environment! The zombie apocalypse isn't easy! NewDawn combines a rough environment with roleplay, making surviving an actual challenge, which also makes room for character development. Loot is hard to come by! - We've got PVP! No killing on sight, but PVP is allowed! We've got some strict rules, that prevents players from just going around killing everyone, with no motive. Even so, living in a post-apocalyptic world is risky, so don't get too comfy. Anything can happen!
  3. Hi everyone, i've decided to start my server up again for build 33.5 as i can't find a server that currently fits my needs. I'm gonna be running the server as much as i can depending on how many people decide to join me. Please join using a realistic name or you will kicked until you do. Ex. Gerald Davidson IP: Port: 16261 Spots available: 14 Mods: Hydrocraft and Littering
  4. 4.7.2014 aka 28 days after the epidemic. Name: Jack Prefey Age:28 Gender:Male semblance:Brown hair, skinny. Wearing: Dark blue vest, white trousers and black shoes Any extra information:his 7 years old daughter got bitten 5 days ago and his wife died to cancer last year. He don't speak alot about it. Current location: Abandoned restaurant. Muldraugh 6.48am. I woke up to noise coming from outside the abandoned restaurant where me Jack Prefey and few others have made our safe heaven. I decide to watch what is going on outside and I saw three of those thing there standing and making noises. Water shut off about week ago so we made barrel to outside to collect rain water. Well I could eat now some baked beans. I'm starwing. I try to wake up my daughter to eat some but she don't wake, meaby she is just tired from staying up so late last night. I changed her bandage and the bite look worse than yesterday, but I hope she get better. 11.45am. Everybody have waked up expect my daughter and I'm keeping guard. We don't have lot of weapons. Only kitchen knife, hammer that we found about 3 weeks ago and my friend baseball bat. I borrowed baseball bat from him today to help me guarding this place. We have lot of empty bottles and only few cans of food. I guess we have to go loot again. I asked around do anyone wanna go loot the nearby mini mall with me.::
  5. So, I just bought PZ and a new computer, so I decided to give it a shot. This is the official PZ server of the Ezreb Clan! (Ezreb Clan is my non-existant fanbase) Server Details: Build 32.3 IWBUMS Mods: Apcom http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8943-apcom-ham-radios-walkie-talkies-spmp/ PVP IP: Ezreb.dtdns.net Port: 16261 RP Background: Your background can be whatever you want. The only requirement is that your character does not KoS! You can be a murderer, sure, but you have to be, say, a contract killer, and not just kill everybody that you see. Also, please nothing that is "messed up," i.e. a rapist. Please, just, just don't. Rules: Do not KoS. I already mentioned this. KoSing, if I decide that's what it was, is punishable by a 2-hour ban. Do not destroy player buildings. I had plans in the works to only allow destruction while the owner of the building is online, but decided against it. Destroying player buildings will be punished by a 12-hour ban. The server has global chat disabled. To communicate with others, you can use local chat. "What if I want to talk to my friend when we are apart?" Get some walkie talkies from ApCom! Once powered, turned on, and equipped, your local chat will be sent to other people with walkie talkies (as long as they are on the same frequency and are within range) I hope you have fun on my server! See you online!
  6. The Treehouse You can apply here: http://sillyandstrange.com/forums/ We want to create a unique and fun experience for everyone who decides to join. We are very set on our rules, and will do interview for this WHITELISTED server on TeamSpeak for anyone that wants to join. You can apply via the forums. Rules The rules can be found on the forums along with all of the other information you need. Here you can find the Doc containing the various rules (Think Altis Life for ArmA, except integrated into Zomboid) on how to play. You will also find the mods that are currently on the server, and some instructions on how to install each one. Mods We are using New Denver, TWD Prison, and the Hydrocraft mods currently. Hours The server is up 24/7! Manual restarts occasionally so that we don't see lag spikes. --- Basically we're looking to start some really cool activities. We want groups to form naturally. We've set up RP standards on the server so that KOS/Raiding isn't problematic and only forms naturally. We're open for suggestions for different things: Rule changes, events that will form via admin (DM), etc. We're also planning different types of events. Certain things where we set off Choppers (Trollocopters) and announce to everyone that a "drop" has been made somewhere on the map. Certain things like these would be first come, first serve and create some healthy competition. The zombies are set to Insane, loot spawn is set to rare, and respawn of loot is set to none. Forum regular Syfy is one of the admins, and myself the other. So we can do quick interviews with people to get them in game. We've also set up team rooms for people who want to group up. Other streamers are welcome also. And we can always add more team rooms depending on the amount of teams we end up having! If there are any questions, let me know!
  7. I've started a dedicated server with a buddy of mine. This is based on early RE Lore, between the times of Resident evil 1 and 2, in my personal opinion the glory days of the franchise. And if you're a fan of both Project Zomboid and RE chances are you feel the same. Raccoon City - population 26,649 Raccoon City is a small industrial city located in the Midwestern United States. Under the guidance of the Mayor Michael Warren, it has grown rapidly, transforming from a quaint hamlet in the Arklay Mountains to an industrialized metropolis by the investments of the Umbrella Corporation. However, the city's expansion and modernization appear to be accompanied by a spiraling crime rate. A series of bizarre cannibal homicides occurred in the forests of the Arklay Mountains north-west of the city. Victims being mostly hikers and campers who ventured into the forest. The Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D) has been at a loss to explain or stop the phenomenon, blaming it on cult activity. The R.P.D has however, established the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) as a countermeasure to the wave of crime. --------- So down to the nitty gritty: This is a roleplay server, the map used is Bedford Falls. We're looking for players familiar with the lore from the fixed-angle SURVIVAL HORROR era of Resident Evil. As far as I'm concerned, while 4 and 5 somewhat had redeeming qualities this is where Capcom began to lose it's way. Regardless the time this takes place is somewhere between the Spencer Mansion incident and the Raccoon City outbreak. Players will begin with a starting loadout, including a pen and journal (Remember ink ribbons?!) and a few other helpful things one would expect to see in their inventory at the beginning of the games. Players are encouraged to document their trials and tribulations, and leaving their stories behind for the next survivor to scratch the surface of what truly happened in Raccoon CIty, much like the real games. This is not a smash and grab, loot everything and kill everything type of server. I'm looking for team oriented people willing to work together for the greater good, to survive. Running around willy nilly with pockets full of loot and nowhere to go WILL get you killed, there is a HIGH congestion of slow mindless face munchers in urban areas. Also with the current loot levels and the low player cap finding what you need shouldn't be a problem, but the trip to get it may. PVP is not optional, but unless it pertains to the story or your particular character's archetype running around shooting everyone you see for the sake of killing will not be permitted. What this means is you have to be careful in groups, swing an axe too close to a friend, or hail shotgun bullets at a zombie while your teammate is in your line of fire will leave you with one less friend. Or slowing you down on the return from a supply run because your teammate is bleeding out all over the street. This is both good and bad, as accidents can happen but I believe that makes things all the more interesting. Especially the stress of coming across a stranger and deciding whether to trust them or not, because nobody is immune from a bullet to the head. This is why good group dynamics are key. The story is laid out, origins remain, how true we stick to the way the virus spread is still up in the air. Same general idea, but possibly the plan to destroy the Spencer Mansion was a failure.. If so what happened to Chris, Jill, Barry, and Wesker, and the remaining survivors of Bravo Team? Perhaps the outbreak would have reached the city much faster had they not destroyed the labs. Was Raccoon city quarantined in time? or has the virus made it's way across the state? Was it too late to cleanse the city by leveling it to the ground? Who are you? What is your part in all of this? The server is up 24/7, the details are still being worked out and open to any and all suggestions as far as configurations, starting load-out, story, and any cool ideas in general. Currently: Zombies: Insane 3 Hour days No PVP button (noone is magically impervious to bullets, or any other type of damage) Loot: common. Not so common it's unrealistic. (Everything happened so fast anybody who took the time to pack up before attempting to get the hell out of Raccoon City probably died) Zombies Respawn once a week +100 (Number will be changed, but as the days pass more people get dragged out of hiding and forced to join the zombie ranks, etc.) The endgame of all this is, the end is nigh. The city is already a deadly place for the unwary, as time passes it will only get worse, with zombie population rising by the day. Your best bet is to find a group or someplace fortify-able to plan for the dark days ahead. Where you begin, who you are, and where you end up is up to you. Things are being tweaked and I'm avoiding hard wipes at all cost, but once everything is final that is it. You won't have to worry about your hard-earned safehouse being erased. The world persists while you're away. What I'd like to do is put this out here, see if anyone likes it, get some suggestions and fine tune the server. Anyone interested in joining and post here saying which character they would like to be(RE 1 2, or 3, or RE: OUTBREAK files 1 & 2), if not an original character, lore-friendly non-essential characters are encouraged. We want to find your notes! We want to know your story! Once everything is final I will whitelist your character, and we will start from the beginning. Be careful though, as once you die you are dead. No coming back. (as in if I'm Chris Redfield and I get bit and die the new cannon is that Chris Redfield is DEAD FOREVERR) You can request a new whitelist character but I'm only taking on around 5 players at a time so if this ends up gaining interest, you may have to wait in line. Deceased canon characters will be posted on the forums. This may sound complicated but it's mostly just me going into excruciating detail in order to fully explain, and weed out the undesirables. This is an experiment. If it gets any reception we'll move forward with it but as of now if all this interests you and you'd like to come play in the meantime; the server is open without whitelist and the info is as follows: (REMEMBER THIS SERVER REQUIRES THE BEDFORD FALLS MAP, IN THE MOD FOLDER AS WELL.)
  8. AGN Present's Project Zomboid Serverlore Story! We have a poll up for 7 days! Go and vote here for the winner! http://www.aggressivegaming.org/threads/server-lore-vote.632/ i have asked permission before posting this
  9. SERVER NAME: Dead by Dawn IP: PORT: 16261 You are invited to my crazy world to survive as you please. Create a group with other survivors, or start your own. Tell me a little backstory for your in game character, I want to keep tabs of every survivor. TO START A GROUP: Message me on here, or in game. Tell me a little about your group. Groups must work towards these goals. -Finding a location, and establishing a community. Whether you build it from scratch, or take over a building. Good or Bad? The Zombie apocalypse reveals the good, bad, and ugly in those left alive. Some do all they can to help those in need, while others aim to make matters worse. WHO WILL YOU BE? Message me in game, and I will take a note of what team you are on. Survivor: Alignment: Neutral Survive for awhile and see who you become. Go alone or work together with other survivors. Cannot start a community as a lone wolf or a small group, small buildings and houses are where you can make your temporary base. Leader: Alignment: Good Groups can have multiple leaders depending. Leader of the group you create, you will be entitled to assign jobs and duties to the members of your community. ex: Farmer, Carpenter, Fisherman. More than one person can have the same job if you want them too, like if you want all of your group to be farmers, so be it. The only thing I care about is that you follow the rules of your role. -Don't kill other players unless provoked, if you're threatened, how you react is up to you. -Organizing trades with other groups. (Your choice as well, send one person out to trade with the other group, or go there in a bigger number. Have some survivors hang back a little bit in the event of an ambush.) -Placing a wooden sign down for every member in your community who passed away, set it up to appear as a graveyard. -Rationing out the food and water. -Assigning shifts for whatever tasks you create. I'll have more ideas later on. Ruthless Leader: Alignment: Bad You rule over the thugs, criminals, and overall assholes of the apocalypse who seek a leader. You get done what you want to get done, in any way possible. Rules: -You cannot go around killing other players for fun. Have fun with this roleplay server, kidnap a survivor from a community and make demands to get what you want or something like that. Idk, be creative, but don't be that guy who just kills other serious players. -No shooting on sight, if you see a player and you want to rob them, you are more than welcome to try. If you have the upper hand (ex: You have a shotgun pointed at them) Have them drop what you want and send them on their way. How they react though is a different story. Nobody wants to lose their precious loot that took forever to find. If you're killed while trying to rob someone, then that's that. I'm not going to punish someone for defending their shit. -If a community of survivors has what you want, do what Negen does in the walking dead and demand half of their loot every so many days or else bad things might happen. LEADERS OF BAD ALIGNMENT GROUPS CAN'T START WARS! You can provoke it, but you are not allowed to start the war. Only the GOOD ALIGNMENT LEADER can declare war on your group, and they actually have to let it be known through chat that war has been started. WAR! A SET LOCATION WILL BE MADE BY ME, NO FIGHTING A WAR IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUBURBAN/CITY LIKE AREA We fight the dead to survive, but sometimes the living will push you to the point of no return. GOOD ALIGNMENT LEADERS ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED TO START WARS Example, if a group of baddies has been taking half your find, kidnapping your people, or otherwise provoking you, then you will tell your community to get prepared. After they are all informed, you will go into the /all chat and announce that you are going to war. and again LEADERS OF BAD ALIGNMENT GROUPS CAN'T START WARS! Don't fight a war for a long time, I will stop by to keep it somewhat civil if it's taking awhile. Leaders of both alignments can be killed during a war, but ONLY BY THE OTHER LEADER. I want this server to be very in depth, and I want you guys to feel as though you're actually your character. In order for this to be an interesting server, with immersive backstories and whatnot, we can't have a huge war that the world is aware of end with one of the leaders getting stabbed to death by a lower ranked member of the opposing group. When the war is over, announce it in chat. I will reward the winner with random loot at the WEST POINT CITY HALL. Loot you can be gifted: -Guns -Ammo -Useful Supplies -I'll allow you to request one special item, whatever you choose, then I will select the rest of the reward. NOTEBOOKS: Leaders, or basic members of a community will document major events you struggle through using a notebook and pen. Keep it on you at all times, and when it's full, you will take it to WEST POINT CITY HALL where a makeshift library will be, and then the entire world can stop by and see your story. FACTIONS: When you start a community, group, or faction, you are required to tell me these details. -Group name, unless you honestly don't want one. -The color of your groups upper apparel. (We need to distinguish one group from another, so having a set shirt color is ideal. You can only have one color.) -Where you plan to set up your community. -Your Alignment Choice -after that I will either give you the ok, or ask you to change a few things. I don't want a million groups in my server. I want large communities of players. If there are too many groups of the alignment you want to be, I will ask you to instead join one of the communities after I ask to see if one will take you in. If none will, then you are free to start your own. CURRENCY: (IN GAME CURRENCY OF COURSE) I will have a shop set up with a bunch of items to trade, probably at city hall in west point. Each item will have a different price. If demand increases, so does the price. I will keep players updated on current deals and whatnot. Alcohol Some quality Wine might sell for a high price, whisky as well. I'd like to have "get togethers" at a certain location where all we do is drink in game booze and just mingle. Where new survivors can meet community members and seasoned players. NO VIOLENCE ALLOWED AT GATHERINGS. Cigarettes: 5 bucks a pack. Ammo: 9mm = 5 dollars each box Shotgun Shells = 20 dollars each box .223 Bullets = 50 dollars each box .308 Bullets = 100 dollars each box Petty loot can be exchanged as money as well Depending on what you want and how much you can afford is how I will determine the price of your petty loot. I'll give good deals. -Wallets -Jewelry ZONES: I haven't decided what will go where, but for all three locations on the map there will be zones. Safe Zones, War Zones, and Danger Zones. The first two are self explanatory, but Danger Zones will be tricky. There are no rules in Danger Zones, be on guard at all times.
  10. GO HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12962-new-dawn-rp-server-build-30-hardcore-rp-whitelist-pvp-vanilla-24-slots/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ New Dawn - The Unofficial Project Zomboid Roleplaying Server SERVER STATUS: OFFLINE - MOVING TO NEW SERVER I've stepped down as head admin and instead left the site and server with admins SuperJack and Pann. Please go to the Community Website for more info. The old server is now defunct and the new server will be up soon, with it's own topic here on the forums, and updated information on whitelisting, etc. SERVER INFO Name: New Dawn RP Server IP: Port:16261 Hosted by: Fragnet Available Player Slots: 24 Version: Build 30 Public: No Whitelist: Yes New Dawn Community Webpage: http://newdawnrp.enjin.com/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ When the world ends, and monsters roam, humanity faces a choice, both bitterly poetic and terrifying in it's simplicity. Either to capitulate and fall, or rise and fight. It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day, It's a New Life. ...But just what kind of life? The choice is yours. _______________________________________________________________________________________ As of 18/09/2014 the server is whitelisted! Please find the whitelist application form in the top menu bar at the New Dawn Community Website! _______________________________________________________________________________________ FEATURES: - 24/7 Roleplaying server with regular maintenance and auto-restarts every hour. - Feature-rich forum including sections for character bios, in-character messages and notices, and spaces for roleplaying outside of the game itself. Also includes non-roleplaying forums and an information forum with everything you need to enhance your Project Zomboid Roleplaying experience. - Get involved! Join a player-established faction or start your own! Build your own bases, be part of the in-game societies or survive as a loner! - We take the rules seriously and work hard to uphold them. We help new players get started and strike down on repeated offenders and deliberate OOC. - Continuous updates and ETA's on maintenance and problem solving. - Awesome community! _______________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENTLY WORKING ON: - Creating a sticky thread in the information forum with tips and hints for new roleplayers, and explanations on roleplaying terminology (like OOC, RP, metagaming, etc.) - Balancing the server (suggestions welcome) - Adding some graphics to the forum, make it less generic. - Storyline/Events _______________________________________________________________________________________ RULES THIS IS AN RP SERVER - that means, upon creating your character and entering the server, you are required to act like that character at all times, interacting with the world and other people like your character would. CHARACTER NAMES - Give your character a normal first name, preferably a last name too (but not required). Nicknames are okay too. Just as long as your character has an identifier that would make sense in the real world. Names like Aragorn69 or R0FLC0pTAR are NOT allowed. Badass assassin names like The Whisper, nicknames like Alyssa "AJ" Jameson (Or just AJ), and prefix names like Sgt. John Carpenter ARE allowed. Famous names and names taken directly from media like Britney Spears or Rick Grimes are NOT allowed. You can base your character on an existing one if you wish, but come up with your own name. HOUSE/BASE CLAIMING - You may claim a house and/or base as your own by putting a bag with your character's name in front of the entrance (ie, rename a duffelbag "Karen's House"). You cannot claim another players already claimed house/base. If your character dies or moves, please make sure to remove the bag to open the house/base to new players. You are not allowed to claim a base in any of the following locations: - Medical facilities - Warehouses - Weapon storages - Any building/area with specialized loot. This is to keep people from hoarding one kind of loot and keeping it for themselves, while blocking respawning loot for other players, and/or logging off with all of it and never returning. If you're in doubt whether a location is an allowed spot for base building, either don't build there, or ask an admin who will then make a ruling. GLOBAL AND LOCAL CHAT - Global chat is enabled. To speak In Character, write *r* in front of your message to indicate that you are using a radio. To speak Out Of Character, write // in front of your text to indicate this. (You can also use brackets like (()) and [[]], or any way you like - as long as it is clear) PVP AND RAIDING/STEALING - PVP is enabled, but with strict rules. The full PVP rules can be found here. FIRE NOT ALLOWED - Until a better way of controlling fire within the game is implemented, starting a fire and letting it spread is not allowed. Campfires may still be used for cooking, as long as it is kept in control. DEATH AND DYING Permadeath is not enforced on the server, and you are always free to load a character save if your character gets accidentally killed off. This Open Death Policy requires players to use common sense when dealing with the subject of death. Death is still a very real thing in RP, and all character resurrections are strictly OOC. Likewise, you can't force any other character to permadie, and you are not allowed to use it as a way to powergame. Powergaming includes miraculously returning from death on several occasions, roleplaying invincibility, and misusing game mechanics for own gain. PEOPLE OF ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME! - Never played Project Zomboid before? No problem! First time roleplaying? Don't worry! As long as you adhere to the server and forum rules, you're as welcome as any seasoned player. Roleplaying is not very difficult and a lot of fun to do and learn. Bonus points if you learn your way about the game through roleplaying. Experienced players are encouraged to help newbies learn their way around. Remember, you were once like them. BE NICE - Goes without saying, yet must be said. Don't be rude, don't be racist, don't be a creep. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all. Don't engage in or encourage RP that is not agreed upon by all parties - for instance, torture RP which the "victim" finds too brutal, and the like. ADMIN HAS THE LAST WORD - My turf, my rules. You agree to this when you log in. THERE WILL BE MAINTENANCE - The server has several admins which help keep the server and forum running optimally, and provide help to those who need it. Server downtime will be kept as minimal as possible, the server aiming to be running 24/7, and the New Dawn Community Webpage will be kept updated with estimations and info. THERE WILL BE EVENTS - In time, if enough people show interest, there will be events and the main storyline will develop. With the help and suggestions of the players the world will expand, and offer something new at each turn. MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN! - Have fun and make sure to play in a way that only enhances the fun had by the people around you. More information on the server rules, including unban petitions and what to do if you are a victim of rule-breaking, can be found on the New Dawn Community Webpage. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to post here or PM me directly with any questions or comments.
  11. Hey all! This servers main goal is to introduce to the community a persistent and hardcore roleplay sever. Before applying make sure to check out the rules. Server will restart everyday at 6 PM EST. No progress will be reset however, this only means the server will be down for five minutes or so. USE REALISTIC IC NAMES AS USERNAMES PLEASE. I want to make it clear this means no numbers or random capitals in your name. Titles/stage names are fine, so long as they're not like Ki3th and JeNniFFer. Local chat is IC. To emote use *. EX: *Eats apples.* Global chat will be used forOOC. We now have an IC Radio chat on the server website! Server info and IP The Rules of the Road Our Website Steam Group The World Info Download Bedford here Little Extra info: The point of the loot is to make sure soft resets don't happen everyday. I'd like things to get a little difficult because we reset. And with that... I don't believe I'm missing anything. Make sure to sign up to the website! Edit: Added Events! Current Groups/Clans The Rogue Traders [bedford] Revolution Confederation of Russia [bedford] Catastrophic Disaster Response Taskforce [CDRT] The Bedford Republic [bedford] The Human Empire of New Earth [bedford] Got one to add? Go ahead and announce it/make a forum if you want. The Timeline Story So far: (Each year will be updated with RP events). It has been one week after the outbreak, people struggle to hold onto their humanity and find a way to live. There are very groups and bands to stay with, and people are actively searching for their families and friends. No one is safe. This is the end of the world. This is how you died. A Russian plane crashes in Kentucky. [See raider Russian clan] Military broadcasts and presence (3 months in) (Event link) People begin grouping together and creating clans (4 months in)
  12. Hi guys I will be working on a plugin that lets you create guilds, alliances with other guilds, claim territories for your guilds, have protected buildings and locked storage, have a guild house, have ranks inside the guilds, have guild events, special clothes for the leaders and a lot more. I don't actually know why this hasn't been implemented into the game yet, since there were already people forming clans, this will hopefully make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Hype!
  13. 8 - 17 - 2014 UPDATE: "... and from its ashes a new phoenix arose" After almost 2 months, the server is finally up. But since then new ideas have made it into my head. The server is released under a new name, THE UNDERTAKING: ORIGINS , so go there now, and read all about it. This forum post/thread/topic will no longer be in use. old stuff if you want to nag me about changing my stance on certain things. MORE ABOUT HARD/SOFT RESETS ABOUT THE SOFTCORE ROLEPLAY HOW PvP/PvE WOULD WORK SPAWN AREA / OUTPOST ROSE / AND NEW PLAYER STARTER SURVIVAL KIT INITIAL GAME WORLD CONDITION
  14. Server is down: IP: projectz.noip.me UPDATE: Server now works! UPDATE 2: My internet is cutting out sporatically. Until I can resolve the problem efficiently, the server will be offline. I'm sorry for the massive inconvenience. I will try to have it up and running by tomorrow. *LAST SERVER RESET: (5/30/14) -Soft (6/9/14) - Hard Features Here is a list of features that this server has included. Roleplay: This server is heavily roleplay based, we expect everyone to roleplay and to put themselves into the scenario that they are being faced. We expect everyone to be realistic and to follow basic roleplay rules. PVP: This is a PVP server however we expect everyone to be realistic and to give players and chance before gunning them down. Events: Yes, events! This is probably the most dynamic thing, there will be a wide assortment of events here are some examples of the many events that this server will present. Dropped Supply Bag: An resource bag has been dropped by a survivor that was traveling through the city. This bag can contain ammo, guns, food and medical supplies.Air Drops: Crates dropped with supplies on the map at certain times. A horde is likely to be on or nearby the location. Location will be detailed by the admin (as I have no way to send it over a server-message).Hordes: Hordes will routinely become a problem for survivors, but this also means more XP options and fun for those who like a bit of challenge.Supply Area Overrun: An house filled with supplies will be overrun and it will be the players choice to clear it and get the supplies or ignore it. All events will be announced over the Global Chat as well as over the forum if they are major events FACTIONS (This list will be updated daily) The outbreak killed the initial population of Muldraugh and West Point, however small bands of survivors are grouping together to survive, this server is based around factions and we encourage every player to join a faction or make there own. Pre-Set Factions The Government: The last official group of Law Enforcement left in the area, they are based in Muldraugh at the time being but have hopes to expand into West Point if the opportunity is given. (Based in Muldraugh (Sunstar Hotel) ~Government players get a "Bonus" in that since it's the Government, members will be given guns and ammo as well as large stocks of food to guard the Sunstar Hotel. However please note they will not be overpowered and may even fall one day to survivors. The Government will have large stocks of supplies making the Sunstar Hotel a large trade post as well as an danger zone due to raiders attempting to steal the governments supplies. However it will be heavily protected so it is encouraged to be a trade zone. (Trading) This is to make it so players operating in this faction don't have to scavenge once everything shuts off.** * Players who join the Government then leave will usually be marked as an enemy of the government. Members: Admin Magnum2016 Marie Romanovich (Deceased) Raiders: Survivors who have chosen the life of killing other survivors for supplies, they are not organized and it will not be an uncommon sight to see raiders killing each other for supplies. Scavengers: The rest of the players. They are neutral and focus mainly on surviving. They are most likely to group up and help one another but will kill other players as needed. When one kills another player to take their things, they must turn their PvP Safety off and join the Raider faction. Outside of those 3 factions, players will be able to create their own and detail what they do. This is, of course, mainly based on the factor of how many people we get in. Things are likely to change. Player-Made Factions Factions made by other players if you are interested in making your own faction please post in the forum List of Player made factions: (WILL BE UPDATED SOON) Chat We expect all players to stay in character and rarely go Out Of Character (OOC) however if you have a question or if you are having issues with the server feel free to ask. Use *R* to "Radio" people when speaking in Global chat, and (), [], {} when using OOC. In Local Chat, just type since you're face to face. So those are more details regarding the ambition. Firstly, I would like to ask people for their opinions on this and when the server goes up, opinions and feedback on that. Update 1: Server will attempt to maintain a 24/7 status. There may be hiccups that cause players to DC (Disconnect) and be forced to reconnect. There may be other times where the server needs to be restarted or is down because of extranneous variables such as my internet sputtering out (I have an older router and an even older modem). I will whitelist the server if there are griefers/cheaters, this is for other players' continuous enjoyment in order to maintain stable server.No mods active please, this is running the Vannila game.
  15. It's too dangerous to go out alone! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's true, there are hordes of Shambling dead things knocking at your door. So, come join or server and find a buddy. Found a milita and create your own safe zone. Then set out in search of those in need of your skills and protection. or.. Charge people for your protection, Set up a checkpoint and demand food for passage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RedDawn's Survivalist Roleplay NOW A PRIVATE SERVER! More info tonight FORUM LINK TO APPLY FOR THE SERVER http://www.rdpz.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=497643&TabID=4282967 For the chatty ones Ventrilo IP -Vent.Sernix.net:4643 For Updates on server status and steam community steamcommunity.com/id/Spartan114/friends/?invitegid=103582791435285591 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE ARE RUNNING BUILD 25 and you can too! See link - http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbms-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD US TO YOUR FAVORITES GLITCH FREE! Step one - Naviagte yourself to C:\Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\Lua (Windows) Step Two - Open "serverlist" with nitepad or a text editor of your choice Step Three - Add in this handy dandy almost fully premade server favorite by addint a username and password! Step Four - Press save, and you are ready to rock'n'roll The Rules of the Road ‚Äč 1. No Greifing, Trolling or Random killing without ryhme nor reason, Plenty of other servers that allow it. 2. Do your best to attempt a Role, you dont have to be in depth but groups and gangs aswell as trading make it interesting. 3. Don't aruge with admins - They are the Law as Judge Dredd was. 4. No cheating, Period. 5. I reserve the right to ban or kick people for violations of these rules as it is not much to ask, 6. We soon will be application only, so pick a real name! Example! GOOD - Officer Baker PFC Moore, Tim Goodman, Becky Robinson. BAD - Bob, Bonjove, Yoyo Bobo, Fun., Run Fatty, Zombiekiller83. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope to see you online, Any problems you can message me here or on steam (Spartan114). with any problems you may have and i will do my best to assist you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Spec's VPN - Hosted in Atlanta over 5 gigs of RAM dedicated to the Zomboid Server Up 24/7, unless I am fiddling with it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Resets - Soft Resets when needed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERVER STORY LINE TO DATE First major outbreak happens in Atlanta- 0 Hour - March 5th 1304 All contact lost with Most Major citys - March 5th 1502 Nation wide state of Emergency declared - March 7th Contact lost with Eroupe, South America and most of Asia March 8th FEMA sets up a refugee camp in at towns logging camp assited by a unit of US Marines March 13th Last contact with POTUS - March16th Refugee Camp becomes last bastion of humanity as Marines struggle to throw up more walls to keep out a growing number of unddead. - March 17th A static covered Emergency Broadcast can be heard on all radio frequency's throughout the city - "This is an Emergency Broadcast to all Survivors. I am Captain Hank Kilgore, USMC. We have established a safe zone just outside the city. We have walls, weapons and FEMA is here with doctors. If you can contact us we will find you, and bring you safely to us. Yet if you try to fight us, justice will be swift. Martial law is in effect. This message will repeat every ten minutes." - March 16th All radio communication from the Military Base ceased abruptly - March 18th I will add more as the server progresses, as for now - Game on.
  16. Edit: This was a forum for a new roleplay, persistent world for PZ called "Sanctuary". Due to lack of interest from other coders, I've decided to abandon the project. It was very ambitious, and the mapping side would have required at least five guys, and I was the only one writing code, and thus- We've joined the "Aggressive Gaming" server, located in the US, and will be working over there instead.
  17. Are you interested in creating a roleplaying persistent world server using "Project Zomboid"? About me: I studied videogames software development at a university in Glasgow, Scotland. I can create 3D models in Autodesk Maya, SoftImage XSI and 3DStudio max. I can also write code in Java (The language Project Zomboid is written in). I have a "Zombie Plan" that involves me heading to the local naval base, banging on the chain link fence for them to let me in, and either being shot to pieces or devoured as the infection spreads among the huge gathered crowd of which I am a part of. (At least I'm realistic!) About The Server: PVP Allowed, Hardcore Roleplay, Quest Based Adventuring Can you help?Perhaps you have some experience with the 2D map/world/building editor for Project Zomboid. Perhaps you've none! Maybe you have some experience with 3D modelling, or are just handy with photoshop. Maybe you've made some custom content for Project Zomboid already, and are looking for a server where people will be enforced to chat "In Character" and "Out of Character" where a players decisions will be able to affect the world directly... The most important thing is to be eager and have some free time to spare. Contact me here: nightsbaneadam@gmail.com
  18. I am hosting a Server for a few people i have played with in game. I will decide to add other people depending on the reply they give. If you have played with "Kid lonewolf","Morgan Freemann","Mr freeman" And enjoyed doing so then leave a reply for a spot. There will be role playing so prepare yourself. This server is for people who want to have fun with the same group of people every time with no griefers or anyone else looking to ruin your online fun. You get one warning in this server, if you decide to do something a second time you will be banned for good. Its easy to work together without being an asshole. I don't need to post rules, if you cant figure out to play well with others then you have no place here. NO PVP unless both people agree for a bit of fun and challenge. The server settings are high zombie count, normal zombie settings, 2 hour days, And You spawn with a bottle of water and an axe! I will be changing the setting every now and again if you guys are interested. If you want to build a base and want to be able to log off without worry of theft or destruction, then this server is for you. I will be attempting soft resets when needed, if i cant get them to work then hard resets when requested. Though i will be spawning zombies frequently. I accept those i played with first then the new comers, but i might change my mind to keep the server active. Just leave the name you had when we played or one you wanna use along with your reply. BUT DO NOT JUST POST A NAME! If you want a place in the server, tell me why(mostly for people i haven't played in game with.) Server goes up today at 4-5pm eastern time, depending on the replies. Hope to see a few old faces and maybe some new ones as well. Get ready to write your death!
  19. Sunnyvale Roleplay Survival The one and only, best in the Midwest, USA based PVE server UPGRADING SERVER - TEMP ~Admins ~FUG1T1V3~ Jim_Lahey ~ ~Pve~ ~Roleplaying Suggested~ ~Restarted Often~ ~No Hacking, trolling or abuse~ ~Build 25.v2 (3D Model Version)~
  20. I say to when the npc come out and whit the multiplayer to have a new item that is the money that you can use to trade things whit other npc and whit other players , in server this go to help very much in servers role play this go to change the gameplay because now you can buy a weapon from another player and no changing weapons whit him. The money will be rare to find because when the infection started the people raid the shops , banks , dinners for money. You can find money in corpses , buildings , shelf and more places
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