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Found 3 results

  1. AGN - NewDawn Roleplay Server - Now with Hydrocraft mod! Server info: Server status: ONLINE 64GB dedicated server - 16GB RAM allocated - 1GB connection Hard reset is rare. Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 24 Build: Current. Admins: ModdedTibby, Nolan, NobodyClaimedThis, Pika, Soilfox, Unicorn, Gramperoonie, Candybar, Jacey, Chris6000, Pann We'll see you at: http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Project Zomboid - Next Day - часть русскоязычного ролевого сообщества - www.fonextday.ru Особенности сервера: Открытый ролевой сервер;Версия IWBUMS 26На сервере действют ролевые правила, предполагающие отгрыш - поведение и действие исключительно от лица персонажа правила тутСервер имеет игровых мастеров и регулярно администрируется;Форум комьюнити, подраздел PZ в самом низу - www.fonextday.ru/forum-2Мощности сервера: 6 vCores CPU12 GB RAM100 Mbit/s онлайн 24/7регулярная профилактикавайп по необходимости Как начать играть: Прочтите правила сервера Project Zomboid; Запустить игровой клиент,
  3. Are you interested in creating a roleplaying persistent world server using "Project Zomboid"? About me: I studied videogames software development at a university in Glasgow, Scotland. I can create 3D models in Autodesk Maya, SoftImage XSI and 3DStudio max. I can also write code in Java (The language Project Zomboid is written in). I have a "Zombie Plan" that involves me heading to the local naval base, banging on the chain link fence for them to let me in, and either being shot to pieces or devoured as the infection spreads among the huge gathered crowd of which I am a part of. (A
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