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  1. I came up with an idea of how nice it would be to see animations tied to professions. For example, the military has the ability to move, striking a step (marching), to salute. I would like to arrange a survival from a group of military men who, even after the apocalypse, are loyal to the military charter and continue to serve.
  2. So I belong to a group of players that have been following Project Zomboid's development for a good while now and we love the game. We've played similar Zombie games in roleplay settings such as DayZ servers that are whitelisted and a few other games. We are interested in attempting something similar in Project Zomboid once IWBUMS is stable enough to be released. I guess my biggest question is there any interest in such a server? If there is I'd like to start working with people to setup an ideal server for everyone that encompasses rules, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  3. Hi. I'm thinking about the creation of a mod for our roleplay PZ server : an icon showing on the character while its player is typing something in local chat. Being aware that another player is currently typing could be very useful on a roleplay server. I'm looking for solutions, as no Lua event is linked to this specific situation. As for now, I have tried to simply capture the "OnKeyPressed" event for the "Return" key (I know it's not either an elegant or a pro approach as keybinding could change.) But I can't even manage to capture the event... Is the return key out of "OnKeyPressed" range ? What am I doing wrong ? My current test is : -- If player(0) press "ENTER" key, log it and say it local function typingIconShow(_keyPressed) local key = _keyPressed; -- Store the parameter in a local variable. print(key); -- Prints the pressed key to the console. -- We test if the correct key is pressed. local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); if key == 13 then print('TYPINGICON MOD - RETURN key hit !'); player:Say("I press the RETURN key !"); else print('TYPINGICON MOD - '..key..' key hit !'); player:Say("I press the "..key.." key !"); end end -- Register the function to key pressed event Events.OnKeyPressed.Add(typingIconShow); Current results : the mod is loaded, but no output, nor in game nor in the console (I tested it by hosting a test multiplayer game). I'm also wondering... How to get the "typing icon" to appear on other players' client ? I mean, which mechanic should I use to place a small icon on the typing player character and make it visible for every other players ? Does anyone can help me please ?
  4. GATEWAY ROLEPLAY Gateway Roleplay is a 24/7 Project Zomboid Roleplay Server which focuses on heavy realism. We're an open and friendly community that welcomes all roleplayers, old and new. With an open map and dozens of mods, there's an endless amount of possibilities! Lores change periodically and are not limited to only zombie apocalypse scenarios. We hope to make Project Zomboid all the more exciting by providing a story and player-driven environment where you can play out your characters' stories! To get started, sign up for our forums here! You're welcome to join our Discord as well! It's a great place to get to know fellow players and be notified of any server news. As of now, we are setting up for our next lore which we plan to launch once Build 41 is stable. Join the Discord to stay up to date with our progress! Our staff works hard to keep the server up and running! Feel free to message any of them over the forums or Discord if you have any questions about the server. You may also reply directly to this post and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! STAFF: Thank you so much for reading! We hope to see you over on Gateway!
  5. Years ago Eudoxio created the server Death & Decay for Project Zomboid. It was a heavy role playing server that managed to bring together an amazing community of players, stories, and memories. Sadly due to financial instability, Eudoxio had to close the server back in 2017 after 2 years of running. Since then I've decided to get back touch with him. especially with animations being right around the corner: and asked if I could personally take over the server and reopen it with a new host and he was happy to contribute and bring this wonderful server back to life. So without further ado! Death & Decay: Sunrise Hello everyone and welcome back to the 5th season of Death & Decay! I know what you're thinking and yes it has been a while.. No we're not dead, In fact we're alive and better than ever! So we hope to see you soon, Survivors! Server Information IP: | Build: 40.43 Server restart times: Server Location: Server Language: English/Spanish Season 5 start date: Player slots: Discord: https://discord.gg/R8XHESC Forums: http://deathanddecay.boards.net/ _________________________________________________________________________ Server Rules: (OOC) Usernames: Please refrain from using usernames that are too complicated or use symbols. Keep it simple! Use a name suited for Roleplaying. No Metagaming: If you get some information from the forum or the discord, your character doesn't know what you know! Please play it as such. If you die and change your character, find a story on how you "found" your current living location as is. Dont "Kill On Sight" (KOS): Don't just kill someone after running up to them - if you get the itch for murder, you can find plenty of legitimate reasons to shoot at people. If you have a problem with someone, signal the staff and we'll resolve the problem. Griefing is Not Allowed: Don't break other people's stuff for no reason! Have a heart. Stealing: Stealing is allowed but only in character, so leave a note hinting you did it. That way people could play as detectives if they wanted! Be Respectful of Others: Use your judgment when playing your character. Don't go over the line. We're all here to have fun after all! Role Playing Rules: (IC) Use *R* when speaking in global chat: Putting *R* before what you type indicated to other people that you're speaking on the global radio. Use (parentheses) when speaking OOC: Try to keep the OOC (Out Of Character) chat to a minimum in game, but it's completely normal to have to say something 'Out Of Character' at some point. Use parentheses when you do so. Try to stay in character: We're not always asking for extremely deep storylines, but try to have at least SOME idea of who your character is, what they were before the apocalypse, how they survived up to where they are now. _________________________________________________________________________ We've come to the decision after a lot of thought that the sever should have brand new lore, and a new world. Seasons 1-4 were amazing and refreshing but Eudoxio and I thought it'd be nice for a new approach.. New Server Lore 6 months ago there was a mass epidemic, it spread through the world without notice for weeks and when top scientists realized what was happening it was already far to late. Originating from Japan, the virus quickly became airborne and spread globally.. Before long the Military had lost most of it's force, and major towns and cities were soon overrun and quarantined by what little troops remained. What was left afterwards was global destruction, cars piled on streets, bodies filling lakes and rivers, and entire city population decimated in days.. However before the collapse of civilization a cure was produced and released but only made it to a few city's military, never fully released to the public. _________________________________________________________________________ I also wanted to add as a side note that we are in fact planning on updating to the latest release (Animations), whenever that release may happen. We will be wiping the map, and removing all mods/maps due to potential issues regarding stability and performance. (We will be keeping the lore/character names if you'd like to continue your stories!) Once mods/maps are updated, and if they all work together well. We will be adding them back into the server. _________________________________________________________________________ New Server Mods & Maps (Necroforge & Cheatmenu are for staff) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM Improved Build Menu Simple Food Spawn Organized Storage Hair Styles Global Radios Rename Weapons Zombie Cure Medical Cocktail ORGM Suppressor Blind Trait MoreBuild Crematorium Wedge's Item Name Fixes NecroForge Cheatmenu Maps: Bedford Falls, Drayton Rebuild, Phoenix, South Muldraugh, Eerie Country, Lake Ivy, Over The River, Fetzen's East Muldraugh Nature Reserve. _________________________________________________________________________ Server Settings (Yeah there's a lot..) nightlengthmodifier=1.0 | PauseEmpty=true SafetySystem=true | ShowSafety=true SpawnItems=Nothing | HoursForLootRespawn=150 MaxItemsForLootRespawn=8 | ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=true NoFireSpread=true | NoFire=false MinutesPerPage=0.2 | HoursForCorpseRemoval=240 PlayerSafehouse=true | SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false | SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true | SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=12 SafeHouseRemovalTime=500 | AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true SleepAllowed=true | sleepNeeded=false MaxAccountsPerUser=0 Day Length: 4 Hours | Start Month: June Start Day: 5 | Start Time: 5AM Water Shutoff: 2-6 Months | Electricity Shutoff: 2-6 Months House Alarm Frequency: Sometimes | Locked Houses Frequency: Rare Food Spoilage: Normal | Refrigerator Effectiveness: Normal Rotten Food Removal: -1 | Loot Respawn: Every 2 months Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 720 | Months Since Apocalypse: 0 Darkness During Night: Dark | Fire Spread: Off Generator Working In Exterior: On | Temperature: Normal Rain: Normal | Erosion Speed: (100 days) Erosion Days: 0 | Farming Speed: Normal Plant Resilience: Normal | Farming's Abundance: Normal Nature's Abundance: Normal | Compost Time: 2 Weeks Maximum Fog Intensity: Normal | Maximum Rain FX Intensity: Normal Enable Snow On Ground: Yes | Helicopter: Once Meta Event: Sometimes |Sleeping Event: Sometimes Generator Spawn: Rare | Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5 Randomized House Chance: Rare | Annotated Map Chance: Sometimes Time Before Corpse Removal: -1 | Decaying Corpse Health Impact: Normal Blood Level: Normal | Food: Rare Weapon: Rare | Other: Rare XP Multiplier: 1.0 | Stats Decrease: Normal Endurance Regeneration: Normal | Nutrition: Yes Starter Kit: Nothing | Free Trait Points: 0 Player Built Construction Strength: Normal | Injury Severity: Normal Bone Fracture: Yes | Enable Vehicle: Yes Easy Use: No | Recent Survivor Vehicles: Low Zombie Attraction Multiplier: 1.0 | Car Spawn Rate: Low Chance Has Gas: Low | Initial Gas: Low Gas Consumption: 1.0 | Locked Frequency: Rare General Condition: Very Low | Car Wreck Congestion: Yes Car Alarms Frequency: Extremely Rare | Player Damaged From Crash: Yes Car Damage On Impact: Low | Siren Shutoff Hours: 0.0 Damage To Player Hit By Car: None | Clothing Degradation: Normal Speed: Fast shamblers | Strength: Normal Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva Infection Mortality: 2-3 days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 hours Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal Decomposition: Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal Environmental attacks: Yes | Damage construction: Yes Day/Night active: Both | Zombie triggering house alarms: Yes Speed: Fast Shamblers | Strength: Normal Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva Infection Mortality: 2-3 Days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 Hours Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal Decomposition: Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal Environmental Attacks: Yes | Damage Constructs: Yes Day/Night Active: Both | Zombie House Alarm Triggering: Yes Population Multiplier: 2.0 | Population Start Multiplier: 0.5 Population Peak Multiplier: 3.0 | Population Peak Day: 260 Respawn Hours: 72.0 | Respawn Unseen Hours: 16.0 Respawn Multiplier: 0.1 | Redistribute Hours: 12.0 Follow Sound Distance: 100 | Rally Group Size: 20 Rally Travel Distance: 20| Rally Group Separation: 15 Rally Group Radius: 3
  6. The Deadlands Roleplay Server Features: We are a 24 slot 24/7 roleplay server with regular maintenance and admin supervision. Persistent community driven lore with no lore resets. We have a Community Forum where you can apply to our whitelisted server. We have a Discord Server where you can reach out to other players or ask questions. We allow players to create their own unique stories. We enforce our rules to keep things balanced and fair. Lore: It all went to hell so fast. There wasn't time for riots. There wasn't time for war. We just died that fast. Nevertheless, some of us survived. Now we struggle in a world with spotty electricity and water. Without the internet and cell service. Without food from air-conditioned grocers. Now we scavenge, the land and each other. Will we survive and rebuild civilization? Or… is this how we die? Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM TNT Natural CLock More Build Necroforge FR Used Cars FR Smaller Cars Player Descriptions Gluttony's Profession Mod No Luck Rules: Be nice and play nice outside of the game. Do not bring in-game grievances into the forums or Discord. Actively trying to exploit rules is not allowed. Characters must have a realistic name or a nickname (ex: xXx420blazeitxXx is not permitted). Characters must not steal from other forms of media (ex: playing as Rick Grimes is not permitted). Characters must be 16+ years old. Players may only have 2 active characters at a time. Do not mechanical game (ex: if your character is a scrawny teenager, they probably can't carry 200lbs worth of supplies). Do not force actions upon another player without giving them a chance to react (ex: powergaming, having a character put another character into a choke hold without any sort of played out combat). Do not use real world knowledge about in game events in your roleplay (ex: metagaming, knowing a characters name by reading their name tag in game rather than learning it in character). No excessively offensive characters (ex: playing a one dimensional racist character who's only real character trait is running around calling people racist terms). No erotic roleplay. You must use the in game safehouse system to claim a single house. Each faction member can claim a house. Limit 1 per character. Construction projects must obey the laws of physics (ex: no sky bases). PvP is permitted but must follow all PvP rules listed in our forums. Notice: These rules are subject to change. For our complete and most up to date rule set can be found here on our forums. If you have any questions about our server, Discord, forums, rules or admins then please feel free to ask them here!
  7. Check out our Forums and Discord! At Reanimated Roleplay, presented by Infected Gaming We strive to provide a welcoming community and create a wholly organic Roleplay experience. Whatever you want to do, Knox County is your oyster! But beware, the apocalypse is not for the faint of heart, This is the story of how you died, remember? Check out our lore here, for information on what is going on and what is up and coming! Hope to see you soon! - The Infected Gaming Team
  8. Survivor Stories: The Project Zomboid Roleplay Experience We begin in June of 1996, the last of the regional governments have collapsed. The old world is dead and forgotten, destroyed by the work of Dr. Klepper. You wake up after staying in a house in Slocan Lake, British Columbia for the evening, trying to survive. Thoughts of the news reports you witnessed from around the world of the events that have transpired would be ingrained in your memory. You find an old radio, still crackling with static. Where do you go from here..? ---- Survivor Stories is a roleplay experience that is tailored to have the stories of each survivor eventually intertwine and gain meaning and development through staff-run events and the natural course of conflict and drama that would arise in a post-apocalyptic scenario. We aim to… Provide an experience that is both immersive and stays true to the core mechanics of Project Zomboid. and... Create a community where everyone can feel comfortable and create to their heart’s content! ---- We have a Discord server where you can apply and join in on the fun: https://discord.gg/ZBjSbah We also have an assortment of mods such as Hydrocraft, ORGM, and other quality of life mods to make your experience even more fun! Survivor Stories PZRP is always looking for more to join our community as we get together to build a dramatic narrative in the zombie apocalypse.
  9. AftermathRP is a fast growing whitelisted Project Zomboid Roleplay community started in January 2019. We pride ourselves in being open and accepting to all forms of roleplay be it text or voice, as long as it doesn't violate any of the server rules. As a new roleplay community we have hit a few bumps, which is expected as this journey is a learning one, but we have a community of dedicated staff and many talented community members who work together to make sure things continue to run smoothly. We have amazing artists, content creators and writers who we are proud to put in the spotlight. We are here to enjoy each other's company, stories and creativity, and together we will continue to grow this community and turn it into greatness! Links Server Lore: http://www.aftermathrp.net/index.php?/lore/ Server Rules: http://www.aftermathrp.net/index.php?/rules/ Whitelist: http://www.aftermathrp.net/index.php?/application/form/1-whitelist/ Mod List Hydrocraft ORGM Hydrocraft/ORGM Ammo Integration More builds More Hair Colors Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars Filibuster Rhymes' Smaller Cars Survivor Journals Realistic durability Bloody Zombies Blind Trait Mod Cremation-Corpse Disposal Missing Weapon models More Watches Log Wall Gates Crashed Cars Mod Refill Propane Tank We also have a discord which you can access from the forums, be sure to connect your discord account to the forums by going under account setting and clicking the discord integration tab. Without doing so you won't be able to text/speak in discord.
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------Let Me Speak!-------------------------------------------------------- Note: Svarog and Aricane (owner of PZ-Mods) both had an unaltered copy of V1.2, the latest version before I had a PC failure that effectively erased this mod. If you like this mod, you have them to thank for its continued existence. This mod has something for just about everybody. Whether it be roleplay, immersion, Lua, singleplayer admin, etc, this mod has it all. What stemmed from a suggestion from here has become much, much more. Press T to open up the chat. As of V1.3, it supports Tiny Automated Version Checker. If you don't have it, I highly recommend you download it from its thread here. Steam Workshop Download Google Drive Download Features: A fully functional singleplayer chat bar. Admin commands. Admin command keybinding. A built in Lua interpreter. Conditional speech, with over 100 possible lines of dialogue. Admin Commands /lua codehere -- built in Lua interpreter. can also access methods from CheatCore /help OptionalTopicOrPageNumber -- displays help. just type "/help" without quotes to display page 1 of help. /toggleconditionalspeech -- toggles conditional speech /godmode -- toggles god mode /creative -- toggles creative mode /deletemode -- toggles delete mode (when enabled, press X to delete the object under your mouse) /heal -- heals you /refillammo -- refills your currently equipped item. /repair -- repairs held item /infiniteammo -- it toggles, well, y'know /infinitedurability -- toggle infinite durability for held item /noshotdelay -- no delay between shots /toggleneed needhere -- toggles the need. type "/toggleneed all" to toggle all needs on or off. /firebrush -- toggles firebrush. when enabled, click to create fire /zombiebrush numberofzombiestospawn -- toggles zombiebrush. when enabled, click to create zombies. Type one of the following (without the quotes) to disable: "/zombiebrush disable", "/zombiebrush off", "/zombiebrush toggle", "/zombiebrush 0" /levelskill codedefinedskillnamehere numbertolevelto -- level up skill. "/levelskill all" levels all skills /instakill -- toggles instakill melee /settime numbertimehere timeordayormonthoryear -- set the time /barricadebrush numberofplanks -- press Z to barricade the object under your mouse /teleport X Y optionalZ -- teleports you to the specified X, Y, and optional Z (height). /additem caseSensitiveName optionalCount optionalItemBase -- adds the specified number of items /keybind key command infinite optional parameters -- binds the selected key to a command. /unkeybind key -- unbinds the selected key. /keybinds -- prints a list of all keybinds to the chat box. /fly -- toggles fly mode To Do - Add a fully functional options menu. Installation: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1395-how-to-install-uninstall-mods/ Special Thanks: Svarog and Aricane (owner of PZ-Mods), for providing a backup of the lost V1.2 version. This mod would've been lost forever if it wasn't for them. PZ-NOOB, for the amazing suggestion this was based on. This mod wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. CzarUltra, for his contribution to the suggestion and the mod in general. He expanded the idea to something even more amazing. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be a chat bar at all, nor would there be admin commands or the lua debugger. Most if not all of the conditional speech lines were thought of or inspired by him. Mike280, for his contribution to the suggestion. His post was vital for outlining what kinds of things I should add conditions for. Changelog:
  11. Good evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed Ethanwdp's "Let Me Speak Mod", which is a coding masterpiece in and of itself. My one problem is that the Mod's Conditional Speech causes your character to curse like a sailor and constantly take the Lord's Name In Vain. I can't have this in my "Project Zomboid", so I made an alternate to the conditional speech in the default. This requires the full "Let Me Speak" Mod to function. To install this Mod, you must go into the Steam Workshop folders and look for: "(STEAM CONSOLE ROOT)\steanapps\workshop\content\108600\503791964\mods\Let Me Speak!\media\lua\client". Copy and paste my "LETMESPEAKCONDITIONS.LUA" over the one in the Mod. There you go! Now, your character will take Spiffo the Raccoon's name in vain and use euphamisms and/or Dixie-friendly words. As a bonus, I also added a few lines to the quote list. If you're okay with swearing but want a more lighthearted narration, this is also the way to go. Only one of the original lines have been cut out of the Mod ("ouchies"). They have only been censored. With this Mod, I hope more people will engage in the "Let Me Speak" Mod and use all the wonderful features it has to offer. The file is in the attachment below. Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM --- DOWNLOAD: letmespeakconditions.lua
  12. Hello everyone! I got the game today and I immadiately fell in love with it, so I've decided to launch a RP server. It isn't whitelisted for now, but might be in the future, when playerbase will grow. The server is hosted on dedicated server and is online 24/7. Feel free to join! Discord: https://discord.gg/CAmHUjs Server IP: Slots available: 80 Also, server is in non-steam mode, so you can join even if you bought the game on different platform than steam (for example GOG).
  13. Deadly Paradise es un servidor de rol de habla hispana en Project Zomboid en el que se busca interpretar diferentes personajes en un apocalipsis zombie. Por ellos buscamos gente que este interesada en este tipo de rol realista enfocado en este tipo de entorno INFORMACIÓN DEL SERVIDOR - Foro: http://dp-rp.com/foro/ - TS3: ts39.nitrado.net:11400 - Estado del servidor: ONLINE - Slots: 20. - Contienes varios mods para mejorar la experiencia del servidor. HISTORIA DE DEADLY PARADISE (LORE)
  14. New Dawn - Project Zomboid Roleplay has begun a new lore. Forums - Home Lore Rules Lore Overview This lore is a pre-apocalypse lore based around science, the supernatural and a cult. Players can play a secret member of the cult, blending into the town of Ashwood Cove to accomplish a nefarious plan with the goal of pleasing the old gods, or they can play an unsuspecting town member, living their every day life. Work at a store, own a store or be part of any number of jobs. Be part of the actual town and try to uncover the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the town. This lore will be full of plot twists, puzzles and secrecy. Player actions and choices will have a lasting effect on the world around them and will directly impact their ability to succeed in their tasks during events. Failure is in fact an option. There are many aspects of the world that are explained throughout the lore. A hint now may make no sense but later on down the road, that cryptic spray paint on the wall may make sense and be a clue to a future event. Will the towns people every figure out what is actually happening behind the scenes or will they eventually succumb to the will of the cult that has been operating undetected in the town for so long? Server Vars: Power/Water - Currently on Zombies - Do not exist.... yet Zombie Lore - Zombies will be starting off weak but over time the settings will change to make them stronger Fire Spread - off (its a small map. we dont need the whole play area burning down) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM MoreBuild SVGWeaponNerf SVNoLuckInMP tnt-naturalclock HairStyle CoordinateView DubsProfessionMod PlayerDescription SVGReanimator RestlessZombies Cremation Map - Server utilizes the "All in one Zomboid map pack" but we are currently only utilizing the "New Hamilton" map. The rest of the map has been blocked off but is being used for event areas. The player area of the map has also been edited with additional buildings, stores and an ocean water front with a dock. Community- We are a good sized community of role-players from around the world. We have players in the US, EU and elsewhere. Our high population times are between 7pm EST and Midnight EST but we tend to have players on to some extent throughout the day. We have a helpful team of admins to assist you through the character creation phase, as well as in game when needed. We are always looking for new admins, but the chances of a new player getting on the team is basically nil. So unless you have been active for a few months, it may not be worth asking. Many times this community may not be PG but the admins will intervene if things go on the blatantly offensive size. Overall, its a good community that welcomes all sorts of people. We try to get applications processed within 24 or 48 hours but that also depends on how many applications come in at once, as well as how many changes are needed in an application. Server Hardware and other stuff- We utilize a fully dedicated server which gives us great server performance, within the limits the game and mods will allow. We have a custom logging system that allows us to keep track of everything said in server as well as anything taken or dropped. This means that if you are stolen from in a way not in accordance to the rules, we have your back... or we will find you like Liam Neeson trying to find his family. If you have any questions, you can ask here or in our discord, https://discord.gg/Puwj4WK
  15. P R O J E C T M O R B U S OPEN! COME JOIN US! Port: 56261 An original role-play idea. About: Project Morbus is an idea orchestrated by a small team of Project Zomboid enthusiasts that aim to provide a realistic, yet cinematic and emotional role-play experience to Project Zomboid role-players. We've hand-crafted an original lore, along with journal mysteries, side-stories, and many quests that we hope you will enjoy and that it will further your immersion into the world we hope to build. We're hoping to release the server in full-force sometime in the next month or two. But, in order to do that - we need support from anyone who's interested! What we're looking for: Any personnel who are experienced with literature (preferably English, although multi-lingual pieces would be cool) is always welcome! We're also looking for staff to help us run, such as Moderators and Event Hosts. Server costs have been covered, although if you're willing to contribute we can always take donors! DISCORD: Download Server Link Discord Help Center WEBSITE (Apply here): Forums LORE: 10/16/2018 The world is unpredictable. It loves to project seemingly meaningless atrocities in order to provide complexity to our lives, though we strive for simplicity. It is human nature to strive for simplicity. And, it was simple for a while. It was simple because all we had to do was look at our watches for the next train, or bounce a ball up and down for our leisure. The world was simple. But, of course, the world doesn’t run on simplicity. No matter how hard we try, it will always keep a warm bucket of hardship and despair behind its back like a mischievous child. It’ll place it just above a doorway and wait for you to step through into the darkness that is to come. And that’s exactly what happened that day… The day the bucket turned over and dropped its shit onto humanity. We were alone in a world of madness. The Event was prominent on plenty of radios, televisions, and computers. We waited. We waited until it came to ravage our town and turn our own neighbors against us like senseless apes. We waited until the stores burned, and the people perished; until we were all alone. The streets were empty now, nearly two months in. We’d seen it for a while now, but thought perhaps it was a survivor we hadn’t met. The second floor of an apartment - it had glown each and every night. Eventually, one of us decided to enter, and found a small booklet with a pressed title in gold. It said “MORBUS.” The owner was nowhere to be found. After retrieving the book, we scurried back to our encampment and the lights in the second floor ceased to function, as if they were never there at all. Though, none of us dared to search through the contents of the journal. It remained closed, and forgotten by us. How foolish of us… Eventually, we were thrown out of the aforementioned encampment by a pack of those things, and so, the book was forever lost with the infected. It was right around then when a poor squad left our newly formed safe-zone to retrieve it, from the depths of the abandoned neighborhoods of West Point. They, of course, never returned. A second team was sent to investigate, only to find their bare, decaying bones, and not even their gear left to salvage. There was no book in sight. Rumors escalated to conspiracy theories. Perhaps the book included a cure, or a way out of all this. But we’ll never really know for sure, now, will we? The days go by. It’s almost endless, but we’re secured within Fort Trenton-Benley. The military built the place up after Fort Knox fell. Now most of the us who’ve survived that disgusting phenomena reside here. And those of you that join us? Welcome. TL;DR: The world is ravaged by a worldwide virus that seemed to spread by rats. With most local government institutions abandoned, the people of Knox County are left in the dark - until one day a group finds a book called MORBUS. Marveled by its seeming ability to glow, they are puzzled and end up losing the book to a horde of Infected. The rest hide in a Quarantine Zone, known as Trenton-Benley. What will come of the book? What did it have in it? One day, it will be discovered. Any questions? Post them here, ask in the discord, or contact me personally @darknano #0521. Hope you like it!
  16. This is a global compilation of several mods like Ortmans Gun Mod, Hydrocraft, OZ More Medicine and several other available on workshop mods plus our own home made mods. The compilation is overhauled, rebalanced and translated to play on Russian speaking biggest role play server The Next Day: Zomboid. So what does the mod adds besides the the compilation? - Using handcuffs - blocks te ability of using hands; - Tie hands with a rope - same as handcuffs; - Amputate hands/legs - can cure if you are still NOT infected but bitten by zombie (to amputee anything u need a a scratch first so the menu come up); - You can amutee one or both hands and one or both legs. Every amputation brings its own penalties you will not able to build and use everything that needs two hands without one, you will not be able to run and get tired very fast even by walkin with one leg; - Adds addiction traits to drugs and alcohol; - Addictions can kill you; - Adds several new ways to get sick by cold or by other stuff; - Adds a description option so you can attach a contextual description to your character; - You can read contextual description of character by using RMB on teh avatar or by clicking LMB under the feet of character; - Adds traumas - if characters HP drops under 50% it gives the avatar light trauma perk, if the damage is under 80% it gives a heavy trauma perk. Both perks limit the ability to run, fight melee and build. Are cured with time and care; - Light and Heavy traumas can be dadly if the chcracter is not left in peace for some time in bed/chair and without medical atention. Running/fighting/building can kill you; - Hides "online" button for players, means only admins can see who is online via the game client (we really want to make the word dangerus and unpredictable, knowing that soem badass in online makes you more careful); - Hides the name above the head of the character so the only way to identify a player is the contextual description mentionet before; - Adds a "telportator" an internal script that allows gamemasters to crate items that will teleport characters between locations. Example: you are using a sewer hatch (that is an object bound to ground) once you do it "teleports" your character to another map - example: the sewers. Normally we map a separate area that got no other access then by teleport and use them as doorways. (to use this you will have manually change an ingame file and write down the coordinates you want an item to teleport); - Every new crated character will recieve a debuff trait, that can be switched off only by game master, this is made as an internal server mehcnism to force players to write character lists on our forum. Most part of mentioned features are coded by; AiweLelia, Sinoptik, ComaWhite, myself IMPORTANT For DEV's: We share this mod mostly for developers since we hope, that some of the added fatures might be usefull in upcoming updates. For PLAYERS: The mod will radically change your gameplay experince so don't try this mod unless you know what you are doing. This mod is designed only for Next Day Roleplay - the first russian roleplay server and community.; For Modders: if you are interested in getting any certain feature - PM me. DOWNLOAD
  17. [CLOSED UPON REQUEST. NEW THREAD HERE:] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] New Dawn - Powered by AGN New Dawn is the longest running role play server here for Project Zomboid. We aim to bring an atmosphere of quality role play and push heavily for in depth character creation as well as heavy immersion in the server. With the admins, players of Project Zomboid, and our development team we have created tons of features that you will be taken care of as a player on our server. Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 64 New Dawn Team Admins: Pann, Scriblerias, GrayFox, MindGate, ModdedTibby Developers - jianmingyong We'll see you at: http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Server Lore As an addition to our server, we've got a server lore to enhance the role play experience. Ever want to know what it would feel like to experience the apocalypse before and after it started? Here's a run down of how it works. We will start this lore in Cloverport, Kentucky; 2010. Players will live their lives as normal people do, there is no apocalypse when we start. The story line will slowly guide us in the outbreak stages eventually. This means players can apply for any occupation the real world has too. This ranges from teachers, carpenters, veterinarians, call center employees and others. Applications are open! At this time we have opened up our application process for the new lore and admins will be prepping them and getting people to the point of a new standard of approval on the server. The applications have gotten tougher. We are also changing the whole group application system a bit, there is now a separate application form for this. There will be no purely evil people accepted. More on that is on the New Dawn website. Stay Tuned for a Launch Date and more information! Link to the "New Lore" forum post - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/threads/new-lore-details.6163/ Link to New Rules - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/forums/rules.217/ Link to Applications - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/applicationform/types
  18. Okay, this is a role play I'm starting but here are some rules: V1.0 Rules 1. This is a strictly talk roleplay, I've seen others that include various locations that quickly get out of hand, therefore the only locations will be those that are in this house. 2. The setting is a group of people holed up in a house trying to figure out what to do next. 3. If you have a comment/question/concern, fell free to post it. 4. Use colored text when speaking in character, each person gets their own color. V1.1 Rules 5. Put noises you make in asterickts 6. If whispering use parantheses *I may at some point amend these rules if necessary. And now for the starting sentence: "Something must be done."
  19. On Sunday, the 6 november you will be able to play on our "Project Zomboid" prime time server. Prime time means the server will only be available certain days/hours per week. The idea behind this "prime time" is that we will be able to implement a real storyline into the game. Just like in the pen and paper game "Dungeon and Dragons", a gamemaster will control the environment you live in. Also, prime time will prevent hardcore gamers to get the best loot/bases when the casual players will not be online. This "roleplay project" will not be like on our dayz server before. We don´t want solo players who prefer to be all alone all the time. Sure, it can be part of your character story to be alone a certain amount of time, but we are focused on getting people together. As a player on our server you can be sure we will create an awesome story for you to be part in, just as we tried on our dayz server but without any server tools we could not do that. In "Project Zomboid" we have all the opportunity to create a living, persistant world. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Do you have what it needs to be a leader of a group? Do you want to help people or rob them to make sure you and your group survive? For more informations, please join our teamspeak on sunday the 23. october at 7pm cet We will be there and answer all the questions you got about the project, rules and everyting else (except the dayz server) Kind regards, Elysium
  20. New Dawn - Powered by AGN New Dawn is the longest running role play server here for Project Zomboid. We aim to bring an atmosphere of quality role play and push heavily for in depth character creation as well as heavy immersion in the server. With the admins, players of Project Zomboid, and our development team we have created tons of features that you will be taken care of as a player on our server. Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 64 New Dawn Team Admins: Dovima, MrB, Greyfox,Mindgate,Bill, Aussie Paul Developers - Nolan, TheRealJebus Mod Creator - Hydro We'll see you at: http://www.aggressiv...ng.org/newdawn/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Server Lore As an addition to our server, we've got lore to enhance the roleplay experience. http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/threads/day-zero-lore-trailer.5176/#post-20786 Ever want to know what it would feel like to experience the apocalypse before and after it started? New Dawn has pushed out a new lore concept that will introduce this idea! Thanks to Carver and his magical writing abilities, he was able to write a draft and final concept of lore we are going to release. Heres how it works: We are going to start our server with life before the apocalypse in good ol' West Point. Players are limited to West Point while we do this concept and it runs into feel fledged apocalypse. Players will be writing up applications for characters and roles to be had inside the town of West Point in 1991. There are some facts the server is going to use to help make sure we are sticking to occupations vs population levels and not saturate the server with over used characters. Carver has recently hit us with a teaser on the forums for the new Day Zero Lore. Along side it are a few posts to kinda paint a picture of what we are going to do! No Evil or Bandit Applications. Per the setting we are playing in for the start of this lore we are only allowing Neutral to Good characters in and for those who will DEVELOP their character into a well played bandit we will be making sure that they are kept balanced on the server. We will also be asking players each time to apply to create a new and unique character variation that isn't the same as before, we will turn down repeat applications. Variety is important to avoid a stale role play atmosphere. We are Accepting Applications for the New Lore: At this time we have opened up our application process for the new lore and admins will be prepping them and getting people to the point of a new standard of approval on the server. The application has gotten tougher. We are also changing the whole group application system a bit, so for those who are looking to create a family for this lore you are able to have a max of 3 people in your group application and each person is allowed one group application per lore. Whatever happened last lore is over with and here we are with a brand new start. So lets get on with it and start role playing on New Dawn. Stay Tuned for a Launch Date and more information! Link to Lore Teaser-http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/posts/20819/ Link to New Rules-http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/forums/rules.217/ Link to Application-http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/link-forums/application-form.215/ ____________________________________________________________________________________ So, what else can you expect from this server? Custom Features! -Free Base Back Ups -24 hour World Back ups -Automatic Offline Robbery Report System (submit a report with the appropriate information and we will know who robbed you offline automatically. We will also return items back that were stolen, WORK IN PROGRESS, We are trying to create a tool that will DETECT without a when you are being robbed while you are offline no promises there though) -Support System (Got bitten while experiencing lag? Held your W key too long and ran into fire of off a building? Submit a Support Ticket an admin will assist you in game.) -Custom created Wiki for PZ and Hydrocraft (manually updated each patch) -Character screen - See what character you have created, their status, location and times logged on and off last (this page is used to gather needed details to submit an offline robbery report) -One click approval (Issues information to player while simultaneously adding them to the whitelist and moving their thread.) -Server Monitor - Admins can watch the server and all of its events real time from our custom page, this includes item placement/removal, coordinates of players as well as realtime viewing of local and global chat. An awesome community - Players from 10 different countries. Our server has a very friendly and outgoing community which is welcoming to new players. As you can see above New Dawn does nothing but want to provide the community of Project Zomboid a place to enjoy the game and role play with like minded individuals and our team here is extremely dedicated to just that. In-depth roleplay! We take our roleplay very seriously and do our best, to keep the standards high, to get the best possible experience for everyone, experienced and inexperienced alike. Everyone's welcome! - Frequent events! It's not just up to the players, to keep the server interesting! The admins do their part too. Which is why we have frequent events and various mini-events on the server. We will keep you entertained! - New to roleplay? Fear not! On NewDawn there's room for improvement. Even if you aren't an experienced roleplayer, you're free to apply and develop your skills. There's a lot of help to get too, both to new players and to experienced players. - Tough environment! The zombie apocalypse isn't easy! NewDawn combines a rough environment with roleplay, making surviving an actual challenge, which also makes room for character development. Loot is hard to come by! - We've got PVP! No killing on sight, but PVP is allowed! We've got some strict rules, that prevents players from just going around killing everyone, with no motive. Even so, living in a post-apocalyptic world is risky, so don't get too comfy. Anything can happen!
  21. When you join the game, you firstly create the account. Which is the username. Then whilst creating the character you choose the character name. But then in game, it displays your username above your head & uses your username for the text box. (only using the username for your own view+keys) Looking for a mod which still you use the username too login. But in game it displays and uses the character name.
  22. Greetings fellow Project Zomboid enthusiasts! As I’m sure some of you will be glad to hear, we have founded a dedicated PZ roleplaying community. Project Zomboid is game which greatly caters to immersion and roleplaying. Yes, at first, to some less knowledgeable on the game - its graphical fidelity may put off. Yet, once you begin playing, it truly is an experience to be had by any apocalyptic survival fan. We believe, what we have created is the way Project Zomboid is meant to be played. The playstyle that will bring the most potential authentic entertainment. We, as a group of friends, have often roleplayed on private servers in the past, yet we decided to go to the effort to not only create a better, more diverse and public experience but also a friendly out-of-character community. We have spent the last month or so, hard at work on the community, each serving our own important roles. We will be officially launching on the 4th of June. Plus, to further the hype and narrative stories which will be told in due time; we will be launching with an Outbreak Event. You read more about it here: http://zomboidrp.com/thread-82.html So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up, submit your whitelist application and join us in the epic fall of Kentucky!http://zomboidrp.com Our TeamSpeak 3: We will also be streaming the launch at: https://www.twitch.tv/djhato [Credits to the following users for helping with the initial launch]: Bun, Redsky, Austin, Ryan, Dan, Polaroid and Natje. All of you have received the “Patient Zero” award on the forums for your assistance, which we appreciate beyond immeasurable lengths! If you wish to see what and where these people helped out, check this page out:http://zomboidrp.com/awards.php?view=2
  23. I don't know about you, but if society as I know it were to fall apart, one of the first things I'd be packing is a pen and a notebook. In the event that you have to leave everything you've ever known behind, and go fates only know where, trying to evade death at every turn... something has to keep your mind occupied when you're holed up in a gas station crawl space for the night. So I suggest a collection of travel logs to be found on zombies throughout the end of the world. A paragraph here, a bloodstained chapter there, no complete stories, simply a diary from when they first knew it was all coming to an end until their death. What they were thinking, who they missed, what they wished they hadn't left behind. Hopes, fears, love and loss. Can we perhaps create a forum category to submit these and maybe [how exciting would this be?] see our submissions in game? Can we talk a dev into writing a few [hundred?] out to give us something to read around [Or feed to] the campfire?
  24. Hosting an Roleplay server, it's private and i will ask mods to lock it once i reach server capacity. LORE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3GTdqfSmONSwh6DlkGzTvuksAp5ddTH_hnrLc1V1V0/pub CHARATER SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_VzvpAuul6dB8pbL7ExXebsjAMoLMyhVyYJiSVL7jgM/pub (If intrested in creating a faction) FACTION SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub EDIT: Forgot to mention that for admin's comfort we use NecroForge and cheaterman menu. EDIT EDIT: Im dumb, add me on skype and send your applications: maciej.hartuna
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