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Found 7 results

  1. My character does not respawn where is was when I disconnected. He respawns at a place where he has been before, in the state he was (i.e. equipment he had at that time, so recent equipment lost). I created a new character (I thought maybe my current character save was corrupted), but I have the same issue with a new character. Note: I don't know if the character always respawn at the same place or a place where he was x minutes before. Any clue? Thanks!
  2. As it is now, if you start a new world, you've got a fresh new character, starting from scratch. You work real hard and spend many days building up that character's skills (and gear), building a base, leveling carpentry. You're at Level 7 carpentry now, and you're 45 days in. Annnn' ya bit. So, this character dies, and we spawn a new character into the same Sandbox. They start, timeline wise, after the first character died-- makes sense-- but their skills are default. That is, they only get the same chance for character points that the first character got, but, lore-wise, it is implied that this character has survived the apocalypse so far-- technically, outlived the first character (and, well, all the other characters). So, why don't they have any skills? My thought is that when you spawn a new character, depending upon how far into the timeline you are, you're given extra character points. In addition, you're given a bunch of skill levels that make sense for your character type, how long it's been in the sandbox, and some of the difficulty settings (if it's a easy setup, you don't want an OP character). I think it would make death less-frustrating, give more reason for people to persist a single game/sandbox and continue building plans, but still allow pretty dangerous minute-to-minute gameplay without having death cost the most time-consuming, grindiest part of the game.
  3. World: Is the loot respawn and zombie respawn real life days or in game days? Cause if its in game days don't think its working correctly. Been several months and no loot has respawned. And i have it set per week. Thanks,
  4. There seems to be an issue with player 1 (the mouse player) respawning in split screen. Anytime I do this both player 1 and 2 disappear and all control is lost. Upon reload the new character that player one created is there.
  5. Is there anyone in the modding community who knows of a way to create a mod where, if someone dies, they return to the "choose spawn location" screen? The reason behind all of this is because I love Project Zomboid and The Last of Us and a few friends and I would love to see something of a "Supply Run" (TDM w/ ticket system) where it's survivors versus survivors and throw in some zombies in the mix. You would also be able to upgrade your stats, but cannot max anything out farther than 5. Perhaps vitamins could heal you somewhat/give you +1 to all stats. (so they will be scarce) Bandages would heal every wound to keep the pacing going at a decent rate. If someone could do this, or least help, it would be amazing. I would love to have just a 4v4 type thing, not trying to host a 30v30 scenario. Just trying to bring two games I love together for a neat thing.
  6. Greetings Survivors! How do you guys think about putting Zombies in a kind of two states? Let me explain: When you kill a Zombie by weapon, they should be dead for days, weeks.... After that, they should reanimate as state 2 Zombies as bloodless, rotten carcasses. The only way to kill Zombies eternally is to burn them bodys down with fire. Maybe this is a way to make the migration system obsolete and you can do some new sandbox experiments as well. Like carrying lots of corpses into buildings and wait for the horde to awake again. So you can create your own Zombie-Hotspots, create huge graves or turn a whole City into a (true) Safezone. Also: May rain wash away the blood on the streets?
  7. First, forgive my bad english Second, I know it might be too early to bring this discussion, but sharing our points of view can't hurt. Third, I am totally against a loot respawning system, and I will give my thoughts on it Why? Because there has been a lot of talking in public servers, many people get pissed off when they join too late and "There is no loot left" Respawning loot would kill the charm of the game and the endgame itself. What would be the point on farming when you can camp houses and wait for food to magically reapear? Why would you care about saving ammo when you can allways get more? There wouldn't even make sense to storage items. Players would roam around and camp crucial locations and behave more aggressively like in other similar games. It would make every item less valuable, even the rare ones, since you can find it again eventually. BUT I know its unfair for some players. And thats why most servers are getting daily resets, and that the people that join after a restart have a big advantage, but respawning loot is not the solution. Killing a big aspect of the game to make it more fair (or less rough) its just not worth it. Maybe supply drops with essentials appearing once in a while could bring more balance. Also some starting gear for players that join too late. There are other ways
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