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Found 2 results

  1. What exactly do the traits resilient and prone to illness do? Do they decrease the chances of you getting infected after being scratched or bitten or what?
  2. Played a while and got some questions, on which i cannot awnser myself and no info found on wiki Hypochondriac - can I become sick or zombified with it, or both?? and will i die from this kind of sickness or it will be only fever and i will be able to survive? resilient - does it decreases a chanse to become zombified after I get scratched or bited? if yes can you tell exaxt numbers, as far as I know scratch gives you 4% and bite 96% of death. prone to illnes - does it increases chanses to become zombified after scratch / bite or I will be only faster zombificated and more ofthen will be sick from rain / old food? Construction worker - how much % does it gives you to evade scratch / bite? I just like to have full info) and last one if i get sick after full day under rain will i be cured after some time or i need to drink vitamins or somethink? I got cold first time in my survival life that i was building my fort.
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