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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, I'm trying to return to Radcliff once again after gaining some willpower after 2 lost PCs. I had this same issue with the last pc, and I solved it by not caring about it. This time I'd want to do this proper. The problem is missing tilesets after opening the session after it was backed up and moved to a new pc. I have the "Tilesets..." pointing in the right folder and all in there is seemingly ok. The issue is that tiled isn't recognizing some sets that are there. Here's a couple of pics to illustrate: Spoiler More weird is that the missing tiles are different in some cells... Could it be that it depends on what's in the cell? I also want to point out that this could be a serious thing if something happens to the official files the devs are using and this is an actual issue with no solution. As this makes editing old areas of the map impossible. If there's anything anyone knows in regards of how to fix this I'd appreciate it a ton! Thanks beforehand!
  2. Hey, I just got my old files from my broken pc and started mapping again. I have all of my old files on an external hard disk. I had to place/and copy all of my buildings and textures to a new .pzw -file because I was getting missing when I tried moving the files to my pc, but this wasn't that big of a problem (a few days of twiddling). So now I've made a whole new project with all files on my pc. The problem is, when I remove the external HD I get the missing tiles again (aka notorious red question marks) on every cell, in all tiles except buildings, vegetation and water... So the tiles are still trying to find the textures from the HD (and are finding when hd is hooked), even though I have set the texture location set to the new oneon my pc (and it's correct, I triple checked). Basically I'm hooked to the HD. I can live with it, (but the cord is really short and this is a lap top) but if there's any way of getting the tiles to recognise them from my pc I'd be a happy chap. And this is an extra request, if at all possible, could we get a "save a copy" function that would save all of the meta data with the files (buildings, tilesets etc.) to a new location so that we could work on the maps from different computers for example (and/or share the non-complete maps ie. work together on same parts of the maps). This is mostly directed to EasyPickins, but if anyone knows anything that'd help I'd appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!
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