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Found 15 results

  1. Hello ! I wanted to suggest to add more cooking recipes, because it's a bit struggled the way we can use all these remarquable ingredients. So it would be more realistic. We could add some recipes like mash potatoes (or other mash vegetables), lasagna, ratatouille, omelette, many other ways to cook eggs, brunch with egg and bacon, some jam to craft with fruits or lootable, a way to craft butter (with some milk maybe) ... And many others i have in mind ... It would be awesome, that as it's possible for the soup and stew to pour it in bown, to add plates and use plate to divide some roasted dishes or fried dishes too And i don't know why we can't craft sharped stone from basic stones (like hitting it against each other or something like that) it would be great Thanks for reading me
  2. I really like the addition of the Hot Beverage evolved recipe, as now you don't need sugar to make a tea or coffee and you can also mix it with milk, honey and even more possibilities for future additions/mods. You can also add poison or rename it as any other recipe, which is a nice addition as well. However, what I currently don't know is the purpose of the older Hot Cuppa and the relatively newly added Cold Cuppa recipes, at least that couldn't be replicated with the evolved recipe? Generally the old recipes got removed by the time evolved recipes replaced them (boring soups etc.), so why extend the old one? Currently Hot Cuppa give (way) more bonuses, to the point it's slightly OP, but that should be easy to adjust in evolved recipes. The only way that can't be recreated easily is to use kettle (which requires preheating), but really – it a survival game where you don't currently even use forks and spoons, you could as well preheat it otherwise (not to mention that you can preheat kettle in microwave or ovens that lack burners, plus the recipe doesn't makie it clear you have to preheat the water), and even if the mechanic of doing your hot drink proper way with the kettle get to be implemented, guess it could be a proper way, preferably with eating food on plates and kitchenware . Plus the old limitations stay, that is requirement for sugar and hot cuppa never cools down while cold cuppa can never be heated. Either way, back to the actual bugs: it seems that you can add infinite amount of sugar to your drink, as seen in the attached screenshot below (I've yet to see if there's a limit for this monstrosity) and that's one hell of a diet drink – ton of sugar and 0 carbs! I think the problem stems from the fact that sugar is still a drainable, not food. It also makes it so it doesn't have any carbohydrates in it. I already suggested making sugar food item, and seeing how coffee and tea bags became food, can't sugar be one as well? Preferably a spice, similar to salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, marinara, mayonnaise and hopefully remoulade in future. Would be cool to have option to use it in more evolved recipes too. Finally, sound cue for making or adding ingredients to Beverage recipe should use a pouring water sound instead of the usual chopping sound.
  3. [DISCLAIMER] I didn't play with Hydrocraft (far way too many things in it for my taste), so some ideas may be alrdy existing in this mod.[/DISCLAIMER] Some suggestions to help this skill to get more lüv. Frankly, i'm not sure that any of these suggestions isn't more of bug report or highlighting some broken/unfinished business. If that's the case, fixes could sincerely be welcomed and appreciated 1) Experience on ALL recipes tied to Electricity (at least in the craft menu) So far, only dismantle (mainly radio, talkie, TV and some others) and making radio/talkie give exp. Noise maker don't ; Remote (trigger and controler) don't ; Timer don't ; creating a handmade battery support for lamp don't. It's pretty disappointing and sad... Patch 40+ => Many electicals things could now be dismantle now and really help your skill up. Not sure on the creation side, but it's now far more decent 2) Slighty up the loot ratio of TV remote & Home Alarm TV Remote are really too rare*. Unfortunatelly, this is a key component for a part of recipes (all the remote controlers). Patch 39.67.5 => Increased the spawn rate of remote control. (Ty Devs) ; still need to play on that patch to see the difference. Home alarm (the item, not the noise event) can't be found anywere. I'm still not sure if it's implemented/actually in game or not (never found one...), but it could be really good to make them more noticeable in houses where they're supposed to be (said : houses with alarm). Unfortunately, this is a key component for motion sensors (which you still can find time to time...). 3a) Directly get battery from dismantled Radio/Talkie. So far, we had to put them in the world, click them and manually remove the battery OR equip them in main hand and manually remove the battery... It's tedious. And basically, that also say the battery just disappeared when you dismantle the damn object. Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 3b) Give us a "remove battery" for radio/talkie in inventory Basicaly, same stuff and line of command as we actually have for flashlight. Right click on radio/talkie, to get the command line "remove battery 1 / All". Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 4) Electrician profession Mention in the occupation description (at character creation), it also give you most of the electrical recipes. 5) Additionnal item Add item "Wiring tools" in the game 6) Alternative connection to house powergrid Allow us to connect a moved lampost/lamp to a house powergrid Recipe => Need Wiring tools & Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + electric_wire (2 units) / Aluminium (2 units) / Electronic Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 5 (to be in range with the Elec lvl required for batconnector). New connected lamps will be lighted if/when the house is powered (before electricity shutdown and in a house powered by a generator). It's an alternate method (for BatteryConnector thing) to bring light to your safehouse. But you can't light it off (but see point 8 below). 7) New Take/Place/Rotate option Allows us to Take Switch (using screwdriver) in houses and get "Switch" item (Base.Switch) from it. Electricy lvl 1-2 (?) maybe required. 8) Additionnal recipe Allows us to connect "Switch" to a (eventually moved) lamp-post. Recipe => Need Wiring tools + Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + Electric_wire (1 unit) + Aluminium (1 unit) + Electric_Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 4 This will basically allows the Context_Command Light on/off for the said lamppost. 10) Add little Electricity XP when you repair a generator (suggested by JayM) 11) Fix the Screwdriver priority Small QoL modification ; Build 39.XX => Game still take a new Screwdriver (if one is available) in your backpack when you disassemble/assemble something tied to Elec. 12a) Ability to reload Battery (not car's one) 12b) Ability to craft a hand-made battery reloader (i'm not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 13) Option to Attach a noise-maker (using Duct Tape) to other launched bombs (Pire, Incendiary, etc.) ; i undrstd this feel very L4D, but why not ? 14) Recipe to craft a hand-made Car's Battery reloader (still not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 15) Up the loot ratio of Watches For a game set in 1993, the loot ratio of watches is really toooo low. 16) Ability to attach A remote Trigger (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar to be able to light it on/off from range (the said lamp must be connected to some source of power [ie : power grid (usual or generator's one) or some connected Battery) with the usual adequate remote controler (V1 to V3). 17a) Ability/Recipe to make a Timer V2 (using watches or cloak) and "program" it to be active from Time A to Time B (in Hour/Min). Elec lvl required ofc. 17b) Ability to attach said Timer V2 (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar. Said Lamp will be lighted from Time A to Time B (as long as it have access to power). 17c) Same could occur with Fridge. => Good way to manage your power (limited) supply.
  4. Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to make recipes require a non raw version of an ingredient. Let's say I want to create a recipe that needs a certain amount of cooked chicken. I want the cooked state to be a requirement.
  5. I've tried to figure out this last weeks on how the food system works in the game. I started with a simple food item, but when I wanted to make a step to step recipe, I noticed that is not as simple as it looks. I'm still complicated to change the display food icon, after testing many times the MinutesToBurn and DaysTotallyRotten parameter, when the item gets root or burned. I'm trying for example to make a cookie recipe Module MoreFood { Recipe Make Cookie Batter { Bowl, Flour=2, Butter;15, Sugar=1, Chocolate, Egg, Yeast, Milk, Result:CookieBatter, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } Imports { Base, } Item CookieBatter { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Batter, Icon = MF_CookieBatter, } So after get the ingredients I have this new item ( Cookie Batter) , the next thing is making a Cookie dough Recipe Make Cookie Dough { CookieBatter, Keep RollingPin, Result:CookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give5CookingXP, } item CookieDough { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_CookieDough, } The problem here is that I can't get the bowl back when I write "Result: CookieDough;Bowl" , next thing is placing the dough in a baking pan recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give2CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Here is where happen the most of the problem, when I put this on an oven after reach the cooking time the item disapears and it says "ItemContainer.Additem: can't find MF.BakingTrayCookie" but the " BakingTrayCookie" is in the item script. My head is almost to blow up hahaha Now what happens when you decide to use a metal cookie mold to place the dough in the baking tray? without burning them recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { Keep CookieMetalMold, Keep RollingPin, BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Once it's done our cookies are ready ,but we need to take them back from the baking tray. I've try many ways to make a functional script without any success, it seems that the "Result: Base.BakingTray; MF.Cookies" can't be an action. recipe Take Cookies from Baking Tray { BakingTrayCookieDone, Result:BakingTray; MF.Cookies, Time:10.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give15CookingXP, } Would someone please give me a hand? I want release this mod before Christmass...
  6. Nowdays PZ has a recipe system that needs to point exactly what you want. For example you need to list an knife or a survival_knife in a recipe for butchering. You also need to make a recipe for every can if you want to make -so needed - mod for can opening with knifes. Could this be changed to a following system: every tool has tags like "use_as_axe", "use_as_opener" or "use_as_knife". So recipes will only have to require "axe" or "opener". This will make modders happier and implementing multitools will be possible without rehauling of a shittons of recipes. This also can be complemented with an IF condition, for example Axe ... if (handy=1) or (carpentry>3) use_as_hammer if (handy=1) and (carpentry>3) use_as_saw ... For the first time to test - use this only for "keep" tools. And multitools, yes, they just have more "use_as" tags
  7. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickled Fruit''. Jam wouldn't require Vinegar, but it would require much more sugar, as well as a Pot of Water, some heat source to boil the fruits and the usual Empty Jars and their Lids. Unlike normal fruit preserves, the Jams would be a bit less nutritive, but would also have a very useful Happiness Bonus, as well as the fact a skilled chef could make them using rotten fruit without any complications. Not to mention they could be used as ingredients for all kinds of sandwiches, including THE LEGENDARY PB&J sandwich! Which would give us about two days of immunity to the infection just because of how cool it is! (jk'n) 2. Fruit Juices and Shakes This would be much simpler than the Jams. We'd only need the fruit, some water and the Blender (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils), and maybe give you the option to add Sugar or not. The Shakes would be the same plus the addition of Milk. The biggest advantage of the Juices and Shakes would be that you could fill a bottle with them and use them instead of water (for a few days before they go bad). They would have a lower thirst removal, but would instead have a few advantages, such as a healthy intake of vitamins and such. After all, what's healthiest that the good ol' Carrot and Tomato Juice? 3. The Potatoes: Mashes, French Fries and Chips Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't been added yet; the potatoes is one of the tastiest and most versatile tubers Mother Nature has ever blessed us with, and yet they're only used in soups and stews. That's downright criminal! The first thing to come to mind is the Potato Mash; you just boil some potatoes in a pot of water until they're soft and crush them with a Potato Masher (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and VOILA! You have a tasty mash you can add all sorts of extra ingredients like Bacon, Butter and Cheese for extra tastyness. It'd be quite calorie-heavy, so it'd probably help a lot to gain some weight. Then come the French Fries & Chips. Just grab a Kitchen knife and either slice 'em or dice 'em, and some salt and fry them on a Pan. Still, given how greasy these two are, they wouldn't be as healthy as the as the Mash, but they'd be of help to someone who needed to gain some extra weight. 4. Mincemeat: Patties, Hash and Meatballs Mincemeat isn't only versatile in what you can make with it, but also a skilled chef can cut the best bits of a piece of rotten meat and use them for mincemeat without much of a risk of intoxication. Just imagine if you could make something useful out of all that rotten meat you end up with sooner or later? To make the mincemeat, we would just need the Meat Grinder (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and some effort. Then the result can be modeled into either tasty meatballs for your Spaghetti, Patties for your Hambugers, or eaten just as it is in the shape of Hashed Meat. Or if you're feeling really creative, you could add it to the Potato Mash and make some ''Tambor de Papas''; you don't know how tasty it is until you try it, hehehe... This could help to add the good protein of meat to many dishes. 5. Beans I don't understand why we can only have canned beans and no fresh ones. Beans contain a rather high amount of carbohydrates, making them quite nutritive. And since the uncooked beans often have a very long shelf life, they could be just as useful as their canned variants when it came to hoarding non-perishable food. Plus, you could make bean salads, bean broth, PLATOS DE FRIJOLES, and many other things... -Tools and Utensils 1. The Toaster Well, truth to be told, this one's ALREADY IN GAME, but there's only ONE and it works just like a normal Oven. It'd be great if we could make more use of it (and that were MORE of it), not only to toast our bread slices, but also to to make Cheese Toasts and other similar snacks. 2. The Blender As seen above, it'd be great to make all sorts of juices and shakes. As well as yet another good reason to get a Generator running once the power fails. 3. The Potato Masher Just a simple tool for the aforementioned task, it'd found in kitchens and the like. It should be pretty common as I don't think it can be used for anything other than making Potato Mash. (I just can't imagine being able to kill a Zed with that...) 4. The Meat Grinder It'd be used to grind all of that meat into mincemeat. And maybe once we're capable of cultivating peanuts (see the suggestion on New Crops), we could go use the ol' 19th Century method to make Peanut Butter... -New Crops 1. Peanut Plants Since peanuts already exist in their non-butter shape within the game (Mostly found on the Sunstar Motel, I think), I believe we should be able to grow peanut plants as well. The Peanut plants aren't only hard enough for you to grow them on garden pots, but they also improve the fertility of the soil so maybe they could help to keep other nearby plants healthy. Plus, by having a steady supply of peanuts, we could keep making delicious Peanut Butter, even after the ones found in homes run out. 2. Watermelon Vines Melons come with lots of seeds, don't they? And I'm sure it would be more than possible to plant those seeds to get a good watermelon vine growing. They're a slow-growing plant, and often quite weak to the forces of nature, such as snow, bugs and hordes of stomping Zed, so they'd be rather hard to farm. Nonetheless, the fact that just one Watermelon is enough to make you Very Well Fed should justify this difficulty. 3. Beanstalks Like I'm well sure that Jack knew before he planted them, all you need to grow a beanstalk is just a handful of beans and some patience. The beanstalks are also quite durable as a crop; being rather resilient to many bugs and diseases. However, they are also a summer crop, so it'd be impossible to properly farm them during winter. Also, they're perhaps the easiest to farm grain, unlike with Rice and Wheat, so they make a very good choice of crop for the apocalypse. 4. Grapevines We have grapes already in-game, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to grow grapevines as well. Maybe we could even somehow make Raisins or even brew Wine using them. Or in case that fails, we could learn all sorts of interesting rumors from them That'd be all for now. I'll keep adding more ideas as I think of them. -New Traits 1. Sweet Tooth You just LOVE eating sweet things. ·Increased happiness earned from consuming sweets. ·Decreased Negative effects of SOME junk food (Chocolates, Mint Candies, Lolipops, Jam, anything sugary) ·Easier reduction of Fats when consuming sugary food (sugar makes it easier for the body to process fats)
  8. I have released my first mod! It is still very much a work in progress, but it is working! What would MacGyver do? He would have course make all kinds of crazy weapons out of stuff that are obviously not weapons in the first place. Most people would settle for that baseball bat or a fire axe or a crow bar. But not MacGyver. He would be on a constant search for new and creative ways to kill zombies. This is what this mod is all about: Making new weapons from all kinds of stuff you can find in Project Zomboid. I hope I will never actually finish this mod, and that it will continue to grow and evolve as the game develops. I will upload it to Steam Workshop when it has a bit more content and a consistent style of icons. Here are the two items currently in the mod. Feel free to give constructive feedback.
  9. hi As the title says, i am asking where do i find the file that allows me to add new medical recipes? For example, i am wanting to add a "Homemade Splint" that consists of gauze wrap and planks. This would be better than the "Makeshift Splint" consisting of twigs and sheets. However, i cannot find the location of the file that allows me to create the new recipe for the Homemade Splint to allow me to apply it the character. I know how to add the specific medical item (you just go to "Items" folder and make it there). I just don't know the location for adding the specific recipe that allows you to apply the medical item to your character. If someone could inform me of where i could find the file that allows you to add new medical recipes, i would greatly appreciate it ! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and God Bless! cya, Alexei
  10. Has anyone ever got one to work in a mod they made? Whenever I try to add an evolved recipe all evolved recipes cease to function. Also, has anyone tried tooling around with NeedToBeLearn flag on recipes and then adding a magazine or profession\trait based way to learn it? I can't seem to get it to work through a trait. Any help will be greatly appreciated and credited on any of my mods that will use the knowledge. Thank you. Edit: You can learn a mod recipe through a mod magazine, but it doesn't work for traits. And I'm using the same code that allows professions to know recipes from the start.
  11. *** More than 140 new food items and dishes *** *** More than 120 Unique New Recipes *** *** The most comprehensive Food Mod thus far *** *** Merges the amazing work by Kinyoshi and Shivster with Community suggested and new items and recipes *** *** Simplified but believable recipes (No 5-step, 10 item recipes with exotic, single-use ingredients) *** *** All recipes organized into themed modules - You choose what you want to use [in final release]*** *** Disable or Enable any module without having to start a new save game [in final release]*** This Mod is currently in Open Beta and has been tested up to version 23.Recipes and items should all work by now, but there are still several balancing issues.If you are participating in the Beta, please provide feedback which item spawns needto be addressed or what new recipes an/or items you would like to see added.What's in CCCP?: New Recipes: BBQ: Bread and Sandwiches: Breakfast: Clean Dishes: Dried Food: Drinks: Jarred Fruit: Jelly: Jerky: Misc: Pasta and Pizza: Pickled Vegetables: Potato Flour: Rice and Soup: Sweets: Install: FAQ: Version History: Compatibility and Known Issues: Credits: Permission:
  12. Get bored of pausing game to see if an item is a component of a recipe on your favorite pz wiki site ? This mod is for you. This mod will help you to learn the recipes of Project Zomboid. SCREENSHOTS HOW TO USE IT: CraftHelper offers two ways to learn recipes: See all recipes where an item is usedSee directly the complete list of recipesAll you have to do is : Open your inventoryRight click on an item. If the item is used in or more recipes, the "craft helper" option will appear in the contextual menuClick on the "craft helper" option to see all the recipes where the item is used.Move the mouse over a recipe to see its composition in tooltip boxOr Click on the new available button (to the left of screen, under character info button) to open a window where all recipes (sorted by name) are displayed. Like above, when your mouse is over a recipe, its composition will appear in a tooltip box.NEW In recipes list, recipes shown in green can be crafted. In tooltip box (recipes composition), you'll see [+], [~] or [-] before items name. [+] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory [~] : means that you actually have this item in your inventory but not enough to craft recipe [-] : means that you don't have this item in you inventory FOR MODDERS Modders, you can hide your recipes from craft helper. You'll need to create a module for your recipes. module My_Mod{ recipe Make Foobar Recipe { foo=10, bar, Result: Foobar, Time:80.0, }} Then, you have to put this line in your code: if craftHelper ~= nil then craftHelper.skipModules['My_Mod'] = true;endHOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD: Just extract the media folder and put it in your Project Zomboid game directoryLINKS Available on : Xeno-mods : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/91/craft-helper-modpz-mods : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/CraftHelperMod/ CHANGELOG v1.1.1 : compatible with new mods loading system of PZ : Show recipes you can craft with what you actually have in your inventory. For each recipes, show in tooltip box what items or not you have in your inventory. For modders, possibility to hide your recipes in Craft Helper (filter by items module name)v1.0.3 : Craft Helper window's background is now opaque (transparent background can make reading difficult recipes when multiple windows are openv1.0.2 : Now that the new PZ version (v2.9.9.10) is released on Desura, hotfix is included in v1.0.2 archiveHotfix : Makes CraftHelper compatible with PZ v2.9.9 (forum test release)v1.0.1 : Now works on Linuxv1.0 : Initial release
  13. Adds New Recipes! Feel free to suggest some recipes you think should be in here! UPDATE! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just got back into PZ, recently. I've added lots of new recipes to the list, as well as a few new items to go with them. I hope you enjoy what I've done, and please continue suggesting recipes! It won't let me upload the file directly because apparently it's too big, but you can get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vjjdij8svhbupn/King%27s%20New%20Recipes.zip?dl=0
  14. EDIT: The contents of this mod have all been merged into my new mod CCCP with some changes and many new items and recipes] Alright, here it is, my first mod. Nothing earth-shattering, I just started adding some new items and recipes to the game and figured I might as well share it with the community. So far, everything seems to work fine in the current Beta ( open and hidden beta), the items show up and the recipes work "vanilla" and with "crafthelper" and "lockpicking" mod running. Backup your saves or start a new one if you want to try this, I can't guarantee that it works older versions and/or different mods. Shouldn't cause any issues, it's just a few text files and a lua distribution script, but who knows.... So, without further ado: A mini-disclaimer here: Originally I was using the [sic] Food Expantion: Jerky 1.0 [sic] mod by jerrylwatsonjr, but that one hasn't seen any updates since August and is not set-up to work with the mod loader. So instead I grabbed some pieces, simplified some recipes and absorbed it into this one. If there are any objections to this I will remove the jerky pieces from the mod. New Items: Baking Tray (not new, but added to the distribution list) Canned Apple Canned Peach Canned Pear Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookie Dough Pizza Dough Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Garlic Powder Herring Homemade Bread Jelly and Jam (Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Wildberry, Grape) Jelly Sandwich Peanut-butter Sandwich Peanut-butter and Jelly Sandwich Liquid Smoke Marinade (Simple and yummmy-yummy, for Jerky) Mason Jar Pasta Pasta Bowl Pepper Pie Plate Homemade Pie Pizza (boring, simple and awesome as pie and in slices) Salt Shaker Sliced Onion Sliced Tomato Sliced Apple Soy Sauce Stir-Fry Worcestershire Sauce Yeast New Recipes: Slice Apple Slice Onion Jelly and Jam (Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Wildberry, Grape - cooks a pot, then refill to mason jars) Bread Sandwiches (Ham, Ham and Cheese, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Jelly) Pizza (boring, simple and awesome, makes pizza pie that can be sliced) Pasta (simple and awesome, can be refilled into bowls) Marinades and Jerky (Marinade plus any sort of meat creates Homemade Jerky) Fried Herring Pie (makes whole pie, can be sliced after baking) Chocolate Chip Cookie Stir Fry and probably something else that I missed. I recommend using Crafthelper to see all the combinations Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?xakg33vl9r693n8 Extract the archive to your C:\Users\[user]\Zomboid\mods directory Permission (Click the spiffo for more information): Use it as you like or merge it into your own mods, but if you post it with those items or recipes, mention where it came from. I'm posting this in WIP for now so you guys can test it if you like and give feedback on the balance of items/recipes and any bugs/compatibility issues you may find. Enjoy. -M
  15. Onkeen

    Building recipes

    Hello everybody I have one fast question : I have found that everything about building recipes is located in tis quite big lua file : ProjectZomboid\media\lua\BuildingObjects\ISUI\ISBuildMenu.lua I am wondering, "how could I add recipes to this menu without messing up with the original code ?" I mean, ther is instructions to make a recipe but what do i have to do to make my mod lua file add something to the menu without changing the ISBuildMenu.lua file ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After some work I've finally made a sub menu in the build mune and manage to increase the restriction of carpentry level to 4... But I have change the original code to make it. And I don'twant to modify the original code. I've add this : -- line 82 ------------------ Chevilles ------------------local chevilleOption = subMenu:addOption("Chevilles", worldobjects, nil);local subMenuCheville = subMenu:getNew(subMenu);-- we add our new menu to the option we want (here build)context:addSubMenu(chevilleOption, subMenuCheville);ISBuildMenu.buildChevilleMenu(subMenuCheville, context, player); and this : -- line 439-- **********************************************-- ** *Chevilles* **-- **********************************************ISBuildMenu.buildChevilleMenu = function(subMenu, context, player) -- The Cheville Wall local sprite = ISBuildMenu.getWoodenWallSprites(player); local wallOption = subMenu:addOption("Wooden Wall", worldobjects, ISBuildMenu.onWoodenWall, square, sprite); local tooltip = ISBuildMenu.canBuild(3, 3, 0, 0, 0, 4, wallOption, player); tooltip:setName("Wooden Wall"); tooltip.description = "A simple wooden wall, can be barricaded, plastered and painted " .. tooltip.description; tooltip:setTexture(sprite.sprite);end-- create a wall to drag a ghost render of the wall under the mouseISBuildMenu.onWoodenWall = function(worldobjects, square, sprite) -- sprite, northSprite, corner local wall = ISWoodenWall:new(sprite.sprite, sprite.northSprite, sprite.corner); wall.canBePlastered = true; wall.modData["plasterTile"] = "TileWalls_52"; wall.modData["plasterTileNorth"] = "TileWalls_53"; wall.modData["PaintTurquoise"] = "TileWalls_36"; wall.modData["PaintTurquoiseNorth"] = "TileWalls_37"; wall.modData["PaintYellow"] = "TileWalls_4"; wall.modData["PaintYellowNorth"] = "TileWalls_5"; wall.modData["PaintPurple"] = "TileWalls_20"; wall.modData["PaintPurpleNorth"] = "TileWalls_21"; wall.modData["PaintWhite"] = "TileWalls_52"; wall.modData["PaintWhiteNorth"] = "TileWalls_53"; wall.modData["PaintCyan"] = "TileWalls3_0"; wall.modData["PaintCyanNorth"] = "TileWalls3_1"; wall.modData["PaintBlue"] = "TileWalls3_4"; wall.modData["PaintBlueNorth"] = "TileWalls3_5"; wall.modData["PaintOrange"] = "TileWalls3_16"; wall.modData["PaintOrangeNorth"] = "TileWalls3_17"; wall.modData["PaintBrown"] = "TileWalls3_20"; wall.modData["PaintBrownNorth"] = "TileWalls3_21"; wall.modData["PaintLightBrown"] = "TileWalls3_36"; wall.modData["PaintLightBrownNorth"] = "TileWalls3_37"; wall.modData["PaintLightBlue"] = "TileWalls3_52"; wall.modData["PaintLightBlueNorth"] = "TileWalls3_53"; wall.modData["PaintPink"] = "TileWalls4_4"; wall.modData["PaintPinkNorth"] = "TileWalls4_5"; wall.modData["PaintGreen"] = "TileWalls4_48"; wall.modData["PaintGreenNorth"] = "TileWalls4_49"; -- set up the required material wall.modData["need:Base.Plank"] = "3"; wall.modData["need:Base.Nails"] = "3"; getCell():setDrag(wall);endBut can someone help me to make it be a lua mod file ?
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