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Found 16 results

  1. We have basements, we have RV Interiors, we have all the traits you would ever need, and they are dynamic! We have lots of maps!\n 100% Journal Recovery!\nRealistic systems, crouch, prone, excrementum, medicine etc. Whitelist on discord: https://discord.gg/sCmSPUxWr Check server stats on Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/25108368
  2. With the b42's basements u should add an option on sandbox for preppers basements or shelters like for the survivors i think is common in the US, the prepper's cultur in the states was present from the 30's so will be very realistic add some of those shelters.
  3. Gimbo


    Add the possibility for the candles to light on even when placed.....
  4. This mod lets you disassemble guns into parts which can be repaired or replaced. This replaces the built-in "Repair" menu on supported guns. For more info: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2847408431 Github: https://github.com/coavins/zomboid-coavins-firearms Inspect gun: Disassemble gun: Fully stripped down: Repair parts: Put it back together:
  5. Immersive Medicine Extension of default medicine Are you tired of the same type of meds? Are you surprised that in this world, all treatment consists of taking antidepressants and painkillers?I think I've found a solution for you. Meet: Immersive Medicine Blood transfusion system Do you think it's enough to monitor the character's default health? You're wrong. Now you need to monitor the blood volume in your body: Slight blood loss: slight fatigue and drowsiness; Moderate blood loss: cold sweat, thirst; Critical blood loss: blurred vision, feeling cold; Fatal blood loss: complete exhaustion - don't forget to bring an obol with you Does the last point sound scary? Put the white slippers aside! Either stock up on blood packs of your group in advance, or ask your friend. Just be careful: suddenly he is infected or his group simply does not suit you. Becoming a donor is easy. You need: a blood testing kit, an empty blood bag, a catheter for intravenous transfusion. And a refrigerator. If you overdo it and you need to store a friend or blood bags somewhere. To perform a blood transfusion, you need to select either the right or left forearm in the health panel Blood pressure and pulse systems Now your character has a pulse and pressure in addition to the blood system! To determine the pulse, you need to select either the forearms, neck or groin in the health panel. But I have a better solution for you - Sport Tester Knox Electro KE 3000 This wristband will show your pulse in real time! To determine the pressure of the character, you will need the Tonometer Nanasonic EW3039S! All you need is just press the button. Drugs and dosage forms I have a whole line of drugs in store for you. There are not many of them yet, but the list will be replenished: Alkagine - an analgesic non-narcotic agent; Bismuth subsalicylate - anti-ulcer and antidiarrheal agent; Morphine - an opioid analgesic; Butamirate - antitussive agent; Naloxone - an opioid receptor antagonist; HemoStop - hemostatic powder; Umifenovir - an antiviral agent; Nasivion - nasal drops; Erythropoietin - in sports, it is doping; You can find more information about the drugs here: Guide Morphine, naloxone... It sounds simple: take a syringe, stick a needle and let it run through the veins, what will come to mind? What if there are no syringes and needles in stock? Dosage forms Oral: tablets, syrups, liquids (to take the drug, you need to select the head in the health panel); Parenteral: intramuscular and intravenous injections (to inject the drug, you need to select a body part in the health panel); Topical: creams, powders (to apply the drug, you need to select a body part in the health panel); Nasal: drops (to apply the drug, you need to select the head in the health panel); Found ampoules of alkagine, but no syringes? - Just drink the contents! Just don't drink too much. You're not a doctor to prescribe a dosage for yourself. And how to find out the dosage and avoid an overdose? These are the questions you should ask yourself first! The first aid skill or trait "Pharmacist" will come to the rescue. With the help of them, you will be able to determine the maximum dose, know about side effects, and also identify unknown drugs. Traits Pharmacist - can identify drugs. Knows everything about the composition of medicines and indications for their use; Universal donor - can become a donor for all other blood groups; Universal recipient - can accept blood of all other blood groups; High pain threshold - able to tolerate very severe pain; Low pain threshold - very intolerant of pain; Opioid addiction - susceptibility to opiates is reduced by 40%, the pain threshold is increased. You won't live a day without opiates; Configuration for multiplayer and singleplayer In game configuration You can turn off the blood system - "Enable blood system" option (active by default). This means that the character will not lose blood, can become a donor indefinitely, and the blood type compatibility will not be checked. You can turn off the blood group system - "Enable blood groups" option (active by default) It is responsible only for the compatibility of blood groups. You can turn off the heartbeat sound - "Enable heartbeat sound" option (active by default) Manual configuration You need to modify a file. Windows path: %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%/Zomboid/Server/servertest_SandboxVars.lua Linux path: ~/Zomboid/Server/servertest_SandboxVars.lua "servertest" may be different if you use a custom server name. For example: myserver_SandboxVars.lua Append this to the bottom: ImmersiveMedicine = { IsBloodSystemActive = true, IsBloodTypeSystemActive = true, IsHeartbeatEnabled = true, BloodVolumeReduceModifier = 25, BloodVolumeIncreaseModifier = 1, } Supported languages Spanish [ES] (Arko Piktuviry) (May be incomplete) Russian [RU] English [EN] (nurver) Chinese [CN] (SSSherlockkk) (May be incomplete) German [DE] (MichaelHochriegl) (May be incomplete) Italian [IT] (ronfino) (May be incomplete) French [FR] (Fingbel) (May be incomplete) Portuguese [PT] (Richard) (May be incomplete) Brazilian [BR] (Richard) (May be incomplete) Korean [KR] (Dr_teray) (May be incomplete) Polish [PL] (Kahned) (May be incomplete) Useful links Steam workshop GitHub Discord Also check out my new mod: Immersive drunk speech
  6. Hello there survivors, are you looking for a serious roleplaying server and cant find one? Are you looking for a chill server to relax with some PVP? Project Cataclysm got your back. *RULES* -NO KOS -DONT BE A DICK -DONT BURN DOWN A TOWN UNLESS ITS A SPECIAL EVENT -just be a nice guy honestly, be responsible with the pvp. *SERVER INFO* Address: Port: 16261 *Discord* Also if you are interested in my discord I will keep you posted on any special events going on in the server. https://discord.gg/xp86sZ6z
  7. So I noticed how the painkillers still weigh 0.2 when they only have 1 use left, and thought it felt like way to much considering a pill in real life wouldn't weigh much at all. I figured this would mostly be caused by the container. So, take the loose ammo / ammo box system and implement it for pills, or even the handbag system and just have it be a container that holds very little -Fits with the current way water bottles work, changing weight with how much is in them. (would also be cool to implement this with other food and drink items) -Allows for better dosages, only got a scratch? Take one or two painkillers. Broken leg with multiple lacerations?? Take a few more. -With better dosages comes more real overdose amounts. I know that in game its somewhat easy to od on sleeping tablets, but being able to down half a pack of painkillers in half a day without getting sick seems kind of iffy if you ask me -Ability to cut down on inventory weight by taking pills / tablets out of container. They would still have weight, just a little less -Empty versions of current pill items (vitamins, pain killers, sleeping tablets) -Empty vitamin bottle could be used to contain liquids, or small items like needles and seeds (I also believe that most items could use an update to weights, some dropping below 0.1, especially considering at the moment 5 needles weigh as much as 1 flashlight) The main downside is it does complicate things a bit more when trying to manage inventory, and take pills in general other ideas tied into this -More pill types, caffeine pills, weight loss tablets -New empty / unmarked pill bottle item -Can give new realism to taking pills if you don't know what they are -Find loose pills on someones sink / nightstand -If implemented a certain way could act similar to how berries in the game act, requiring medical knowledge to distinguish what an unknown pill is... or trial and error
  8. Everybody wants to talk about realism, but one thing never seems to come up. What happens to food after you eat it? Two words: Poop Moodle. Stages of poop moodle: 1. Kinda gotta go “Could use a trip to the restroom” 2. Gotta go “Need to dump out. Get to the restroom.” 3. Getting backed up “At risk of hurting yourself. Get to a restroom. Now.” 4. Prairie-Dogging/Crowning “Do you really wanna push this? You know what happens next.” Obviously you should be able to evacuate at a toilet. But what do you do when the water shuts off? You could use a bucket and just dump it out somewhere. In a jam, you can dig a hole to poop in with your hands, a trowel, or a shovel. But be careful, you might need a minute and you'll be exposed. If you have to poop and you suddenly become panicked, you might just lose control. This mod would add a new item, Shitty Pants. Carrying this item would have negative effects, and wearing them even more so. If you crap your pants and have to run around with shitty pants on, you will start to become unhappy, nauseated, and, if the condition goes on too long, you could get and infection. And of course, not pooping can lead to pain, sickness, and a loss of health. Here's my argument: besides adding to the realism of survival, it would also add a new challenge to the game that I think could play out quite interestingly. You always die at some point, why not die while trying to poop in the woods? Plus, how funny would it be to have to deal with a character that just shit his/her pants? Probably funny the first couple of times, then you'd start taking the problem a little bit more seriously. Just like you're gonna take this mod idea seriously, once you digest the idea for a little while.
  9. Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 download : GooglePlay Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 is one of the best weapon games for teens and we are sure that teens will have a great time with our toy weapon simulator for Android. Since we know how much little boys love toy weapons we have decided to make this gun simulator. And we are sure that it will become one of the most popular games for boys. But, girls, also, will be fascinated with the beauty of toy guns and this free app for Android will become one of the most popular games for girls. You will see that teens will simply adore their new virtual toys. So, don't wait anymore, download now this gun simulator free and give to teens fantastic toy guns. It's totally free! You want to surprise teens, but you run out of ideas? We have the solution for your problem. Now you can give to teens perfect toys and you even don't need to go to the toy store. Install this gun app and that's it. Only the best things we have prepared for all little teens in the world. With this gun app for Android they will have a fantastic collection of toy weapons. But, this collection is not the only thing that teens will have with this simulator game. Also, we have prepared for them realistic toy gun sounds and authentic toy weapon mechanics. Another great thing that gun weapon simulator brings to your Android phone is unlimited ammo. Now teens can shoot from their virtual weapons as long as they wish. They won't be able to stop shooting until the try all the weapons that we have prepared. That much great our game for teens is. Now you will have much more space in your house because real toys will be exchanged with virtual toy guns. Great, isn't it? And one of the best gun games for teens can start when teens choose an appropriate toy weapon for them. Great time and so much fun you and your children will have with one of the best gun games for teens. Download this free app for Android and you will see that we are telling the truth to you. teens deserve to have only the best thing and the best virtual toy guns they will have with this gun app. You will be satisfied when teens are satisfied and with Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 they will be totally delighted. Have a great time with teens, shoot with them from virtual weapons on your Android phone and enjoy in every second with them with Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 - the best toy weapon simulator in the world. Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 Features: - big selection of toy guns - high resolution graphics - realistic toy guns sounds - authentic toy weapons mechanics - unlimited ammunition - ideal for teens fun Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 was created by Toy Guns For Kids.
  10. Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator I would like to present a new game created by Wizards Time LLC to you. As we are paving their way towards the success through introducing phenomenal games, we put an incredible amount of effort in it. As we have just started creating Guns Simulator Games, we crave assessment and comment from you all. Your participation will certainly improve the quality of the presented games and some further projects.It is available on Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.listsofweapons.chiappafirearmsgunsimulator&hl=en Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator is a new weapon simulator for Android and you can have it for free if you download our gun app. We have made this gun simulator for all weapons lovers and for all the admirers of Chiappa Firearms company. Here you will find great collection of Chiappa weapons. If you like pistols or shotgun, here you will find them, but if you like rifles and revolvers more, with our gun app you can have them too. Choose which virtual weapon you like the most and start shooting. This weapon game will bring a lot of fun to your life. You'll never be bored again with gun simulator free. But great fun is not the only thing that you will have with gun app. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn something more about Chiappa weapons. There is the option - Details, which takes you to their website, where you can read everything about certain weapon. If you want to know how Chiappa weapons operate, then you must have this firearms app on your Android phone. We must say that differences between real Chiappa weapons and our virtual weapons exist, but they are minimal.Weapons included:- PAK-9 PISTOL- NAPOLEON LE PAGE pistol 10" percussion cal.45- SPRINGFIELD 1861 Musket- VERY STYLE FLARE PISTOL cal. 1" SIGNAL PISTOL- M1-22™ WOOD FINISH - M9-22 STANDARD - Wooden Grips - mfour-22 SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLE cal.22LR, 16" barrel, 28 rounds, TAN finish- 1886 KODIAK - C6-12 Pump Shotgun, Black- PYTHON 4" Blank Revolver - Steel finish - REVOLVER RHINO 60DS 6" - Black FinishFeatures of Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator:- great collection of Chiappa weapons- realistic weapon sounds- authentic Chiappa weapons mechanics- realistic shell drop sounds- unlimited ammunition- realistic fire, smoke and recoil effects- zoom- camera flash- slow motion- vibration- mirror effects- fantastic game music and special effects- high resolution graphicsRequires Android : 2.3 and up Size : 31MContent Rating : PEGI 12Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator app has been created for entertainment and promotion purposes only.Chiappa Firearms and its logo are trademarks of CHIAPPA GROUP and are used with permission. © 2016 Chiappa Firearms. All Rights Reserved.
  11. ** Tested on build 30.16, NOT backwards compatible with build 29 ** I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation. This mod adds new mechanisms so that survival still remains challenging and food preservation doesn't become a thought of the past. The implementation of everything you can can is based off real life canning. Each canning option closely resembles how that food item would be canned in real life; skipping a few steps and/or details here and there to keep things fun and not overly complicated. ___________________ CURRENT FEATURES ___________________ Pickling Canning Options: Pickles, Broccoli, Cabbage, Leek, Carrots, Bell Pepper, Radish.Open Kettle Canning Options: Strawberry Jam.Water Bath Canning Options: Strawberry Jam.Pressure Canning Options: Rabbit, Rodent (Rat, Mouse, Squirrel), Bird, Fish(All types except bait fish).Extend your food's lifespan with the Pickling Method. The simplest and fastest way to get into canning. Simply cook up some brine, have your vegetables ready and put it all in a jar, seal it, and you're all done! The food might taste a little salty though, but hey now your food will gain a preservation span of 7 days.Extend your food's lifespan with the Open Kettle Method. You can cook and prepare the food that you wish to can in a kettle, pour it in a jar, seal, and that's it! Food processed this way will gain a preservation span of 15 days.Extend your food's lifespan by using the Water Bath Method.You can cook and prepare the food that you wish to can in a regular pot, pour it in a jar, seal, and then place up to 5 sealed jars in a water bath canner to get a tight seal. Food processed this way will gain a preservation span of 30 days.Extend your food's lifespan with the Pressure Canning Method. You can cook and prepare the food that you wish to can in a regular pot, pour it in a jar, seal, and then place up to 5 sealed jars in a pressure canner to get a tight seal and make sure the food is fully cooked. Food processed this way will gain a preservation span of 60 days.Inspect your canned food to see how many more days left it has until it spoils. Download [HERE] How to install: GUIDE - Instructions / Recipes for Canning 101 - Changelog: TEST THE MOD: if you'd like to see how the mod works without having to collect everything and test it out; press the 'HOME' key to enable the testing feature, instructions will appear in your console that runs along with Project Zomboid. Press the 'END' key if the instructions don't show up after pressing the 'home' key. Keep in mind each time you spawn a set of items for testing the testing feature is disabled. This is as to avoid having you accidentally spawn items without wanting to do so. P.S: There might be an error where you press HOME and then another key to spawn items and won't work; try about 3 times and it should work. Q&A: I would love to get some feedback on this mod. if you have any questions, comments, suggestions,...etc. Go ahead and post . Also if you think the mod is too complicated or challenging, let me know how you would scale it down to make it more fun.
  12. As a gun enthusiast and full supporter of game realism, the addition of weapon optics to Project Zomboid was a great start. Having scopes with zoom capabilities for long range targets and red dot sight for close range. But I know from experience that there is a easy tweak that would make using an optic far more realistic. If you’ve ever shot a gun with a zoom optic, then you know that your vision is narrowed on the spot that you’re aiming at. The more powerful the zoom or the closer your point of aim is, the more narrow your field of view becomes. In addition, when using a zoom scope, the only eye that you keep open is looking down the sight, making your peripheral vision almost negligible. When it comes to red dots, you keep both eyes open when aiming. This allows your peripherals to be utilized far more reliable and effectively. But this also means you won’t have any magnification on our optic, thus decreasing the red dot’s effectiveness at longer range. As I said, I love realistic games. The more minute a detail seems, the cooler I think it is. So I think it would be a great idea for vision to be narrowed when aiming. With what little coding “experience” I have, it would seem to me that it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort to use the lighting system that is already in place to narrow a player’s vision in various ways when aiming at different ranges with different optics. Personally, I think it would be a much needed addition to the firearm system (as much as I love this game, I think it’s fair to say that the firearm mechanics are still a work in progress). From what I’ve seen, this game has always been all about realism. I think adding that little twist of only being able to see where you’re aiming would put a new and more realistic spin on this game.
  13. I Was thinking that is unrealistic that a zombie can stay years walking , so my idea is that when the zombie spawn it start like a internal clock that it Will die in 2 weeks or more time (you can change it).Whit these we can have a balanced population of zeds , because whit migration they can go to the city and repopulate it.
  14. Hi everybody i am thinking why not add Saplings? I know it go to take a long time to grow up but you can plant your trees where you want so if you cut all the trees near your zone you can put saplings an then whit the time you go to recover all your trees and stay near your zone. The another things is to put like Destroyed Cars like decoration and anothers looteables so that can give us like a good atmosfere in the game like put a line of abandoned cars from Muldraugth to West Point and put tolls if they want Tolls
  15. Are you tired just by putting a steak burn your home? Well what I think are put fire alarms in case something happens this will help but will attract a certain amount of zombies. But the water go to exterminate the fire They could put them in rich houses, public places and a few houses regular home, also could put extinguishers in case a fire occurs serious alternative and save your home. Fire alarms when water runs may be used as the only 3 times and now, also buttons to turn the alarm if you would
  16. I think they should remove the clock from the top corner because you do not have any watch or are you looking at one as what I propose is that can add watches that can be put on your wrist when equipped you can check the time or see a wall clock * If they add it * Also If you tell the time even when you stop looking at it The watches appear closets and sometimes a zombie when you use the wristwatch and may appear again the clock in the upper corner
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