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Found 3 results

  1. The Erie Pa project is a dedicated server for my custom map Erie, PA. The map will reset often as i am still constantly updating the map. IP: Steam: Erie Pa Project
  2. Hello survivors, my name is Filip and last year I was working together with Neutz to make a large city map. We both had to stale due to me having exams and getting into university, and also breaking all of my facial bones on my right side and forgetting a month's worth of things. I am happy to announce that as of now I am thinking of starting a map, while using the over 300+ buildings that I have made in the last year, plus hundreds more to come. I don't know the basics of map making or what my map will be off, just know that it will contain both rural , hills, towns and some cities. Alongside that I will be adding things such as a monorail and other assets that I think will make some people happy when exploring cities ( no, the monorail won't be drivable, but you can climb on the tracks, jump through the emergency openings and maybe find some valuable, random loot to check and stay safe in the air from the hordes of zombies below. Stores will be gated, broken down cars, checkpoints, contained areas and much more will be available in the cities, while the rural areas will be either picked clean or swarming with the moving hordes of the undead. You will be able to find an airport that you can explore, bunkers, cabins deeply burrowed in the woods, burnt down suburbs, a factory sewer system and much more. It will take time, sure, but I will do my best to see it done. Any ideas are welcomed for this project and I will take them into account. If you want any poi's to be added, anything special included and so on I will try my best to do so. Waiting for your ideas and responses!
  3. So, the title and tags pretty much speak for themselves. What would you do if a real zombie apocalypse struck the world, your city included? In my case - this is the area that I live in. https://www.google.ru/maps/preview?authuser=0#!q=ulitsa+Marshala+Chuykova%2C+44%2C+Kazan'%2C+Respublika+Tatarstan%2C+420000&data=!1m4!1m3!1d1614!2d49.1275766!3d55.8335295!2m1!1e3!4m10!1m9!4m8!1m3!1d588!2d49.1271294!3d55.834004!3m2!1i1366!2i667!4f35&fid=7 It is pretty much a small, tight square of buildings that, if you want so, can be blocked off entirely, if you pull out the furniture from the apartments on first floors. About 95% of 1st floor windows have metal bars on them, so there is NO WAY that you can climb into first floor flat. So, depending on the situation in my local area, I would start off with (varying from worst to best): - Block my door with furniture - It's not like my door isn't metal and doesn't open outwards, it's just better be safe than sorry. Then empty out every single shelf at my home, start rummaging through needed and unneeded stuff. Sorting out Perishable, unperishable food, any sort of weapons, kitchen knives, documents, bags and containers,clothes. Get everything in separate bags/packets, and wait out until the zombies clear out from the neightboring area. If : It's waay more clear in a 4-5 days, head out. If not - wait 2 more days, then push through. - Make sure electricity is on, otherwise go step above - grab the best clothing that lowers the chance of getting bitten and head out to the porch, checking if it's clear. Then I'll check each of my neightboor's doors one by one, see if anybody need help, or can assist me. Then head down with whoever I could bring to help (or alone, in that matter) and barricade the door on the lower floor. The entrance door to our porch is metal, and is locked all the time until electricy is out. So if electricy is on, First thing I'm doing is bringing furniture from nearest (or mine, although I live on fifth floor >_>) flat and fill up the entrance until it's full and impossible to climb/see/break through. As I mentioned earlier - windows are no problem, they are all atleast 1.5 story high (you'd have to be able to lift yourself up atleast once) and have metal bars on them in case of bulglary. Zombies can't climb, and they can't bite through metal bars. The only way is front door, and I'll be damn sure they can't get through there either. After this I'll spend several days going through flat to flat, checking for supplies and seeing if anyone needs help, gathering a group with me to plan whatever next we should do. I don't think many in our apartment block will try to listen to a 18 y/o kid, as they are all "more advanced/wise" >_>, so i'd have to play along, but still make sure my plan works. Then, after about a week or two, I'll be heading out through second story window on the porch (it allows us to access the small area atop of entrance door where I can climb up/down on.) - Check on my neightbors - I'd have to make sure I have enough people with me, otherwise the plan will not work. Before that though - of course find the best clothing and weapon in my house prior to heading out. Since I am familiar with almost all of my neightbors, there won't be any "Don't fucking go near my door or I'll shoot you" confrontations, unless the owner is a fucking dick. I'll try to explain them the situation, and the neccesity to follow me. After that, We'll all gather resources to fight back if neccessary, and head outside. We'll bring the furniture outside and block the front porch door with it, so zombies don't even think about trying to barge into that door. We still have area uptop to get in/out, after all. Then I'll try and see how things go outside the apartment block that I recide in. IF there are a lot/medium amount of zombies, it's just not worth the risk, so I'll go back to the step above. If low amount - I'll try to convince my neightbors into helping me out clearing/luring them out of our location. If none - Start gathering up people from other porches (mainly more people I know), and start bringing the cars up between the buildings. I'll make sure to have a backup route in case there has to be a getaway, both on car and on foot. One of my friends has a gun in his flat, I'll get people with me and we'd have to head out to loot the 24/7 store that is located 1 building away from where I live, basically half a block away. That's where things might get tingly. But I'll get further into the store looting in the next part. After 1-2 weeks, I'll gather everyone up and see who is up for leaving. After setting up who wants and doesn't want to live, I'll get people who could drive (jesus, I might need to start learning right now how to do it) and assign them to certain cars, then, after syphoning half a fuel (to make sure those who were left aren't going to die in extreme measures) - head out. So, in above steps the ending was me heading out. Why? Because staying up for longer than 2 weeks in a place where you start off is not a good idea. There are several possible outcomes : 1) You'll starve out. Your food will run out and you'll die. 2) You'll die from dehydration. Yeah, not the best way to end either. 3) Zombies will eventually break any barricade that you've set. Either that, or two outcomes above. 4) Zombie apocalypse will end. Now if that isn't just the stupidest thing to imagine, that's sure unlikely to happen. But who knows - maybe they'll starve out faster than you? You are welcome to try. Doesn't matter how uber awesome you are at not eating for a day, or being consumative, You won't survive longer than 1 month in a place where you live. And by the time you figure out that it's time to head out - Electricity will be out, water - probably aswell, more zombies will probably be produced, and you are likely to get weaker due to the way you'd have to plan out how to survive on whatever you've got. In situations like 2-3 - nobody guarantees that your neightbors/friends will be as careful at saving food as you are, they might not realise how dangerous the thing is, they might think that "military is strong, they'll fix it, it'll end soon", they might think that they'll be rescued soon... Neither of that adds up any extra time for your survival once you run out of your own food. By that time - you'll be too weak to leave and carry on. Going to continue in reply below about what I'm going to do after I head out. Will cover up the grocery store that is painfully close to us (about 3 of them, actually), police stations (1 - just behind a building to the right, another - down the road, more like a night shift building, not even sure if that one is still used). Also - the big swamp that is on the other side of the road that can be a checkpoint to restock on the supply of purified/filtered out water. One bad thing about the area I live in - Is a HUGE ASS SUPERMARKET two apartment blocks away from me. Unlike in Dawn of the dead, i tend to believe that places like these are nothing but trouble. Be those armed looters, or a bunch of poor loosers who couldn't make it out in time and became a big, huge infected crowd. Share your plans of survival in zombie apocalypse!
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