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Found 16 results

  1. Post down any famous last words you or your friends said before dying or getting bitten
  2. Since I dont have time to map , I will release all my buildings to the community , in the pack you might find some stuff from community members (credits to them). 95% of the stuff is mine the rest of the stuff is from the community and former members of the Romero City Team (which is now defunct ) you will see their names in their folders. Anyways hope you guys find use to them, and dont forget to ADD THE CUSTOM TILEZ to tilezed !!!!!!! or you will end up with a bunch of ????????????????????? ... For some buildings you will still get them, because I lost the tilez i used in them, so either erase the ?????? manually or just dont use the building! -=-=-=-=-- As for the tilez, i gathered them from google-=-=-=-=-=- Basically the read me says almost the same thing as i typed here. downloads: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2yguw2mni1wqjg/more buildings.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f0kneu7jyowukp/BUILDINGS AND CUSTOM TILEZ.zip?dl=0
  3. So with the implementation of the random chance of starting injury (Which I think should also include random thirst/hunger/mood when NPC's arrive) there have been a few people who were less than accepting of the situation, and a few who love it. I suggest a compromise. A new trait, which costs 0 points called 'opt out'. All it does is give you standard starting stats for hunger/thirst/injury and mood. Everything else remains the same. (Potentially there could be a list as well, like remove random from hunger or thirst or mood or injury so you can still have some random fun) This way people who don't want it can just opt-out, and those who do can revel in the challenge of randomly having a really CD-DAy. EDIT: As well comments have made a good point about this also being a checkbox during world/sandbox creation.
  4. You can now spawn injured at the start of a survival game. It might not be fair but I think it is cool. I would like to have more random starts. Not all of these need to be bad! Spawn house- looted/empty good loot/job related loot on fire barricaded broken windows/doors Zombies- zombies in rooms of spawn house zombies banging on Windows/doors horde out side Character- injured any positive/negative moodles good/bad equipment Environment- different times of day different weather meta noises/helicopter location- house/shop warehouse/factory forest/field/tent highway/railway track hospital/fire station/police station
  5. Hellow, thanks for read, thats the problem... i was trying to do something like that. any idea about how to do that? function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); A = random number between (0 to 100) -- Roll a number between 0 and 100 if A <= 30 then { Player Hunger-10} else {Player Hunger -20} -- 30% chance of lose 10 of hunger and 70% chance of lose 20 Hunger end end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool); Solution ---> function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); local player = getPlayer(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); if ZombRand( 100 ) <= 30 then player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.05); else player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.15); end end end --// 30% chance of get 0.05 thirst and 70% of get 0.15% Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool);
  6. Image created by Onkeen! Thanks! Do you like that everything you find is in mint condition? Do you think it's realistic that all pills you find are completely full? Then this mod is not for you! Everyone else, keep reading! What is Secondhand Loots? SL is a mod that randomizes the condition of weapons you find as well as the fill levels of pills, charcoal, lighters, everything with a "Remaining" bar in the tooltip! How does it do that? By hooking into the loot-generation code of the game. It also handles Lucky/Unlucky in a way that you get more items in perfect or broken condition. Cool! Where can I get this? Download it directly from github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcRandomizedItems/releases Or subscribe to it on Spiffos Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501895986 I'm a modder and don't want my items to automerge! What do I do? To achieve this, add these lines into a .lua file in media/lua/client: if not BCGT then BCGT = {} endif not BCGT.MergeIgnore then BCGT.MergeIgnore = {} endBCGT.MergeIgnore["Module.Item"] = 1;Please make sure to include both if not lines so you don't overwrite other mods' ignore lists. Replace Module.Item with the full type of the item that you don't want auto-merged. Anything else I need to know? Yes: When you transfer items that have a fill level (pills, charcoal, etc) into a container where another one of these items is, they will be combined! That means that two half-empty packs of charcoal will become one full pack automatically. This does not apply to anything that leaves behind an "empty" version of itself like Water Bottles, Pots and the like. Anything you need help with? Yes! The mod can set lower/upper limits of condition for items. For example, an axe will always be at least 25% and a Hunting Knife 33%, no matter what. This is meant so that players don't find a rare item after days of scavenging only to find it's broken and unusable. This is where I need help: Post suggestions of lower/upper limits of condition as well as chances that an item should be broken or in perfect condition! Default chance for either is 2.5% If you have a suggestion for something, please post it here. Please make it a nice "balanced" suggestion, not a "but I want this to be perfect ALLLWWAAAYS" suggestion, thanks!
  7. Can we get a "Random" option on the Map selector and Spawn location selector as well? It's pretty simple to code and as a former single-player gentleman, I'd really love this kind of (simple) feature! EDIT: I'm not looking for a way to randomize better the specific spawning points, I'm looking for a way to cycle through your "map library" randomly, this way I can play randomly in west point, or muldraugh, or bedford falls or New Denver etc etc.
  8. Tired of the same old character build? Want to try something new but don't know what? Have a great build that you want to re-use but will forget? FRET NO MORE! This mod adds a button to your Character Creation screen to create a random build for you! It will select a random profession, add up to 5 positive and up to 5 negative traits, and then wiggle those traits until there are between 0-3 positive skill points left to spend. Obligatory screenshot: It also adds the possibility to save character builds and re-load them later on! Also implements dropUp menus on the side Another obligator screenshot: And even more obligatory download: randomCharacter_v2.1.0.zip randomCharacter_v2.0.0.zip randomCharacter_v1.0.0.zip Changelog
  9. Ok, so first of, this is more of an idea that went through my head as I was playing, more so than a suggestion, anyway, the core of the idea is pretty simple. Adding a craftable radio, or simply snatching one around from a house, a garage, a car(once and if they are in the game) the list could go on where you could get your hands on one. Essentially, after some time in the apocalypse, the only reasonable means of communication pretty much would be your old radio and the idea is once you would acquire one, your world would once in a while transmit some kind of conversation or just a message and spawn the "event" somewhere in your world. It could literally be anything i.e.: Other survivors calling out to the world giving a bit of information about their status and location(once NPC are in the game) Warnings about zombie hordes movement(the horde would spawn, once you'd hear the message) Zombie attacks and call-outs for help, being limited by time Maybe even some military convoys running through the area being attacked/killed off leaving some weaponry behind to scavenge(assuming they are not all dead knowing we still hear the helicopters every now and again) That's just to mention some of the ideas, the events could literally happen anywhere in the world i.e., you could be in West point and the event would be in the Mall or Muldraugh, they could be both positive or negative and not always reachable. It would add a bit to the late-game, provide resources for people who don't enjoy having their loot (unrealistically) respawn, spice up the difficulty a little bit as well probably and would support forcing people out of their comfort zone to explore a bit.
  10. Hi community, Random map generator for Project zomboid is only thing (with NPC's) that i would love to see added in game. It gets a little boring when you know whole map and you lose great experience when you first start a game and a first time you play on map. I would love option n singleplayer that you will be able to choose if you want to play known map or play a different map every playthrough. i love exploring so i would love that option. Few days ago i also tweet to developers with question about randomly generated maps in game. They tweet me back that they probably won't add this but modding community perhaps can made this for people like me. So i'm aksing you community . Is it even possible to make something like this? And if it is, will ever be out? First for singleplayer because i'm sure that it'll be very hard to make this work for multiplayer. Thank you all for answers
  11. So I thought it would be good to have this, why? Because if you play the same map for a long time, you'll know where to go, what to do etc. and it ruins the experience in my opinion. It feels much more immersive if you have no clue where you are. How this would work? It's easy, certain sets of buildings being put in random locations, so it's not a huge mess with everything going everywhere. For example: - Set 1, 5 Civillian houses - Set 2, Police Station And gas station, with a few houses beside - Set 3, Pharmacy, Parking Lot and supermaket. These are not the best sets I could come up with, but it gives off a good idea on what it could be like. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hey everyone! (Sorry if this has already been created) I'm not sure how you would be notified of the event happening (on-screen notification, sound, visual indicator, etc) but there would be a whole bunch of random events that either brought you misfortune or prosperity. Maybe when NPCs are re-implemented there will also be random events for them.
  13. Go here http://orteil.dashnet.org/nested This is a simple procedural generation game; "The display is set up like a directory of nested folders. You click on a universe, which gives you access to a number of galaxies, each of which contains planets, asteroid belts, and such. You can click to explore planets, and if they harbor intelligent life, you can view the species and cultures, visit their museums, and even see their thoughts." For example, this is my game session: I started out by selecting a universe > galaxy > star system > asteroid belt > then into another galaxy > inside a black hole > dyson sphere > a future planet > a continent called Masoca > a city called Citadion > person called Alice Dorzine > explored his body > explored his psyche > his thoughts > he thought: "I need a couple decades on an exotic planet to cool off." > Alice is wearing a white nanosuit > the suit is made of nanoplasm > it contains nanobots > made of silicon > it thought :"ready to sacrifice myself for you, sir :]" > then inside the nanobot itself contains atoms > which lead me to another multiverse called "babyverse" > star system > another planet > continent > land called "Realm of Kesdoor" > fortress > castle > a guard named "Henry Blackmight" > his body > his head > his skin > pores > contain bacteria called hydrovirus. So what did you find in your universe?
  14. Ok this is the workflow of this game: 1.The user above you writes a word or term. 2.You take that and search on Google > images 3.The first picture you find there post it here 4.Then you write your own word or term, and so on... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ First word: Random
  15. Hello, When I settle down somewhere and build myself a shelter. I usually clear the sorrounding area for zombies. And I get the impression that I never meet any more zombies at that location. What I would like to see in this game is random mobile zombie herds. - A pack of somewhere between 10 and 200 zombies - Entering at the edge of the map. - Perhaps every 3-7 days - Slowly walking across the map and exiting at the other side. - Or perhaps stopping at a random spot in town. This is an idea I got from the series, "The Walking Dead", where they have similar herds in different sizes that move over large distances. This would mean that no matter where you build your shelter, you could never feel completely safe. And no matter how many times you had visited an area, you could never be 100% sure there were no zombies there. Please let me know if this idea has been posted before. Or if its already something similar in the game that I havent noticed yet. And let me know what you guys think about it!
  16. Inspired by my friend Kajin I wanted to post a somewhat similar but different-enough-to-merit-its-own-post group of ideas. First (I think this has been mentioned in general before, but what better time to bring it up) the ability to randomize the type of infection you're having in your sandbox game. Why do we need that, you ask? Well, because when players know how the infection is going to work and when they know for sure their character is going to die they tend to entirely break immersion, carefully pack up their stuff for their next character, and commit suicide in a pointless way. So I think it would be neat to have a sandbox option that randomizes the before death effects of being infected upon the character. This plays into my next suggestion, which is: More options for pre-death infection! Here's a tentative list of possible "features" your infection could have: Kills infected instantlyKills infected after a short period of time (increased by food, rest, medicine but still inevitable)Kills infected after a long period of time (increased by food, rest, medicine but still inevitable)Can be fought off with rest, medicine, and food, otherwise kills infected after random amount of time. Always remain infected, but not sick.Can be fought off with rest, medicine, and food, otherwise kills infected after random amount of time. Always remain infected. Can relapse at any time.Causes the character to become extremely thirstyCauses the character to become extremely hungryCauses the character to be unable to sleep (except passing out from exhaustion)Causes the character to be sleepy constantlyCauses upset stomachCauses snifflesCauses weaknessCauses limited vision/hearingCauses hallucinationCauses paralysisCauses bad moodCauses fever/heatCauses lowered body temperatureCauses overexertionInfectious skin contactInfectious bodily fluid contactAirborne infection within short radius (As suggested by Kajin)Any other suggestions? Again many thanks to Kajin as this idea is largely an adaptation of his "Ultra Hard Mode Infection" suggestion, which I also support.
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