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Found 2 results

  1. I can't increase the ram of my server, the maximum that lets me increase it is up to 1.25gb, I play in the 32-bit version since the 64-bit version does not open for me
  2. The animation for the window smashing, got me thinking. Add a running tackle. Efficiency You NEED to wind up your hits to get the max efficiency. So you should also have to build up speed to knock them down as well. You won't aim with the mouse. But you should still have to click the mouse to initiate the hit, at the right timing of course, as you run your character into a zombie or something. Zombies/People. You shouldn't have to stop your forward momentum every time you're trying to escape another pinch. Just hit and run. Doors. Door ramming should be a thing. It should be quicker to do, but more taxing on the body than a standard door kick would (but I'll get into that later). Windows. This, does not pertain to the big windows in the city, that go from the ceiling, down to the floor. Just the windows above the floor. Now, if you add the Running Tackle, you have GOT to add the Window Dive. Just like everything else we could tackle, you would initiate it the same way. But only with the windows, the tackle sprite can be attempted, in the hopes to see it turn into a lunge sprite right through the window. But ONLY if the attempt succeeded. Otherwise, the window stops you at the tackle, and you'll look silly. Big Wooden Fences & Big Windows. Maybe you are strong enough to climb that big wooden fence, but your friend isn't. Are you just gonna leave him there? Or are you gonna risk your life to save him, and bust through that fence? That would be a cool option. And that would require a health bar for the Big ass-Wooden Fences (if it's not already existent). And you should be able to bust through those Big Windows as well. Runner Zombies. The runner apocalypse would become much more manageable. Insufficiency Obviously, we can't do ANYTHING, without suffering the negative consequences that follow. Windows, Doors, & Big Wooden Fences. More, obvious causes of bleeding and bruising, because of tackle and dive attempts that don't succeed. And even the ettempts that DO succeed as well. Clumsiness. Improper timing of your tackles however, may have a chance of causing you to trip and fall over. Depending more on your Clumsiness, and less on your Luck. But still, ultimately, Clumsiness & Luck. But, you should be able to get better at it as well. Extras Door Kicking. If you don't like the door ramming idea, get this. It could be done almost exactly like my running Window Dive idea. But do a running Door Kick. And the exact same ways we normally can choose to smash windows, let us use that for more door kicking. BAM! Running Weapon Swing. Just like the running tackle, we hold sprint, and left mouse click. But maybe we could also hold the attack stance at the same time, and then left mouse click while a weapon is in hand. Complicated I know. But all people would have to do, is change the attack stance to the space bar, easy peasy. But if not, maybe we could just hold the left click down for a bit, and then release while running. Endurance. More things through out the day should cause more physical pain, strain, and/or damage over time, of constant usage. Like, Foraging, Farming, Capentry, Stoneworking, Metalsmithing, Engineering, Cooking, Tending a Fire, Shooting, Swinging, Hitting, Kicking, Pushing, Ramming, Diving, Landing, Climbing, Swimming, Running, Walking, Sneaking, Standing, and even just Sitting can cause more pain. Some of it can be helped. For example, rapping a lace or some tape around the handle of a weapon, can help to cause less pain and strain in your hands (and maybe even help with the weapon's durability). Or, simply picking the couch over the floor, will cause less pain in you ass and back. But, all of it can be built up to tolerance and calluses over time. So while you're leveling up the skills and attributes for the actions you take most often. You are literaly building thresholds for the body parts you've been using and abusing the most. Allowing those parts to tolerate more pain and withstand more damage. To a reasonable extent of course. And, same thing goes for Mental Endurance. Like, you panic enough times, you start panicking less. You kill enough living people, and you'll eventually stop feeling so nauseous every time you do it. And instead of panicking, you'll eventually get used to it. Then there's only two ways to go from there, you either learn to fear it, and/or you learn to love it. No wrong way. But I am so fucked up right now. And I love you all, PEACE!
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