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Found 33 results

  1. Hey everyone! I thought adding better weather would be really fun! Better Wind: -When the wind is very strong, it could blow unlocked doors open. -When the wind is very strong, it can rip curtains off open/broken windows. -If you were walking east and the wind is blowing from east to west, the zombies to your west could smell you easier and track you down. -Wind could also pick up pieces of paper and plastic bags and things and send them around a little bit. -Wind could also affect rain, making it come down slanted, as to make you wetter quicker. -Trying to walk against the wind on a very windy day would cause you to become exhausted easier. -If the wind was torrential and combined with a fairly bad storm, it could rip branches off trees and send them flying (the branches would smash windows). -Very strong wind could affect projectiles (when they're implemented). -Very strong wind could rip some unprotected plants from the ground. -Strong wind could push some things over. -Zombies could get pushed over in very strong winds. Better Rain: -When it is raining, the rain could turn some/most (depending on how bad the rain is) grass into muddy grass, which is loud to walk through. -Rain storms. -Rain could leak through the roofs of houses that are in poor condition. -Rain could blow in through a broken or open window with the help of the wind. -Heavy rain muffles the sound of you walking. -Very heavy rain storms makes you virtually unable to hear by zombies, and harder to track. -Very heavy rain storms would cause you to skip damp and wet (moodles) and go straight to soaked, then after a bit longer, drenched. -If you are outside during a thunderstorm and there's a flash of lightning, your vision will be darker for several seconds post flash. -Rain makes zombies slower. -Hail. Hail can damage you and break windows (with the help of strong wind). Better Sun: -Droughts can occur. -Staying out in the sun for long times without wearing a shirt or a pair of pants will give you sunburn. -Heatwaves. During a heatwave, you need to intake double the amount of water than you normally would. Although, you can drink refrigerated water and will not have to double your intake. (Not exact logic, but evens it out for people who are just starting and can't afford to sit at a tap for the entire day) -Metal things left out in the sun become too hot to touch until you cool them off with a sheet, item of clothing, or refrigerated water. (cooling them with a sheet or item of clothing takes time). -Leave wet things out in the sun for them to dry. Snow:' -It snows during some seasons. -Snow makes you cold (obviously) so you need to wear more clothing. -Crawling zombies can hide in snow and pop out at you whenever you get close enough. (not when you are directly on top of them, when you're in view distance of them. -Tracks in the snow! (Includes all entities). -Snow slows zombies. -Crops die. -Water left outside freezes. -Perishable food lasts longer when not in a fridge. (For the sakes of example, let's just say bread lasts 15 days in a fridge, and 4 days outside of a fridge, so this would then be 15 days in a fridge 6 days out). -Snow builds up. -Snow shovel can clear snow. -If you go out into the snow without many clothes on, you can get hypothermia, which damages you overtime until you warm up. For Good Measure: These are just other things I would like to see implemented, and are mentioned throughout this thread. -Refrigerated water. When you put water in a fridge, it cools. -Seasons! Seasons manipulate weather! -Grass grows overtime and is noisy to walk through. -Things you use to dry yourself off with become wet and have to dry. You can dry them by leaving them in the sun, or by letting them sit for a while. Sorry if any of these have been suggested before! Thanks and I really want to hear your input! --- darthdraken said: "oh and gradual bodies visibly rotting away in the street with flies buzzing in the hot summer sun." I personally think that's a great idea and fits in nicely with this thread Typha said: "Something i should mention and here would be a perfect opportunity. Clothing having a chance to become wet, this likelihood is increased by rain, snow, and morning dew." Seems like a good idea to me c:
  2. So obviously the water balance issue seems to be discussed quite a bit. I've changed this thread to focus more on fixing the water balance issues Post your ideas and arguments for or against points made by others in a respectful manner and hopefully we can spark some good ideas
  3. It rains so often that once you have 2-3 water barrels your set for the game. For a game that asks how will you die? Water, a necessity for life. I believe is to easy to obtain. While rain itself is a threat to get you sick. I ask what about a drought or other types of dynamic weather? I remember playing before water barrels where implemented. It was so important and stressful to make the trip to the farm (to have well access). The fear of dehydration has been taken away since the rain barrels have been implemented. I'm not suggesting taking the rain barrels out. I just feel like some balancing needs to be done. My suggestion is to either make the rain barrels harder to craft: more materials or rare materials. making them pouris or something. i'm sure there are other good ideas floating around to solve this Secondly, Implement some dynamic weather like drought, snow or falling cats lol
  4. Stoves and microwaves stopped working in my game the other day(I assume electricity stopped) so I was no longer able to cook food. I figured I'd just build a campfire to do it so wasn't too worried. Then it rained on my dinner. Similar to a tent kit, I think it would be good to add a canopy kit. Basically the same as a tent kit, but all it does is create a canopy over your camp to keep the rain off, letting you remain dry and keeping your campfire lit. Four sturdy sticks and maybe two sheets, nothing too large here. It would either need a new graphic, or maybe it could be represented by a smaller version of what I assume are the carport canopies near some houses.
  5. I was watching one of Mathas' videos of PZ, and he was suggesting that perfect, water-tight rain barrels should not be available to build at level 0. I agree, but then I thought, why would rain barrels even be necessary? Just drag over a wheely bin and pop the top open. Of course, to balance it, you could make it so that you have a pretty high chance to get sick from the garbage water unless you perform a "clean" interaction that consumes 1 sheet or 1 bath towel, and 1 jug of bleach. Perhaps to balance this out bleach could be made slightly less common.
  6. Has anybody added a raincoat yet? not much fun staying indoors or catching a cold if you go out in the rain lol ---- Ah just ignore this post, I see someone asked about a Trenchcoat a few posts below lol.
  7. So here goes nothing: I've been learning some lua on my freetime and gotten in to the point where I'll be publishing my first mod. I've gotten the code working so that it changes the getting wet values to 0 but there's still some problems with the events and execution of the stuff (that will hopefully start going thanks to RJ and the .14patch! Thanks man invaluable stuff!)... The Umbrella can (when released) be found in wardrobes in bedrooms and maybe in the small storage shelves. The umbrella, when found is closed and can be used as a stabbing weapon (KittenKnife stats for now...). It can also be opened and when held in primary slot provides you shelter from the cough inducing evil that is rain. Since I was going to keep this to myself until somewhat done there's still major flaws that need to be fixed but I'm slowly but surely getting there. I just had to put this out there because kinyoshi as clever a detective he is, found my secret! thanks a lot no pressure now... First I'll try and make it work like it should (I'll take all the help I can get!) and then I'll release the hopefully working version at some point. Definitely no ETAs (I'm a busy bee at the moment)! After that I'll try and take some suggestions, but again no promises I'm only learning the stuff. So in due time I will present to you teh UmbrellaMod!
  8. So... Umbrellas, not rare but not super-common as loot in houses and the stores. It would require both hands to use and would open in three seconds but take ten seconds to shake dry and close. Both of those timers would require you to be standing still. The noise from the water hitting the umbrella would make more noise than the rain around it making you a little more noticeable when walking around in the rain if zombies are about. It would be usable as a very limited bat like weapon and would break pretty fast, maybe one to three uses. It would have the close combat jaw kill move like knives, maybe four to five uses. If in multi-player, two or three people can stand under it and not get wet. It would wear out over time from the wear and tear and from the water damaging it (long-term). And if hot and sunny, you stay cool when using it.
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