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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon. After having discussed an issue on the General Thread, several people revealed to me that I am experiencing a bug instead of ignorance. You can also see the issue by clicking this link. Thank you for any assistance you may have. -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Rain doesn't seem to water the plants at the moment, so they require regular watering by the player. Running back and forth with a can or bucket of water is fun at first, but it's exhausting and soon becomes mundane. My idea is a simple craftable "irrigation system" that facilitates this process. It would utilize a hand pump and a length of punctured hose (plugged at the far end) to transfer water from a nearby rain barrel to a batch of crops, watering them evenly, with less physical effort. Crafting such a contraption would require a hose, screwdriver / drill (to make the holes, duct tape (or similar) to seal the joints and a pumping device (perhaps also craftable?) to get the water flowing. I know it sounds a bit elaborate, but I think we would all devise something like this if we had to become farmers without machinery. People often have such watering systems (with electric pumps) installed in their gardens. Hand pumps can often be found in gardening and DIY stores, sometimes even at gas stations. Edit: A simpler option, based on TinnedEpic's suggestion: use gravity instead of a pump. Craft some stairs, place the barrel 1 floor above ground level and let the water flow by itself. Turn it on/off at the barrel or let it shut of automatically when the plants are fully watered. After further thought, I think the irrigation hose should cover either a (5-10 square long) straight line from the barrel, or a rectangular area (say 4x4 or 5x5) around the barrel.
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