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Found 4 results

  1. Do you wish we had real voiceover for the in-game radio broadcasts? Me too! All the interesting stuff happens in the first week while we're busy fighting for our lives, but who has time to sit down and read it? To help you out, I'm recording one of the most lore-heavy channels for you to listen to while you play. LBMW has 38 broadcasts, and I'm using a voice modulator to record them all for you myself. I've got the first few finished and I'm releasing a new one every week. Here's the first to get you started. Hope you enjoy!
  2. With the release of radios in iwbums 33 we got radios! Sadly radios arent as awesome as i hoped. I am no expert modder but have dabbled in some codedry and it seems possible to cause music to trigger music scripts when a radio is activated. Again im no expert and if anyone could enlighten me a bit more on this i'd love to know but im hoping someone can help me bring music into the game such as old classical songs maybe the fallout 3/4 soundtrack and other past copyrighted songs that are available. Also through modding im led to believe we could probally put current songs into the mod as a mod is non profit but the legal implications are sketchy at best. I only speak Python so i never dabbled with the Java coding so im a bit of a novice here! Looking for help.
  3. It would be cool if Radios could play custom music on survival singleplayer, like have a folder on our computer that plays MP3's from that folder, would be cool to hear radios playing our music in the distance or luring zombies with "Never Gonna Give You Up." GTA and The Sims do this, seems like a cool idea, even though it probably wouldn't work for multiplayer. Singleplayer is good enough for me.
  4. I believe it would be a good idea to have radios and radio transmissions. At the beginning of the game there will be a number of radio transmissions. There will be news reports etc. Later on the radio station will be breached by the zombies. Before even the power shutsdown there won't be any more news reports. Most of the times the radio will just transmit noise. There will be a random chance for help message Someone calling for help through the radio. One drawback of the radios will be that they will make sounds and noises attracting zombies from the surrounding area.The other is they require power. Players will be able to build a transmisiion tower but however they won;t be able to use it without certain objects . This will help players get deeper in the game's atmosphere and also it will aid them find other survivors . Extra Suggestion : Give info to the player through Newspaper or even magazins Extra Suggestion 2 : Include TVs.
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