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Found 19 results

  1. I'm extremely curious as to the various responses this will receive. What do you guys think would cause a zombie apocalypse in the real world, how would the zombies behave and how would you survive? This is always a topic I always like discussing with friends because almost no two answers are the exact same!
  2. Hi. I decided to add a new type of clothing: a hard hat, jacket, and pants. Based on the standard ones: Jacket_Camo Green, Hat_Army, and Trousers_camogreen. Changed textures, drew new icons, and created the necessary files. Here is a list of files and what I wrote in them: Folder: \media\clothing\clothingItems Files: Jacket_CamoMP.xml, MP_Hat_Army.xml, Trousers_CamoMP.xml I changed two lines in each file. The path to the texture: <textureChoices>clothes\jacket\jacket_camomp</textureChoices> <textureChoices>clothes\jacket\jacket_camomp</textureChoices
  3. It looks cool in the challenge: House in the Woods - Last Stand Accumulator Anyone can make it as a watch like items?
  4. In EN/IG_UI_EN.txt line 40 IGUI_ContainerTitle_corn = "Corn", Is that mean ? Or something container I never seem?
  5. Going to keep this brief. How big are the world cells? How many "cells" would the current Zomboid build's map be? Can new cells be easily added onto an existing map, or should I give myself ample room to expand? When new builds come out, can our custom maps easily be transferred? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, I have some troubles to setup correctly the option i want on the server. I would like the possibility to : (correct it if i'm wrong plz) Activate the fire but not possible to be spread on the map so i done : Nofire=false (option.ini) SpreadFire=false (Sandbox) (Do we able to burn zombies horde ?) Loot respawn every month IG : LootRespawn=4 SeenHoursPreventLootRespawn=0 Remove item on the ground when the player leave the zone in hour IG or server restart, but on the server, items don't be remo
  7. Hi all, Please can you let me know what this setting does? The default is set to 500. What is better higher number or lower number? M700N
  8. How to start modding? is there any website where I can learn to create items? I can not find tutorials on the forum and I would like to learn. I have some nice ideas for items.
  9. So some of you might have a problem from time to time with your map loading cells looking like this: If that's the case here's something to try. Go to WorldEd Preferences Tilesets Directory - Then point it at your Tiles folder (wherever you downloaded the Tilesets too). Make sure to select Tiles not the folder inside it. Mine is saved too C:\Users\0\Downloads\tiles So I picked Tile Directory as that. When it's set and fixed it should look normal again like this: If for some reason you cant f
  10. Hi all. I know this probably quite a simple problem and I have tried to find a solution on https://projectzomboid.com/modding/ but haven't had any luck just yet. Quite a while ago I could do it like this: z = getVirtualZombieManager():createRealZombieNow(X, Y, Z); But sometime in the past few years that stopped working. What's the new method (and what's the best way to find out for myself in the future)? Edit: Okay I may have found it already myself (I could have found it sooner if Google hadn't decided to hide the majority of my search results on the topic for s
  11. How hard would it be to make Neo Scavengoid once NPCs are added? I like a lot of things about Neo Scavenger, and I like nearly everything about Project Zomboid except the infection. So, instead of making this game's default mechanic nil, why not turn the game into something else? Make the excellent healing system and okay combat work with a game with a (slightly) higher tolerance for failure? A procedurally generated map would be nice, but not strictly necessary. Hostile and friendly NPCs, especially nonhuman ones, are necessary. New recipes would be called for, and possibly some altered m
  12. Currently, the heat source is only used for make the food changing from "uncooked" to "cooked" (or "burned") .But the heat source can do better in real life. It supposed to have the ability to change item A to item B. For example, you put bread dough into fire, it should come out with bread (if it wasn't over cooked), not cooked bread dough. So, is it possible, right now, to make a mod to allow the heat source to change a item to a completely new item?
  13. Hi, I have been looking into lua and the mod tutorials and am just about to try to do some simple modding. But my question is, how moddable is PZ? Can you do a total conversion mod and make it into a completely different game? or are the mods more "cheats" and new items?
  14. HI Guys, I checked out the list of things that will be added later but didn't see anything about electricity renewal. I just thought that when the lights are shut off, why we cant make something like a windmill connected to a generator which will produce our "green power" which will keep the things functional and give us the ability to cook, see and be brave what do you think? p.s. sorry for bad knowledge of English im not a native speaker.. Have Fun! p.s.s: and correct me if the feature is already confirmed
  15. I just started adding mods to project zomboid and noticed some files are .rar files, and since those aren't folders, what do? (Yes, i'm legitimately this stupid, and yes, i do have winrar)
  16. I noticed a while back that the player character starts at age 27, as a lot of you know. In case you didn't know, a man with grey, balding hair is not 27. Try 57. So my suggestion is that we should be able to alter the age of our characters, and aging should be added. As years go by, the character should start to get grays, bald out, etc. Because the age system doesn't really make sense as is. That's it, thanks for reading. And I'd love feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=======
  17. anything you would like to know I will answer to the best of my ability
  18. I just recently purchased Project Zomboid just to have another zombie/survival game to have on hand. I've only had the game for a week or so, but just recently found myself looking to when multiplier will be coming out for the game!? I've been reading a lot about the new "RC3", which I don't quite understand what it is. If anyone has any information to when multiplier will be coming out for this game that would be great. Thanks! ~HawkenGaming
  19. Yeah i played all okay this time. Made a nice base, stockpiled on food, armed myself. This one time i was looting a house randomly and there were just ten zombies chilling. I ran off. And got myself major damage, nevertheless survived. Later i went to a hospital where i had been earlier, then the alarm went off. Hundreds of zombies gathered all around me. I ran off to my house, a bit farther. Few zombies a had to crack, before my house was clear of them. Then, i checked out my health situation. Zombification. Agony. Huge stress. So, i went looking for antibiotics. Everywhere, there where huge
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