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Found 3 results

  1. I love this game but I honestly have problems with the graphics. I'm not a graphics obsessed person when it comes to video games but this game gives me a worse headache than minecraft even though PZ is very fun to play, but I always get a headache eventually. I'm playing on the best possible settings the game allows and it still looks blurry and makes me eyes and head hurt from the effort it takes to concentrate on the game. This is also probably already known but my character clips through their own clothing (you can see their underwear and body clip out from their pants and shirt) I feel like the game looks like a mid-2000's java flash game, and don't get me wrong, many of those games were really fun but I strongly feel that the game could use a boost into 2019 since the new year is coming very very soon (we're in december!) (SOON) and I really want the game to just look a bit better. The parts of the game that suffer the most when it comes to graphics are the character models like the player and zombies, and maybe the cars just a little. Basically, anything that moves doesn't look as good as it could or should to be honest with myself and everyone. The buildings and fridge and all that stuff that doesn't move looks fairly good. (also the water like lakes and rivers looks like the freedink smallwood games and it just looks like someone made a blueberry smoothie with soymilk and dumped it on the ground) I really hope for improved graphics because the gameplay is so good that it actually deserves better looks to go with that good gameplay. I hope very sincerely that this very constructive and honest feedback helps indiestone devs and PZ grow and improve in beautiful ways.
  2. I don't find a post on this, so if there is, redirect me... this is related with some of idea i talk about, and certainly could affect other's. Loots on ground seems to be very less quality than in inventory. Best quality items could give a good ambiance on the map and allow to display them on opened container such as bookshelves or allowed on table.
  3. So I just went over all of the suggestions after making an account and saw Sleep quality which is something I have thought about before, which would hopefully add to the expierience and not take too much away. Just like in real life, there are many things that can affect your sleep and when you awake, how rested you feel and how it might impact the rest of your zombie clubbin day. I can imagine a system that might have points (maybe not visual but in code) to determine how much sleep you get and the quality of it, depending on many factors small and big, some listed below. Health - How healthy are you at the moment that you are trying to sleep, slightly injured, critical damage, etc. would affect how well you sleepType of furniture you are sleeping in - As far as I know there is just beds and chairs I think, and obviously a bed would impact your sleep more than an uncomfortable chair.Saftey of envoirenment/house - This might be the biggest concept with Sleep Quality as an idea. When I think of sleeping in the zombie apocalypse I think of sleeping in a well guarded place. every single part of the envoirenemnt would be taken into consideration such as windows/doors being open or closed, and if they are barricaded, also if lights are on/off, on meaning zombies might be more tempted to pursue you, therefore not feeling as safe.Character mood - no mood would be best, but might be hard to sleep if very panicked, also things like being exhausted might actually be a good thing, you would feel like sleeping longer.If you fail to abide by sleep saftey your character might awake early or not feel rested during the day because you didn't think about your envoirenment very well. Those are just a few ideas, I know there must be some thread similar but I searched for it and didn't seem to find anything at first, so my apology if it's a duplicate. I would like everyones opinions on this and if they think it makes sense, also feel free to add in your thoughts and maybe your changes to it and such. Thanks.
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