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Found 3 results

  1. ••••• 🇵🇱 **Project Zomboid MP** 🇵🇱 – Znajdziesz u nas zorganizowaną moderację oraz przyjazną ocaleńców. Pamiętaj o przeczytaniu regulaminu serwera. Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry! Zastanawiasz się pewnie co oferujemy. ••••• Oferujemy : 「🤘」Spotkania dużej ilości osób 「😊」Miłą atmosfere 「🚔」Ogarniętą administracje 「🎲」Dużo kanałów 「❗ 」Mało pingów 「😎」Wiele ról 「🎮」Dużo kanałów tematycznych 「🤖」Wiele botów ••••• Link: https://discord.gg/UfxbNzvurf
  2. Since there are weapons that need magazines to operate and refilling magazines are a hassle (and they crash my game sometimes), I think speed loaders would be an amazing addition to the game. As of how to get them, they would naturally spawn in gun stores that are already in the game or if lucky, in a gunowner's house. If that is no good, atleast an option in the inventory to refill any/all magazines with all of the ammo that's in your inventory instead of having to go through multiple magazines and checking which ones and how many are loaded with rounds.
  3. Okay, since I haven't seen anyone post a suggestion like this here I'm posting mine. First off, I know multiplayer modding in PZ is not yet quite fully functional because of its possibilty in cheating the game and the server... Anyways, I've just started abit of learning modding PZ and I've been thinking.. I noticed that the main problem in PZ multiplayer modding is its protection right? you can't call all of the function from the client's side and it only reads from the serverside, but what if its possible to do it.. similarly the way MineCraft's Forge modloader works (no idea copyright intended, lol) the client must same mods as the server for it to be able to join, the server modloader checks the joining client's mod files and verifys them, also checks the codes and stuff inside a mod folder?? The server checks a joining client for any active mods it has, if the server doesn't have that mod or doesn't match a mod, it deactivates the mods from the joining client...or possibly the server download its files to the client replacing and files or maybe just kicking the client if it has unmatched or extra files from the client's detected mods. also, before joining a server it show all the mods being used currently. thats all I can suggestion as of now, please if anyone is gonna post a reply, please just use creative or construction replies and critism about my idea/suggestion... PS: Sorry if I had any bad spellings or if my English is bad, my language is not purely English.
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