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Found 68 results

  1. Hello everyone!, So i wanted to know if there will be an option to spawn with NPC (when they will get implemented) family (brother,sister,wife...) or close friends in the same house so you can actually have someone you can trust in the begining. what do you think guys? leave all your thoughts in the comments and thank you for replying
  2. before i get under way i would just like to interduce myself. i am Tsukune Aono and ive been playing this game for quite some time now and love it. but i do have some suggestions to what could enhance this game to be even more productive and awesome. animations ive seen through my gameplay not much but some quirky animations. such as opening windows, how he holds weapons and attacks with them and felt that they could still be there but if their were openings in custimization. such as being able to change how you walk, sneak, hold weapons, open things etc. and could all be listed under styreo type features. such as a light fast guy could have a stance like Aiden Pearce ( watch_dogs) while big jock like characters would walk with grit and a sense to smash somethings head in. i would also like appearance animations to be fixed to such as holding rubbish bags or having camping packs on your back. im just sick of looking at my dull character silliesly walk around like fallout 3 carrying a shit ton of stuff and not actually giving a F about it like he shrunk all of his items and shoved them down his pants. i would love to be able to open up a heads up display like the bodies health one and actually attach a gun to his belt, put some water bottles on the side of his back pack and have sone grenades on his chest while he has a back pack on and having an animation to run with struggle and stumble. (i know i may have added items and things you actually cant do or would change the whole concept of the game but i would make another topic about those so dont worry. Items i would love to have the following items in the game. this may help in gameplay generator location:(rare) basements, hardware stores, survivor bases, camps, some houses Info: generators are used for keeping the electricity and water sources working in a floor (small, medium), or an area space conected to it R: i would love to have a cool little area running electricity even when the lights go out to still feel home and comfertable. it would also make for some survival feel to some requirements: (FYI: requiments are also items i would love to put in the game and will be found under neath) a quarter of oil canaster a day. oil canaster: location: (easily found) basements, attics, hardware stors, houses, back yards, kitchen closets, cars, petrol stations info: oil canasters could be used for a number of things from burning houses down to starting up a generator, or killing yourself. R: to help with the generator system dvds: Location: (easily found) living rooms, bedrooms, dvd stores, shops, mall, info: are either recorded t.v.shows or movies that allow to entertain your character much faster than reading books. R: im a comfy survival sourt of guy and would love to chill back and watch some sitcoms as the world ends. it would be fun as requirments: T.V., electricity working CPs/ laptops Location: bedrooms, lound rooms, dinning rooms, shops, parks info: these allow the user to look up on whats happening in the world from statistics stating the dead and electricity and water runout, check their emails if any playabal or non-playable characters have got news for them and to just get any announcments in the world from scientests etc. R: like i said with dvds this would also be a happy comfy device but would also be important for serious situations requirments: electricity grids time line im just going to get this done fast. time line would be when you get to spawn in the game and the effects it takes on your character. for instance say you make it Z day then it will be when the virus first spread, leading people to panic and drive around and go into shops and steal supplies and cause choas or you could make it twenty years later where the worlds a waste land and the enviroment is saught of like the last of us. thank you for the replies and keep playing PZ
  3. hello guys im Tsukune Aono and here is my idea of the day youtube: Ksic Games Twitter: #KsicGames facebook: Tsukune Aono Twitch: Ksic GAMeZ okay so quick and simple idea today. why don't we make this game compatibly for ios devices and please don't make yourself sound stupid by talking about the frames, computer processing unit and random access memory not being able to handle it. Just tweak some things and the game will run as expected. this will get a lot of consumers quickly seeing that over 500 million people download apps off the app store daily (i'm exaggerating) and it opens the game up to so many people. to be honest the game does feel like an ios game. look what mine craft, terreria and the walking dead did (yes i know the walking dead was a faliure on ios). when mine craft was released on ios around 120% of the mine craft consumers bought it. just imagine PZ for that, and to be honest i would find it kind of fun and cute to be playing it through my 5s. i understand if comments are very defensive to the game. im alright with that so thanks for reading my post and comment away.
  4. okay for today im just going to make a quick one. survival ideas hygiene yes we have this is in the game already but staying cool and cosy isnt what im talking about. i would love to see this game taken to the next step with survival. having to wash you body and clean it with soap, cutting nails so you dont get infections, cutting your hair and shaving your beard when it gets long, brushing your teeth etc. i would love to have control over how my characters hygiene takes place in many times and having serous consequences for not looking after your hygiene. misc stealth yes this idea i copied from the walking dead and yes this IS bad for your hygiene. being able to cut open zombies guts and putting it over you in serious times to make sure zombies dont follow you home. and if applied enough you could pass by zombies without them even noticing you effigies this would also help for zombies not to smell or feel your presence like above but isnt a walk across the street one. making effigies for your house so zombies cant smell that your in there.
  5. 1 - Seeds or seedlings tree: Why not? If you need tree you can grow your OWN TREE!!! 2 - Respawn/spawn trees: One tree grow 1-3 months. 3 - VODKA Rotten food in trash cans, in "Old world" people throwed rotten food! 4 - More trash : Yeah, why not? You eating chips with packaging? 5 - Cans : You can fill water in cans or drinking tea. 6 - Fat or military zombies : Fat zombies : Very slow and more damage, military zombies : Have more health and more damage. 7 - Hospitals : Yeah, in big city we need BIG hospital or hospitals. 8 - Winter : Yep, just winter, in winter zombies walk very slow 9 - Hats : Saves from sunstroke/warming. Дружба и магия PS: Sry my bad language.
  6. Hi guys.I really need help ASAP. I can connect to my server via, but I can't connect with my public IP. My friends also can't connect. Please help me! I think It may be a port forwarding issue. On some port checkers it says my ports are open, but on others they're not. Also I tried allowing them through my firewall and I tried opening them, but I don't think it worked.
  7. My suggestion/idea came up when I read the thread bout the new cooking related stuff. And then I thought of fish. Dried and smoked fish exactly. And that is the thing PZ needs! A way of preserving food for a really long time. Dried beef (beef jerky) can last up to one and a half years! Kinda OP, but who cares. No more perishable foods going to waste in the first days of survival!
  8. "When you first launch your server, or if no "admin" account exist, a password for the user 'admin' will be asked in your console." Is it realized now? I am starting server but in console there is nothing about admin rights or password. *sorry wrong txt attached (can't delete it)* console.txt
  9. Our dear creators of Project Zomboid added a new Easter Egg in the game in this new update. (23) is a simple thing, I know if someone has already posted this sorry but I did not think things like that. Watch the video:
  10. Rad5002


    Just a random thought, what about a Nail gun. I'm not too sure on the coding, so I don't know about separate ammunition etc, as I think it's either electronic or gas-powered. But, of course nails are highly needed (I've seen from other stories and suggestions and guides). It could be something like this: Nailgun. 30 nails at once. Requires a new battery every 90 nails (Unsure if can be implemented). Very weak. Not very accurate at longer ranges. Quieter, but still a small sound. I have a few ideas about it, but I'd rather see if this idea is okay or a flunk before posting anymore just in case.
  11. Hi everyone! I am 3 days into my PZ world c:. I have lots of supplies, and I plan to scavenge a warehouse soon! So I was wondering what I do when I got to this stage. I have a fridge full of food, and a kitchen draw full of useful tools. I've never really gotten this far before, I just usually get killed by a horde . So yeah, what do I do now? (P.s. The electricity and water is still on and there are little to no zombies around my safe house) Thanks!
  12. With water proof jackets we could go out in the rain in it's most horrifying storms and do things like building and just running around, personally I don't think it should not make you wet at all and make you 100% resilient to water, but I think it should reduce the time in that you get wet by about 70%. I don't know tell me what you think.
  13. Phesired


    Hey there, so I was talking on General discussion and somebody told me that your player over time does not get less scared from the zombies, I believe over time in the zombie apocalypse your survivor should be less scared, still always nervous. There won't be a time where you're not scared to die but more confident after survived for a longer period of time. -Thanks
  14. (For when NPC's + other players are added) This is a long term idea but I posted it anyway, so I asked if NPC's would hide being bitten from you if they are (the answer was yes), this is great if you find out their bitten, and if there was a way to cuff them or tie them up so if they do survive the bite that I hear there's a 2% chance, they can stay alive, and obviously if they don't, their tied up. I like the idea of keeping them tied up until you know if they survived the bite as such. This wouldn't just be for this one common scenario but say if you get NPC's hostage and want information, you could take them captive. This may be a small feature but personally I like little cool features like this, it makes the game what it is. They could be used for so much more as well, post below to create more cool scenarios or, ways they can be used in the game below.
  15. So, how was the first weekend on steam? I'd like to know (and no hard numbers, maybe estimates or so) how many people had bought / were playing PZ before and after the steam release... I'm just curious and interested in how the steam start went and how satisfied you are with the way it went so far. I think you guys are doing a great job! Cheers! Ninjaedit: A quick info in the mondoid would do as well... I'm just curious
  16. Having horses in the game would be nice because it's not OP because you have to feed it but then the advantage is obviously you travel on it. This has a up side and a down side. I know what the next question is, "how would you find one without making the game unrealistic?" Well, simple, just have built in farms on the map, just a few, and have animals in them like pigs and things and there, if you're lucky, they'll be horses. I wouldn't suggest having lots of grown crops on the farm or this would make the game a bit easy, and I understand you guys don't want that.
  17. So, to be hones, It's not like i have survived for weeks or so but I've had my share of levelled skills. mostly weapons and cooking/crafting skills but I never managed to level one of the agility skills. what would one have to do to level the agility skills? (Sprinting, Nimble, Lightfooted, Sneaking) and for how long would I need to do that? PLUS: Is there a way to increase levelling for other skills than cooking, crafting and farming?
  18. I know that this isnt the first priority here and what not... but I think that special buildings should have special features. The bank and the police station should have better/bigger doors and bars in front of the windows. which woild make those two the imba-safehouse, if only everyone could enter these buildings... Maybe these buildings can either be forced to let you in (i.e. break stuff like windows or doors through high effort and wastage) or you could find the key to these buildings random in a house (where the police chief or the bank manager could have lived)... In the future, just like in the past, I guess that those buildings are great as a fortress and should be guarded by npc or crazypeople ATM most buildings are the same and it doesnt really matter which one you enter, of course some have things others dont (i.e. watercooler) but mostly the differences arent so big, despite the looks. just calling for some diversity and further specializations. In general i'm very happy with knox county and love roaming it, looting stuff and distributing splattered brain onto streets and walls. Really eager to see where PZ is going in the future! You guys are AWESOME!
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