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  1. NOTE (1st March 2014): Once the new update is out, the server will be switched to a PVE - WhiteListed only server. I will setup a few links soon where people can sign up for the server's whitelist. I simply do not want any hackers or griefers on my server. I want an atmosphere of coop gaming and that is what I will be pushing out. You will need to provide your SteamID or your Steam Profile link to be able to qualify for the whitelist. Stay Tuned! NOTE (25-Feb-2014): As of right now, hackers, griefers are running wild and free on the server and we currently have no admin tools to kick/ban th
  2. Welcome. This is a server hosted by me. This server is on build25b because I really love the 3D Models, and I can't run the new version. It crashes on startup. But anyways, PvP Is on, safety is on. I hope you all enjoy the server. You can play on this server with the new version, I think. But enough talking, here's the IP: "" Port is default. Have fun!
  3. I was not sure where to put this so I apologise if this should be in the Multi player section. I've had this idea floating in my head since I first played multi player, what if there were no zombies, what if it was just that most of the population suddenly vanished, and the last survivors want to pick over the remains of human society. Basicly it would be a PvP server with no zombies, just players and NPCS eventually. Players would end up fighting over the remaining supplies. This would be a little like the Hunger games but on a bigger scale. Unfortunately though, my current economic situa
  4. Well, the PVP system still needs to be highly improved and we all know it. Despite talks about a brilliant new "aggression" system, i think the game still could use a little bit of realism, specially dealing with meeting new survivors and PVP. This will be also very useful for RP servers, making it harder to kill characters for metagaming reasons (like "i hate player X, so i'll hunt his in game character) and making it harder to not be noticed as a raider. My suggestion is this (those who played Haven & Hearth and Space Station 13 are familiar with it) -Every character displays a rando
  5. Ok, so basically I think that multiplayer gunplay needs some big improvements. Yesterday I was playing on a server and me and one other guy were in our base doing some farming and construction when all of a sudden the door into our base opens (also barricading on player-made doors doesn't seem to work) and a few random guys walk in with guns. Me and my team member both ran indoors and went upstairs to grab our guns, I went out onto the second floor walkway that we'd built and couldn't see the guys but I could hear the gunshots, and saw my teammate get gunned down, I went down and watched
  6. Small indie game with heavy focus on skill based pvp multiplayer with pets vs pets and bomberman gamerooms all in the browser. www.candysugarkingdom.com
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