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  1. Sunnyvale Roleplay Survival The one and only, best in the Midwest, USA based PVE server UPGRADING SERVER - TEMP ~Admins ~FUG1T1V3~ Jim_Lahey ~ ~Pve~ ~Roleplaying Suggested~ ~Restarted Often~ ~No Hacking, trolling or abuse~ ~Build 25.v2 (3D Model Version)~
  2. Anyone hosting a private PVE server? I'm looking to join a small group of survivors to start building a new community of ExTrEmE Survival! (Explosions explosions!) just kidding. Btw, not a big fan of teamspeak (don't want my boss knowing what I'm actually doing ) I like to keep it oldskool chatting
  3. Hello everyone, myself and a friend are playing PZ currently and have found only one server in EU which is currently overpopulated and laggy. I run a gaming community called It's A Trap and have recently started Live Streaming my/our Project Zomboid journey over on my Twitch channel where I have been getting regular viewers and nice chat interaction. My request is that myself and my friend join your private server where we would regularly record/stream footage, any videos uploaded would have your usernames credited accordingly if you wish. We're mainly just new to PZ and looking for somewhere fun and interesting to play without huge 32-man server lag. Feel free to check out my Twitch channel if you want to see what we're up to. Thanks in advance, Hydriss.
  4. Recruing up to 4 survivors for PVE session. Server located in NZ and players must use hamachi to join the server. #Simple Server Rules# 1. Respect others, no swearing. 2. Please help us stay alive(NO smashing windows, NO running around, etc) 3. PVE ONLY 4. NO IDIOTS 5. HAVE FUN Will comeback with public ip address hopefully in near future.
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