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Found 5 results

  1. I think there should be a welder the player can carry to weld stuff in addition to or instead of the propane torch. See the thing is propane torches aren't used for welding they're used for brazening so having one for welding in the game is inaccurate. Welders are used for welding which mainly involves a spark of gas and electricity rather than a simply flame of gas like a torch. There should be dedicated welder the player can carry with them to realistically weld stuff. It could be something like this: https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1993MillerMillermatic250MigWelder Basically it could either fit in the player's inventory (albeit weighing a lot) or you'd have to lug and place it around like a generator. If the welder exists in addition to the propane torch instead of replacing it there should be some pros and cons to using it instead. Welding machines require electricity so you'd need either a battery, a generator or the still working power grid to power it. Okay so that would be a con compared to using the welding torch (which you just need a propane for) so what would be a pro? Well the welder could use a lot less fuel than a propane torch. Plus it could weld really fast. Also could be more durable than the welding torch. Maybe you could even gain more experience with it per use than the propane torch! I guess if the welder were to replace the propane torch it could be modeled and textured differently as well as renamed. Maybe it could function the same or function as I suggested above. Welders would be found in factories, auto shops and some garages.
  2. I just used a full propane tank to fill up a nearly empty torch - there's about a third left in the tank afterwards. This has to be a bug: considering how many tanks I've come across and how little metalworking I've already done, I don't see how I'm going to be able to use half the metal I've collected, if I have to constantly find heavy tanks. (The tank weighs 20, the torch 0.3!) If I run out of gas next time I'm better off finding a new torch than trying to find a tank. That's silly.
  3. Awesome game, loving it! I think PZ could use a rare late game opportunity to prepare a hot meal without starting a fire by utilizing those mysterious electric grills.. Propane would be a logical way to fuel all those outdoor grills. I imagine that propane tanks would be a limited resource, rare as gas cans, and heavy (like 8-10 or more?). It'd never be found at grills, but'd have to be found elsewhere and hauled back. Recipe to light grill: Propane added as fuel, kindling/match/lighter required to light. Usage: maybe 12-16 game hrs/tank? That'd be enough for maybe 3 meals.. To add in game: There'd have to be new inventory images made for the propane bottle and the grill (to separate it from the kitchen stove image). All the grills would have to be located and disconnected from the electric grid. Mechanics of grills would have to be changed: add fuel and light like campfire, but only accept propane. I just thought it'd be fun to have a use for those outdoor grills. It'd be more realistic for them to be disconnected from electricity. And I'd relish the ability, even just once, to cook up that last chicken on the grill, just after the power goes out, or to put a pot of soup on, in a nauseous state without juggling the campfire kit together. Propane as a fuel has been mentioned before (head torches, propane gas, water purification thread by psykikk), but wasn't focused exclusively on this issue. And this does not seem to be included in the common suggestion thread.. Cheers!
  4. It's been a while since I played PZ, I think it was build 25 when I started. Now I tried the build 30. Until now, I am bedazzled why the Kitchen Stoves need electricity to run, unless they are electric stoves or microwave ovens. I got the logic of the oven range that uses electricity, but it is mainly used for baking and roasting. We have cooking pot and frying pan, which we always use for cooking on the gas range, not the oven. Gas stoves use gas which is connected to somewhere and literally does not need even a tiny bit of your house's electricity to function or ignite a flame. It's ignition uses some sort of thing also used in lighters. In reality, if gas supply is cut off, surely it can be fitted with other sources like the Propane Tank as fuel that will only be slowly consumed while the stove is turned ON. In other countries, they call them LPG tanks (LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Once your gas tank is all consumed, you can buy another and you'll just have to give them your empty gas tank. Then they'll refill it to be sold again. A full LPG tank can last for a month if you only cook twice a day. I wish I could use a Propane Tank to the Gas Stove when electricity is cut off. This saves a lot of trees =) I would like to make a mod out of this, unfortunately, I'm just beginning to learn a bit of programming. I tried learning LUA from RoboMat's tutorial but there are other things I have to know to make it work, like the source code i should use for functions and events for this kind of mod.
  5. I was wondering if they'd make it so that you can place down propane tanks or fuel canisters and shoot them to explode...? they would be pretty small but useful to take out a few in a dense crowd in or to set fire to your doorstep to stop them from coming in. Also propane tanks could maybe break down walls. Of course explosions would attract zombies from a VERY large radius.
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