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Found 7 results

  1. Marre de l'entraide ? Marre du PVE ? Rejoinds notre serveur FULL PVP ou les RAIDS sont autoriser !!! fraichement wipe ce serveur n'attend plus que toi pour vivre une aventure jamais vu dans project zomboid !!!! n'hésites pas à rejoindre notre discord pour plus d'infos !!!!! Serveur encadré , nombreux EVENT , MOD , CARTES etc !!! venez check c'est par ici : https://discord.gg/F68EzAda7z
  2. I’ve recently started playing PZ on my steam deck, the game when playing solo runs great no crashes no lag it’s just all around great. I am using the general settings that come downloaded with it. I’ve tried to test out joining an online server and playing with others the sever I’ve joined does have mods but I always run into the issue of the map not wanting to load right before the game starts. It always crashes when loading up the map. Any advice on this would be great my next step of action will be to mess with the settings to see if I can optimize it a bit and maybe make it easier on the deck to load up the map and server
  3. So, I have months playing PZ, and I was playing very good so far, but I have 2 weeks with this issue, I start the game, I wait a few momemts so eveything charge and I start moving, and then it happens, is like im stillt pushing the key (a or s) , even if I push it just for a little bit. I play with an external mouse and keyboard, I disconnected it, beliving it could fix the problem, but it keep happen with the lap top. So I dont know how to fix it... help please
  4. I don't know if it would be too hard to add basements and cellars into the game because of how developed it is. Most houses in the U.S have basements and I think it would be a great addition. Plus you would have more room for stuff and also more things to loot. And more places for zombies to hide
  5. Looking for a laid-back Australian PZ Server? And is welcoming to new players? Look no further than -AU- Moxis FunLand (Modded), This is a Dedicated Australian Server that is looking for Veterans and New players alike! We also have a Discord server if you're interested, come say hello and make new friends along the way! We would love to have you join us! 🌏-32 Slots 🏴‍☠️-PvP/PvE 🛡-Factions 🕰-24hr Loot Respawn 🧟-No Zombie Respawn 🏛-Claim Non-Res 💡-Australian Hosted 🗑-Delete Trash in Bins 👍-New Player Friendly! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2eRZYBvHCs Server IP: Port: 29000
  6. SERVER NAME THE WALKING DEAD: KNOX EVENT MODDED PVE/PVP Semi-RP To Join the Server Please follow this link and read Server Rules to gain access (this provides a safer and more inclusive community) https://discord.gg/RcupV4zS DOORS OPEN 9:30PM EST ! COME ALL ! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HOST THIS AND I HOPE A CROWD SHOWS UP! **IM going to buy entry for 10 people that use this CODE: SINGE2022**


    First of all I don't want to start a keyboard warrior fourm post about this I simply want to know about the NPCs you guys keep promising them soon, but later in the post not so soon. I haven't heard a single update about NPCs in a while. I think this will be the best feature to come out. In my opinion. If so I just want to know how it is going and a offical release date or a estimated release date.
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