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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. I've been suffering for two days without understanding what I'm even doing wrong. So. I decided to run the server on a separate device that will work 24/7. I looked at how to do it all, read a bunch of information and did not see anything complicated. It was not difficult until the time came to open ports 16261 and 16262... First, I opened the ports on the laptop itself (see screenshot) Then, I go to my router, which ASUS RT-AC87U, and start opening ports there to (see screenshot) Yesterday port 16261 was clothed for no reason, but today (04/02/2023) it's magically open, and I can log in into my server. BUT now I have new problems: 1. The port 16262 don't open (see screenshot) 2. My server don't show up in public 3. And my friends can't even see that server is online The hell I am doing wrong?! ps. My IP is static, internal and external. OS Windows 10.
  2. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me how to use the Project Zomboid game through the Host option to actually start a server where other players can join. The Host option in game, I would imagine, was put there to make things easier and not horribly frustrating. To add insult to injury, the player trying to join my server is connected to my Wi-Fi which should in theory make the process easier as we're on the exact same network. If I had hair to pull out, I would have been pulling it out the past 4 hours. No tutorials or guides have worked and most content I find is from 2014 or 2015 which does not help me in 2016 running version 34.28 I've tried making it public, removing passwords, everything. My firewall indicates that the 16261 port is in fact open. While my Xfinity account is actually preventing me from opening that port because... screw my life I guess. So can anyone, please, please, please, tell me how to simply Host a server using the Project Zomboid game's Host option. I imagine it was put there to make things easy but it's been nothing but four hour headache and a waste of money for the other player who purchased the game exclusively to play with me Co-Op/Server. Thank you so much in advance. I love this game and it kills me that I can't enjoy it with my friends. Warmest Regards Sean / Flaros
  3. I would like to host a Pz server for myself and a group of friends. However, for some inane reason the phone company reserves all ports from 10'000 to 40'000, which includes the Pz port 16261. Is there any way to change the pz port? Either via a mod or in the files? Ive looked around, but not found anything. Thank you for your help. Im running Pz on windows 7
  4. 've been trying to play with my friend on PZ for a while now. We followed all the instructions onhttp://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/28xzzz/server_setup_guide_build_271/ , and I have port forwarded using ports 16261 to 16265, and still my friend cannot connect to me. So, my question is, what can I do to play with him? It is NOT on LAN. Please help!
  5. I was wondering how to set up a server? I've followed the guides that I've found but nothing seems to work. I've tried forwarding ports, I've tried Tunngle, I've tried Hamachi, but nothing has worked. Can anyone give me a detailed walkthrough of the process? Honestly, I would prefer not to forward ports, but if that's the best way then I'll do it.
  6. I'm trying to set up a server, but I can't get the ports to forward correctly. I've followed the instructions to a tee, but it still isn't working. I've also tried Hamachi, but that didn't work either. Can anyone take some time to walk me through the process?
  7. so, i know how to port forward, but for some reason no port scanning services can see that my port is open. im running windows 7 64 bit on a gaming desktop pc, i've forwarded my ports to the default ports for the server, i run the server, it say's it's listening on the designated port, and the windows resource monitor confirms this, i run the custom port scanner tool on http://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/ with the listening port, and it comes back no good. my first thought was that my firewall was blocking it, so i checked my firewall settings and there are no blocks for java or project zomboid, so i then assumed my isp had the port blocked, i switched the config file for the server to run from port 7777 which some of my other games use, so i know i'm not blocked there, and i still can't get a positive read on the port after restarting the server. does anyone know what the issue is? please ask if you need more info.
  8. I made a post about port forwarding. And I still haven't figured it out. I got a program for doing it and yet again I have failed at forwarding. I post some screens of the program, and the stuffs. Please help me. WE ARE DOOMED
  9. As the title says, should I forward on UDP or TCP or UDP/TCP? Thanks!
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