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Found 3 results

  1. There's currently only 2 settings for respawn. On/Off. With it off, you can end up with a pretty empty world. With it on, it can feel as though all the zombie killing was for nothing. What I would enjoy is a tradeoff between the two. What I would like is a setting that modify the maximum zombie population based on the number of zombies killed so far, so that, as you kill more and more zombies, most do respawn, but gradually, the density goes down over time. Playing in a graph app, I came up with a formula in the following form. Now, I'm not attached to the actua
  2. I feel like this question gets asked all the time, but I have been unable to locate a definitive answer (devs help us out???)... In sandbox/co-op, what is the exact formula that describes the relationship between population multiplier, population start multiplier, and population peak multiplier? All I can find are unanswered, archived posts of the same question or speculative guesswork that is only half helpful (but still, thanks to those who helped). Can someone please clarify what's going on with these variables (ONLY if you know please, there is too much guesswork o
  3. Hey I don't quite understand what's the difference between population multiplier and peak multiplier in advanced zombie options. When I choose 8 months after... population multiplier is set at 4 which stands for insane zombie count. But peak multiplier is set at 1.5... Also: start population is set to 1 and time to peak population is set to 28 Sooo... what does that mean? I start with population at 1.0 and after 28 days it gets bigger to 1.5. Where does the population multiplier apply? Thanks.
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