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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone. This is going to a long post but if the devs pay attention it will make PZ a more enjoyable experience for everyone, so bear with me. I am probably not the only one that is annoyed by how zombies destroy all objects in their path, but this is not about that. This is about something else that annoys me because it isn't realistic. This is about horde movement. Have you noticed how when you clear an area it doesn't take long for zombies to overwhelm it again? How annoying it is to see small clumps of zombies neatly interspersed, almost equidistantly from each other, when just
  2. Hello. This is a request for a sandbox option. I would like to gather resources, build a safehouse and test it with a horde. Now I can set a starting zombie population. When I set it to low, it will always be low, so I'll get bored fast. If I set it to insane, I won't have an occasion to build anything. Could you add an option, that I could start a new game with lower population and it would increase over months? I think that would be cool. Cheers.
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