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Found 3 results

  1. Let's say I want to check all nearby players. If and only if a player is near specific object, I want to send them a packet from the server using sendServerCommand. Is it possible? Give an example please.
  2. Hello all, i'm searching the players files in our multiplayer test server but i can not find it! I read this Butter Bot's istructions here but i can't find these map_p, i have not these files however players were in the server. so, what can i do? Thanks for help and sorry for my english!
  3. Hello peoples! I've searched through numerous topics and only really found one that said about this, but it wasn't focused on this primarily. My idea is fairly simple really, well the idea anyway. It's just a quick button press to get behind a wall your character is close to. Why is it important? Well, for one shootouts tend to happen a good amount of time in PZ's MP, at least from my experience a trade goes south pretty quickly. There's been times when I barely got out of there because I was armed. Which eradicated trust, but one time I got shot and I had to run around the entire building, I saw him at a place where I could have taken cover if that were possible. Would have been useless since I had no ammo. So I ran into a hotel room and bashed his brain in with a crowbar. It could have turned out differently. There was also two of them at the place, one with a gun which was obviously not the plan so at that point I would have loved to take cover and use local chat to ask why there were two of them there. There is so much use for this in-game but it's probably a difficult task in an isometric game, right? It could be useful in SP also to peek around the corner and used for shootouts as well. Shootouts are another entirely different topic but they could attract a really massive horde because of the amount of noise being created. Basically if I'd been shot from someone who was trading with me and I made it to a wall or any object like a wooden bench, fountain, inside a house I could use chairs, duck underneath the windows. We could press, for example "q" or right click and "take cover" which would be a "sprint to" command so people could have a chance to bandage and/or peek out and take a shot to keep the other person at bay.
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