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Found 18 results

  1. Allowing the player to knock a zombie off when being grabbed from behind would be boss. This would start off with the rear elbow strike where the player strikes their elbow either against the zombies upper head or their torso to knock them off. Kind of like in real life. Spacebar could be pressed to achieve this when the player is grabbed from behind. As opposed to mere squirming or trying to grab the zombie off. This would obviously have to be done very fast otherwise the player will be instantly killed or infected to the point of eventually dying. Also if you're holding a melee weapon you could strike that into the zombie as well! With a gun, you'd either shoot them or simply hit them. Spacebar to hit them off with the gun right click held down with left click to shoot them. Before anyone says "Zombies don't feel pain." the thing is they can still be damaged as well as jostled so unarmed this attack would operate based on sheer force with them. As for the NPCs I imagine the hostile ones would feel pain so they'd be easier to knock off. Since there are hostile players in multiplayer this attack could be used against those guys. So I'm thinking it'd take 1 to 5 hits to knock a single zombie off and definitely more than that range if multiple zombies are even possible to knock off with the attack. Less hits if used with a melee weapon and instantaneous death when shot by a gun. If being attacked from both the rear and front I was thinking the player could elbow the one in back with one hand and push the other in front with the other hand. This attack would also be done with spacebar. A similar attack could be done with a melee weapon where the player strikes the rear one with the weapon and pushes with the other hand or kicks with one foot. I've seen all these playthroughs (including my own) where people get chomped on by one or more zombies and I think "Wouldn't it be cool if you could save yourself with a rear counter attack?" No attack is perfect of course but it'd add more combat function rather than the player having no options but to lament they didn't watch their back well enough. Technically the player still does have to watch their back (prevention is key) but with this attack it doesn't have to necessarily be the end. In short, the player should be able to rear counter attack to save their back!
  2. Hello, I exported player model from Blender and added to the mod folder but it didn't work. Experimented a bit with model and saw that it happens after export as .fbx. The model before export works fine in game but right after i exported (even without any changes to model) it stops working. When I choose the female character that i exported from Blender the screen becomes black. So i definitely doing something wrong in blender. Any piece of advice?
  3. I'd like to load getModData() of the player to a local table. Then I'm going to save it every time it's changed. What is the best event to load the data?
  4. So recently I've noticed a lot of players on multiplayer have been "save reloading" aka backing up their player data so they can reload it after they die. I was thinking about it more and more, and thought of a solution to this exploit, checksums. Why not have say, a random server-side checksum that's generated maybe based on the current server-side system time (just an example) and then copied onto the client's multiplayer folder? You could hash and maybe even salt the checksum (or just don't show it in the command prompt log) to prevent anyone from being "clever" and copying it or even using rainbow tables. Then when the player's demise has happened, you could have the server delete the checksum on it's end from a Lua table, or some sort of database? Therefore when the player tried to "reload" their old backup it would simply say "nope" and force them into a new character creation menu. I don't imagine that the Lua table file, or database would be too extreme in size considering it would be smaller strings of text for each user, maybe 30-60 bytes each checksum? Maybe I'm just overlooking something, or I'm oversimplifying the process and I apologize if I am! You could also have it so server's had an option to disable or enable this feature perhaps, just in-case a server doesn't mind players backing up their saves? Anyways it's all just in theory I guess, not practice yet, so you tell me if that's possible or I'm just spewing nonsense! Thanks!
  5. I've fallen while building onto the upper level of my safehouses a few times now (33.9-33.10), and would love for there to at least be a stall in the player's movement before he/she falls, and/or a chance of recovering balance and not falling. Perhaps this could be modified by traits and skills, ie graceful, light-footed, etc? Also RE falling, what's with the broken right thighbone being the invariable result? Falling 1 floor onto grass in the summertime is really more of a sprain or broken ankle type of injury, rather than instant femur snappage. Maybe back injuries or broken wrists could be an option? If I'm careless enough to let the character fall 2 floors onto concrete in the freezing winter though, break whatever you like. I've also been standing in front of an unlocked door adjacent to a broken window, pressed E to open the door, and had the character climb through the broken window instead and get deeply wounded and glass lodged in his hand. In this situation there were no zombies nearby and I hadn't been running and button-mashing, though I could probably have been more careful. If the E button defaulted to opening a door or attempting to open a door, rather than taking a glass bath, that could be a nice feature? If devs see this, thanks for an excellent game : ]
  6. Hi guys, I've been testing a server options and I just want to reconfirm what I observed - Buildings' positions and environment is kept on the server side in location Zomboid/Multiplayer/"servername" but player's location and inventory is kept on client side on their PC - even If I delete Multiplayer/"servername" folder on the server side, player after logging spawns in the sample place and with the same inventory don't you think is dangerous to keep players inventory on player side not server? That creates a problem if I want to restart server completely. I'm not able to force people to loose their items as they have inventory saved in their folders, and folders are created per IP of the server so changing the name of the server will probably not help.
  7. Intro To The Idea: My friend and I were talking today when out of nowhere he came up with an amazing suggestion for Project Zomboid. I am sending it out to y'all for him as he isn't the greatest zomboid fan (having only 5 hours in). His idea was the possibility of finding back-up generators scattered throughout muldraugh. If TIS (The Indie Stone) does end up adding negative zed levels, ie basements, then there will have to be something occupying these spaces other than a garbage can or a couple of spare nails. Imagine you have spent several weeks on a new character, preparing for the oncoming winter months of starvation, when suddenly the power goes out. You don't worry about it as you have stocked up on canned goods. Just moments later you hear a low humming coming from a near-by home. Running in to find the noise, you see a staircase downward, at the bottom: a backup generator. You rush to turn it off but know the zed have heard and are already on their way... This would add so much to the game as it would influence the player to loot nearby houses as some people (like myself) don't do that in fear of an alarm sounding. These generators wouldn't be too common but not too rare, just over the frequency of alarms. The player staying in a nearby home would be tempted to raid and check for a backup generator just to make sure hoardes wouldn't flood their area once the power went out. The Backup Generator Details: To prevent the misuse of said Generators, they will only be able to be turned off. Due to the utter gamey-ness of so many players, this will be beneficial towards the game. It wouldn't be able to be moved as it would have been welded or attached quite snuggly into the house with a Co2 filter. They would; however, be able to be siphoned from to fill up your own gas tanks. Other than that they will do nothing else. This may seem like a bummer but combined with the rest of the game it is quite potential. Conclusion: I would love to see what y'all think and hope to see this along with many other things added to the official game. Thank you for reading this and comment below on what you think.
  8. Okay, here's the scoop. I was thinking, as a new immersive feature to be added, you could activate certain animations. No, not combat animations, but leisure-focused animations. You could sit down on couches and chairs, or on table chairs, toilets, etc.... These actions could slow, or stop, the process of boredom. If you sit on a couch with a broken leg, it could prevent further damage, and heal it quicker. Etc other effects... But the reason I didn't mention sleeping animations or multiple actions on couches, is to prevent the game becoming the Sims all over again. But if it get's added, no problem. I just don't want this a major focus. Just a little something extra. (Now if this has been suggested, I am very sorry. I looked for it under "Animations", "Immersion", and didn't find anything close.)
  9. I am interested in finding out what customization options most people use. This will be useful for general statistics but also for mod creation.
  10. Hello, I didn't see a thread like this beforehand, but I'm sorry if I there is one already and I missed it My idea was that I feel that the player character should be able to improve more over time when it comes to skills. Things like the coward/brave and weak/strong skills should work like the stats in-game such as sprinting. It would make sense that a person who's survived for a month or two and has killed hundreds of zombies should be able to control themselves more over time so they don't get to extreme panic when they sneak up to 2-3 zombies to bludgeon them with a bat. Same goes for characters being able to improve their carry weight or capacity to swing a bat/run before getting to high exertion. Constantly carrying stuff near their limit, killing zombies with melee and building structures like walls and fences could give exp for a strength stat. Those that pick the stout or strong perks at the beginning could start with having a few levels of it unlocked or have exp boosts for the stat while those with weak or feeble could start with either none or a debuff/negative exp or reduced exp gain. The skills chosen at the beginning could still affect your character long term such as a coward character still becoming higher levels of panic easier than others or strong characters still having a bonus to knockdown chance.
  11. So I have another topic in the PZ suggestions called "Neat Little Ideas". (Found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10095-neat-little-ideas/ ) Here is one of the ideas I suggested to be implemented into the game, and more, in case anyone would like to make it a mod. For reference, humanoid characters or characters are NPCs, Players, and Zombies. Is sorta shorter for me to write. When a zombie, NPC, or player dies, a blood puddle slowly forms around the body, suggesting they are bleeding on the ground. The size of the blood puddle and how fast it forms would depend on the type of weapon used to kill them and/or the severity of injuries on the body at the time of death. Which one is added, should depend on the games limits. (List of blood puddle size to weapon killed with: Fists: None/Very Small. Fork: Very small. Bat: Medium. Kitchen Knife: Large. Axe: Large, and so on.) Maybe a humanoid character stepping on the blood puddles or other blood textures would give that character bloody footprints for a short time, resulting in interesting player, zombie, and npc tracking. Another cool idea, is that the blood textures should look different, depending how much damage is done. Ex: The blood textures should look gorier if hit with an axe five times, than hit with a fork or bat. Characters should show better blood particles when being hit instead of chunks of meat flying out and blood magically appearing on the ground when hit. Blood particles look somewhat like this: (But it should look more... Realistic, than this example. ) Well, that's my mod request. Get your brilliant coding minds working, and I hope at least one of these suggestions become a mod! I appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading!
  12. I like little interesting things in games that you have to be paying attention to appreciate. Here's a list of some that I will update. Ideas: Comment on this topic with an idea, and I can add one of your ideas. CheezeIsGouda: When a zombie, NPC, or player dies, a blood puddle slowly forms around the body, suggesting they are bleeding on the ground. The size of the blood puddle and how fast it forms would depend on the type of weapon used to kill them and/or the severity of injuries on the body at the time of death. Which one is added, should depend on the games limits. (List of blood puddle size to weapon killed with: Fists: None/Very Small. Fork: Very small. Bat: Medium. Kitchen Knife: Large. Axe: Large, and so on.) Maybe a humanoid character stepping on the blood puddles or other blood decals would give that character bloody footprints for a short time, resulting in interesting player, zombie, and npc tracking. CheezeIsGouda: When a player or NPC has a bleeding debuff, they slowly drip blood onto the ground. Oops, bleeding onto ground from bleeding debuff is already added. -snip-: Have the weapon in your hand slowly break in appearance as the quality goes down. -snip-: I think you should change the amount of blood dripping depending on weapon, into amount of blood dripping depending on the severity of the cut, you could kill someone with an axe, but there is no guarantee it will be a large cut. malankatank: ...It would be cool when you swing the axe and one shot kill a zombie with a head blow, that there is a possibility the head could be lopped off. Also along the lines of that you could hack off a leg (making a crawler (we shall call him Stumpy)) or take off an arm. INoEmo: I think it would be pretty cool if, with some weapons, when it breaks it leaves you with something sharp (golf club stick with a pointy end where it broke, baseball bat handle that is sharp, etc) that you can stick in a zombies face for an insta kill, but you don't get it back. It would be like one last "fuck you" to the horde as they start chomping down on you. Thanks for reading, and please leave some ideas of your own, or any comments.
  13. I noticed a while back that the player character starts at age 27, as a lot of you know. In case you didn't know, a man with grey, balding hair is not 27. Try 57. So my suggestion is that we should be able to alter the age of our characters, and aging should be added. As years go by, the character should start to get grays, bald out, etc. Because the age system doesn't really make sense as is. That's it, thanks for reading. And I'd love feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------================================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>>>(If this topic has been previously mentioned, I'm sorry. I couldn't find much related to my topic.)<<<<
  14. Hey, I'm making mod with injectors. There's quite much I need to make, at least for learning's sake. Is there any more efficient way of making crafting result multiple items than using OnCreate with Lua? Well, that's not so important, it works this way so that can be left there. But more importantly, I need to get my hands on player's needs at lua scale, meaning I need to get modify all these pain, depression, hunger, thirst, and to temporary modify increase and decrease multipliers. I can't find those myself (I tried digging) so I hope someone of you can tell me where to get all that. I can't remember right now what all other stuff I need help with, but these are first that came in mind. Reason where I need these are my so-called potions with longer effects, and to prevent continuous injecting without nasty side effects, like pain and getting heavily toxicated (yes, mixtures use alcohol), or eventually death. (That's grim) if someone wants to know more, I'm willing to tell. My data is a bit scattered and unorganized so I don't attach it here, at least not yet. Kinda messy text, but I hope you can dig out what I meant. Asking is always my last resort Thanks in advance.
  15. I got this idea while watching a Let's Play of PZ. Have any of you played Dead Island? Maybe even Dead Rising (1-3)? Did you notice how the characters are, at first, terrified and fight for survival, but soon it becomes second nature to them? How, in Dead Island, they're disgusted at they slice the undead apart but soon just go about it like it's their job? Well, that's what I feel should be added to PZ. Think about it, you've killed 6000 zombies, you've survived for well over a year and you've (when they're added) seen your friends torn apart and had to put them and other human beings down permantly... Yet you still get panicked when you see a zombie 100 yards off. It doesn't make sense, does it? Simply put, we should have a length of time where Panic decays at a faster rate, then another when it decays faster still, till eventually you're steeled enough to punch zombies in the face without a care in the world. Another idea would be to have NPCs, when implimented, to change as well. Have people snap when things end badly. Would Steve really be fine watching his wife be eaten alive? Can Lisa really handle the moans of the undead anymore? Are you certain giving Alex, the mentally unstable prison escapee, a shotgun? Humans can be strong or fickle and a zombie world will, at some point, push someone to show their true colours. Maybe the sweet church going Anna will try to kill you when food runs low, maybe the ex-con artist Alan will sacrifice himself when the safe house is breached and hold the line while you and the others run from his screams of pain. Imagine the impact these events could have on the player, watching the person you trust most backstab you for their own survival or the person you distrust saving your life against terrible odds. Finally, what about the world itself? It's true, odds are you will die and come back as a zombie or be picked clean by them... But surely not everything can remain the same forever? Imagine if zombies accidentally sparked fires as they lumber around like fools, imagine returning to the safe house only to see a car smash through it, the driver zombified, killing everyone you knew and leaving you alone as the alarm of the car and the flicking fires lure the horde towards you. While likely a very distant thing for the future, the concept of these dramas, of these world changing impacts, could add untold amounts of realism and humanity to the game. Perhaps even out actions, like walking away from a friend in need, could make the character colder to the world, giving combat advantages but also social disadvantages. PZ can be made so that every single aspect of our actions, of other peoples actions as well should multiplayer become an option, cause drops in the ocean to become tidal waves in the future. But right now, making out character calmer after the 1000th day of survival is what matters. If we start with one small step towards realism, the rest could very well follow.
  16. When NPC's make their return, I'm imagining there would need to be quite a few in the early days of the game so that a few months in there are at least a few left given the high expected mortality rate. Personally I found the game much more enjoyable when they were taken out and while I am awed at what I've read about the meta game and potential for interactions, I hope I'm not overwhelmed with NPC's because the lonely atmosphere of the game as it stands is one of its best features IMO. My question, how many survivors do you think should be in the beginning of an unmodified Survival game? Edit: If you want an idea on how NPC's are planned to be implemented, and you do, because it's cool as hell, you need to read Tales from the Metaverse, I have and I keep re-reading it because I'm sure I've read it wrong, but every time I come to the conclusion that it will be insane.
  17. Can i (in my mod) set/get custom player data (example - setBulletsSpend (like setZombieKills)) and will this data save after exit game? And from where calls getPlayer() function? At last: how i can run java code in mod and how to read/write file (I/O as i realized, in lua, disabled) Thank you for your attention.
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